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  1. It might be obvious, but can you mix operators in search? For example to find all entries which contain Lift and Old followed by Magic Something like Lift+Old<->Magic which isnt working
  2. As I understand it, Surges are natural forces. Spren which give access to them for Radiants, are mixture of Honor's and Cultivation's Investiture. Fabarials can access Surges by other means via other spren then ones of Radiants, so it makes sense that Voidbinding could access that Surges too.
  3. Link: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/219-words-of-radiance-philadelphia-signing/#e7848 Existing Text: Revised Text:
  4. " Metal lines/atium shadows - are they visible even if they're not in your field of vision? " Metal lines are visible while not in field of vision - they are even visible with eyes closed. I will add quotes tomorrow ( I dont remember where did I write them :D) About future things, I would add for Scadrial - lookout for things explaining how Ruin could influence Preservation Mists
  5. Yea, someone today point to me this epigraph and I was surprised when I saw it too, because I was sure that Ruin couldn't / shouldn't change Preservation Mists (I should add epigraph to OP). And I couldnt find any info about that too heh.
  6. My question is, how could Ruin, while he was traped in Well, influence Mists, make them stay longer in day to kill plants? Was mechanism of this explained? As I understand it, white Mists were Preservation power, its gaseous form in Physical realm. Its primal function/goal was to start snapping people when Preservation power returned to Well. But how could Ruin affect power of other Shard while he was mostly impotent at that point. Even if he was getting stronger as Well filled up, he still would need to influence directly power of another Shard, seems to be way harder then whispering to people and changing written texts. Any ideas, or maybe WoB how could it work? Ruin affecting Preservation's Mists is mentioned in Epigraph to chapter 81 I couldnt find any info about it on Theoryland, and Sanderson didnt say anything in Annotations to Mistborn on his website.
  7. It stays in line with Sanderson's answer to my question about love triangle, that there will be confusion who is attracted to who, but I dont see it as definite end of Adolin/Shallan relation or that Shallan will end with Kaladin. You know, as Sanderson said about confusion, there is possibility of Adolladin too. Adolin decided to spend time in prison using cold water for baths to support Kaladin. And Kaladin noticed Adolin wearing cologne very fast! Definitely there is some attraction there ;P
  8. Would it work? I mean tinfoil hat preventing from soothing/rioting? Because thats another hilarious thing to take with to signing with Sanderson. I think I remember some WoB about it but Im not sure.
  9. Hmm awesome is taken by Lift, is that mean that she wont be at then end? Or she will be and Sanderson is trying to hide that fact? damnation 3 words and so many possibilities @Extesian It would be hilarious to come to some signing with something like that
  10. We have QA transcribed and translating it and about 75% of what we could get from signing (recording is poor). It will be posted soon, like @Extesian said, @Oversleep is coordinating it. @Extesian if you really bored here link to part I didnt check yet https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B15lhFsz0PWCY3l0SE80a21qSDg/view?usp=sharing . Quality is poor (recorded with smartphone few meters away from signing etc) @Oversleep Wow you asked that question about piercing sprens and followed rly great. I didnt even think about spiking spren in Shadesmar which in retrospect makes a lot of sense Thanks
  11. Im late to thread but I think I have some points which are worth considering. First - assumption that Adolin for sure will be caught. If he didnt leave knife behind, then there is nothing at crime scene which even remotely points toward Adolin. For Alethi more feasible will be that it was either assasin/s, random murder etc. Suspecting Adolin outright is like in our world if one of ministers would be killed we would instantly suspect son of other minister. Actually only only way I can rly see for murder to be pined onto Adolin is if Renairan somehow with his Resonanse to see truth of it. But then I have hard time to believe that Renairan will denounce his brother. Second - Adolin's reaction to murder. I see no evidence in books we read that Adolin could be crushed by guilt over Sadeas murder. He wanted to kill him for long. Whole plot to get Sadeas to duel Adolin, was for Adolin to kill Sadeas. Which he wanted to do very badly. Duels was just covers so there wouldnt be consequences. So now he killed Sadeas, he did what he wanted to do for long time. Imo instead of running around guilty, he will just think how to make sure that whole thing dont backfire and dont hurt him or his family, but no "oh I commited murder, how could I do something so bad" reaction. And I dont think that Adolin would go ahead and risk being executed by admitting murder. He might want to prevent innocent from taking blame, but as evidence dont point towards anyone rly, whole trial can be easily dismissed, which is must smarter move then going forward and saying "ok I did it". Third - Dalinar's reaction to murder. Again like with Adolin there are a lot posts how Dalinar will feel terrible bad, crushed, betrayed by son etc etc . Only reason Sadeas wasnt killed by Dalinar before is because Dalinar's never thought of using assassins, and House of Kholin after Tower battle was just too weak to risk open fight. From political pov, removing Sadeas was very good thing, especially if there isnt anything directly pointing towards House of Kholin (and if Adolin didnt totally loose his mind and left knife behind, then there isnt). Actually from very ruthless and practical pov, Dalinar should just remove all opposing him and king highprinces and be done with that. No one says that uniting must be by playing nice, it can be done with sword too, and based on Oathbringer prologue, thats was Galiver plan, and he was on track to become Bondsmith too. Relations between characters in aftermath. Adolin - Dalinar relation. If Adolin will tell Dalinar that he killed Sadeas, I except Dalinar to just deal with situation at hand and not feel very bad about Sadeas death. I for sure dont see Dalinar openly saying that it was Adolin or letting him go to trial. There were some arguments that Dalinar is bad father for Adolin, that he didnt want him to become Blackthorn, but really, Adolin is so far away from bad sides of Blackthorn that it would take killing someone each week for year for him to get close to be as dark as Blackthorn was as his peak. Adolin is better man then Blackthorn, and I bet that Dalinar knows this, as he knows what darkness rly was in Blackthorn. Plus he loves his son and admire him. Same like Adolin admire his father. I think it was Maxal who pointed how uncaring was Dalinar in last battle about Adolin. Imo this is very wrong assumption. Man of Adolin skill (he is probably as good fighter or better then Dalinar), full Shardbearer, is worth almost as much as whole army (Dalinar's flashbacks show how unstoppable rly full Shardbearer is). At end it took another full Shardbearer to slow Adolin down, and then Szeth to stop him. So rly, Dalinar just made good decision as leader and trusted in ability and power of his son in that last battle, and not because he was bad father. Adolin - Renarian relation I would be rly disapointed if Adolin was betrayed by his brother. In books we saw love and caring between them, even if Renarian discover truth, I think he will keep it for himself or first confront Adolin about it and then they will go to Dalinar and together think how to minimize damage while protecting all Kholins. Adolin - Shallan Well, I think Shallan wouldnt have big problem with what happened. She was one behind duel plot to kill Sadeas legally, I think now she would just think how to cover whole thing and make sure it wont hurt her and Kholins. Adolin - Jasnah Jasnah would just go ahead and kill Sadeas's widow, just to make sure that her family is safe. Adolin - Elokhar As I dont believe that Dalinar would throw Adolin under the buss, I dont think Elokhar has strong enough position to rly matter. Atm he is in position and alive thanks to Dalinar, I doubt he will risk himself and whole House of Kholin to go against rest of family. Adolin - Kaladin Thats tricky. I dont think Kaladin would aprove, but I dont think he would be sad that Sadeas who used him and other bridgeman as baits is dead. But from all characters Kaladin might be most conflicted if he learned truth. I think that he just wont be close enough to know about whole thing till its over. BTW if someone thinks that Kaladin doesnt matter, you are forgeting about bridgemen and Bridge 4 especially. Someone who has loyalty of highly skilled military force always matter, and now that force is getting enhanced with Stormlight. BTW2 I kinda sure that Bridge 4 (which basicaly mean bridgemen) will be behind Adolin and support him, so I dont see someone executing Adolin without opposition. They let throw Kaladin into prison only because of his own influence over them and fact that everyone knew it was temporary. I doubt they will let good person and leader like Adolin with whom they were together fighting to be executed. Anyway I dont see how Kholins would be broken over killing Sadeas when all of them wanted him dead anyway, especially after they survived all problems thrown at them in WoK and WoR. How I see consequences - Sadeas's widow will blame House of Kholin, but with no evidence she wont be able pursue it vie legal system, so she will do what she do the best. She will start secret war, employing spies and assassins against Kholins. We might see fighting between highprinces, from which I think Dalinar will emerge victorious and houses opposing him will be either destroyed or subdued. One way or another Dalinar need to unite Alethi, he cant just let other Highprinces to try hurt him like it was in past and he can allow any undermining his or king so I doubt he will let there be trial or open resistance against him or king.
  12. Do you mean that other people are not doing it already ?? O.O How can they be sure that what they noted didnt get corrupted ??
  13. I knew you were too cool (and the rest of crew) for that to be true so I didnt even try to ask about that (plus assumed if that was true, it was like one single word from very end ) You dont get to know most important piece of information for Cosmere and Stormlight fans and just look next day like nothing happened But I guess thats advantage of actually meeting you in real Anyway, great prank at Brandon part, to use respected 17thSharder as double agent. Now we know that no one can be trusted " for anything not set in metal cannot be trusted "
  14. Its no problem at all, I found it funny and made joke in my mind that my black t-shirt and rarity caused you to confuse me with BlackYeti Btw that question about Kaladins runs wasnt bad one as it gives some better understanding about how much time passed while Kaladin was in Bridge 4. Same with AonDor. I didnt even knew it wasnt used near shardpools.
  15. It was asked, he didnt rly. He said he got some Sapkowski's works to read but didnt say what and how much he read.
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