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The Surgeon


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Remember the line where the Sleepless mentions that 'they are watching the assassin, the liar, the surgeon, and the highprince' (paraphrasing here) and not paying attention to Lift?

So, did we just get confirmation that Kaladin's father is a radiant?  Can't think of any other obvious surgeons to fit the bill.  The assassin is likely Szeth (though could be Jasnah's contact from WoR intro), the Liar is Shallan, and the highprince has got to be Dalinar (oh please don't let it be Sadeas with a regrowth power).  Leaving the surgeon, and my money is on Lirin.

I know there was speculation before, but this kind of seals it in my humble opinion.  Unless some random battlefield surgeon is a hidden radiant.

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The summary on the WoK dust jacket identifies Kaladin as 'The Surgeon' in the same sentence that it identifies Shallan, Dalinar and Szeth by the other titles Arclo uses so it's definitely him.

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On 11/28/2016 at 1:14 AM, Weltall said:

It's implied the Sleepless are the ones writing the dust jacket blurbs and we know the one in WoK was talking about Kaladin.


We can move this one from "It's Implied..." to "We know..."




INTERVIEW: Dec 6th, 2016


Who writes these perspectives? [Talking about the blurbs on the back of Stormlight books I assume?] (yeah presumably)


Those are the Sleepless, the Aimians.



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