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My Stormlight Fan-Made Movie


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Looked like a storming god of war boss battle! I could imagine the button symbols appearing as you smashed x to keep the claw off elhokar! PERFECT! The only flaw I can see is the time it took for Adolin to get to the Chasmfiend. Way too quick considering how far he was from there, and how long it took Dalinar to get there
2 minutes ago

That was me :) Great job @David_Fonti. You should make a game put of that short scene, just a boss battle. God of war style :)

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13 hours ago, David_Fonti said:

Me and my team just finished out Stormlight fan-made movie! Let me know what you think!
Also there's a link in the description on a 'making-of' documentary on how I made this movie happen if you're interested :)


http:// @BrandSanderson Also a behind-the-scenes documentary of how we made the movie if you're interested! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIdr664qpMQ

This is sincerely amazing! I love the fact you choose this particular scene over other ones. I am super pleased of all potential scenes you ended making one from Adolin's POV :) 

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