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Bright spots, Silver Linings, and the Upside of 2016


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The easy answer to the topic title is that there were none. I think the common sentiment around here is that 2016 sucked, and the sooner 2017 dumps it in a shallow ditch, the better.

...but 2016 had good points too. It had to. So, in the spirit of unflagging optimism in the face of oppression... what good stuff did you guys experience during 2016?

For my part...

There was DC Rebirth. It took 5 years, but DC is finally getting it's comics in order across the board, rather than having one or two excellent lines amongst general mediocrity. General consensus has been that DC Rebirth has been a huge success, and it's hard to disagree. There're still bad titles, of course, but by and large, DC is in a much better creative point at the end of this year than they were at the start of it. It's nice to be able to say "I'm a DC fan" as something other than the punchline of a joke.

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I attended my first WorldCon and scored a major award in the Masquerade.  Woot.

It was the Year of People Declaring Me To Be A Responsible Adult.  Work promoted me to supervisor (this is still weird), the Shard promoted me to moderator (@Rubix be crazy, man).  There's another thing in the works yet, but until it's set in stone I won't announce it publicly.

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I finally got over that girl that was no good for me anyway, stopped being such a terribly self-centered person to my friends who love me and whom I love back in equal measure, had my ego knocked down a few a lot of pegs, improved my instrumental and vocal abilities, started up something that could possibly be called a band with some of my best friends, found my place in high school, realized who/what is truly important to me, realized what I want to do for a living, had my first boyfriend, lost my first boyfriend, set up a YouTube channel, and got a bunch of great books for Christmas.

Most importantly, I met you guys. 

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This was the year I really got into reading Sanderson and found out about the cosmere. It's also the year I started circus club, and learnt how to do poi and stilts. I also wrote one of my first completed stories that I actually like, and wasn't for school. Now, of course, I think it's absolutely horrible, but that's irrelevent.
I also only joined this year, but I haven't been on for long.

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This was the year I actually read Sanderson books. It started with the Rithmatist in late February and then went on to Mistborn in mid-March. Everything spiraled out from there, and ended with me joining the Shard in May.
I moved back from Europe to America in July. Glad to be back :) Had my first real American Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas in two years.

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This year, I turned 18 and graduated high school. That's always fun. :D

I got to go to Nauvoo for a family reunion, which was amazing. 

Went to a Coldplay concert (best night of my life, seriously), then SLCC for the first time literally the day after. 

I arranged a song for the first time (terrible, but hey, I did it!), and applied for a job for the first time (didn't get it, but hey, I did it!).

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I paid off my car and the last of my debt accrued from moving to Utah three years ago. This means that the only debt I have left is $800 of my student loans, so that will be paid off by March at the latest, which makes me insanely happy.

I started taking iron supplements to help my iron deficiency and now I don't feel drained all the time. I learned how to manage stress (something I'd never had to learn before because stress usually just bounces off of me).

I took back control of my life. I confronted someone who used me for over a year, manipulating me, and I told him exactly how I felt about what he'd done and decided I wasn't going to let him or what happened hold me back anymore. I learned how to stand up for myself, at least a bit.

And lastly, I told a guy I like that I liked him, and it didn't end terribly (didn't end with roses and butterflies either, but at least it didn't go poorly, which is how that usually goes for me).

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Rediscovered the Shard after a hiatus since basically the beginning of the Shard (so... uhh... 4 years? 5? I came here for a month or two after the move from TWG, but didn't stick with it).
Read a whole bunch of cool books (yaaay Sanderson!).
Learned a lot about myself as a person, and did a lot of emotional growth.

Got to the point in my (interminable seeming) degree where the end is now in sight! I'm almost out of the woods!
Even more excitingly, my team was chosen to work on finalizing a lower-limb exoskeleton as our 8 month pre-graduation project :D
I am ludicrously excited about this; the work starts... next week I guess, but we were chosen for it a couple months ago! (Have I mentioned that, while exhausting and seemingly interminable, my degree is really storming cool?)

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This year I..

January: Enjoyed snow and Sanderson books

February: Joined the Shard

March: Studied The Civil War

April: Played an elaborate prank

May: Watched too many Youtube videos of people making and using weird tools, vehicles, and weapons

June: Finally got out of School 

July: Took my first ever graphic design course

August: Went to California, School started, and I played Destiny: Rise of Iron

September: Took graphic design at my school and ran a SE game

October: Celebrated my Birthday and Halloween

November: Wrote a sarcastic parody questioning the effectiveness of the current education standards, played BF1

December: Visited the Canadian border (current location), dueled with icicles, joined Reddit and Discord, wrote this post

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