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An uplifting idea


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So, the southern scadrians seem to have some way of granting feruchemical (and probably also allomantic) abilities to anyone, using nicrosilminds. It has also been noted that nicrosil ferrings are called "Soulbearers", leading to the postulate that nicrosilminds might be able to store someone's innate investiture, the spark of life that is related to giving people sapience, making them, well, people.


We also know that in the future, Mistborn is going sci-fi, and one of the celebrated tropes of science fiction is the "uplifting" of animals, giving them human levels of intelligence and then recognizing them as sapient persons.


So could it be possible to store a little bit of your innate investiture in an unkeyed nicrosilmind, expand it through compounding, and then give this nicrosilmind and a medallion granting nicrosil feruchemy and allomancy to an animal, thereby allowing them to tap the innate investiture, become sapient, and keep their nicrosilminds filled (and sustaining their sapience) through compounding?!

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Assuming of course that the animal in question is sapient enough to understand the command "tap the metalmind" and willing enough to follow through with it. Going by stereotypes, dogs would disqualified by the former requirement, while cats (sorry Kurk) would be disqualified by the latter.

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