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Hey everyone!

So as you probably totally forgot about, we had an IRC chat. That was great but it died a long time ago, so we're moving the 17th Shard chat from IRC to Discord, a really cool chat service. Discord is a text chat service and also a voice chat service! I'm not sure how many of you would be interested in voice but now you can!

You can use Discord on a desktop app, mobile app, or even a web app if you don't want to download anything. All seem to perform pretty well in my experience and I've quite liked the mobile app. 

To join our Discord, go here: https://discord.gg/bMAUS5c

If you don't have a Discord account you can make one right there in your browser window, but I do recommend the desktop app and mobile app. Unfortunately you will need another username/password to remember, which is annoying, but Discord is really nice. 

We really want the Discord to be welcoming to all people on 17th Shard and support whatever niche you love on the site. If you like book discussion, you can do that here. If you want to chat and hang out, you can do that! If you want to meme, you can do that. If there's something you don't see yet, we can totally create new channels for you guys! Just hit us up (maybe in the #17s channel to discuss it) and we can make channels to support you. Maybe you'd like some more RP channels, either text or voice. We can see how it goes and we are pretty flexible!

One other cool thing about Discords is that it is really easy to move from one server to another, and there are some other Discords in the community that may also interest you. There is a community called Cosmere Chat, used by many Reddits, and there's a Discord for the Coppermind, for discussion on the wiki. Go join those too if you'd like! It's so easy to switch communities; this isn't a competition :)

We hope to hang out with you in our Discord! You can also access the Discord using our chat link in the menu on the upper right, or you can use the spiffy Discord widget on our sidebar.

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19 minutes ago, Manukos said:

nice , great jod chaos senpai , was it your idea?

also @Darkness Ascendant are you implying that the SE server is not active enough?

It's been a thing that has been requested for at least a year now, so not exactly :) My time's been pretty precious, but I probably should have gotten this going a lot sooner. Oh well. 

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The Worldhoppers group is an excellent idea, and as someone who is not involved in the social aspects of this forum, I think it's the best part of the new Discord. I think it should get its own channel, similar to how the Cosmere Chat Discord has a Cosmere Q&A channel (that is unfortunately never utilized as it should be). With proper 'advertisement' to new Sharders, it would be a great way for people new to the fandom to ask all the questions as they come up in a medium much better suited to it than a forum thread.

I'll admit, I probably won't initiate many conversations on the new Discord. (I like the pace of forums better.) But I would gladly hop in when someone is there looking for a place to get started. I think a dedicated channel would make members more likely to be aware of the Worldhoppers group and to ask questions of us.

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Do people think it's better to have a Cosmere Q&A channel, or have it merged with the Cosmere channel? I can see merits to both: having q&a be obvious is good, but too many channels overall could be a bad thing. 

I think your idea very much has merit though, Pagerunner. Like a dedicated help channel for Cosmere knowledge.

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3 hours ago, Mestiv said:

After seeing the activity at night I feel unlucky to live in my timezone :< Australia will go to sleep soon, America isn't awake yet... unlucky!

I'm around! Hi! What time zone are you on anyway?


Is the old chat the one on the sidebar that babaji took over?

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Two things about Discord:

1) The voice chat never worked for me in the browser. It does in the desktop app.

2) Discord does not turn off when you click the red X. You have to go there:


and click here:


to truly quit discord. Otherwise it will keep running.

Why am I telling you this? Well... this happened:


After my first time using Discord I closed it.
Some time later, when I was listening to The Last Goodbye a voice speaks up: "What's that song?".

It was 3:30 am here and if I were easily scaried, I would surely jump out of my skin. Fortunately I am not and I am familiar with the idiotic practice of software designers called "let's put one button for minimizining and make the one associated with closing actually minimize the program to system tray while leaving no option to end the program but to kill it manually".

I was in a voice channel earlier before I "quit" so @A Joe in the Bush heard my music and asked :)

33 minutes ago, Delightfully Smoak said:

I'm around! Hi! What time zone are you on anyway?

We're in UTC+1 but we also have Daylight Saving Time +1 so currently it's 14:30 (2:30 pm). It's 15:30 (3:30 pm) in Israel. 8:30 in New York, 7:30 in Kansas City, 6:30 in Salt Lake City and 5:30 in San Francisco.

So when USA Sharders are at home at 7:00 pm, it's midnight (give or take an hour) in Poland.

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I'm glad for this for those who will use it, though I fear I won't - using the All Activity on this site means I'm confident I never miss anything new from the community, now I'll always worry I'm missing ground breaking things on the Discord :'( Talk about first-world problems

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