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17th Shard - The Video Game!


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So, in the random thread, Kaymyth mentioned she worked as a boss at her work; the kinda boss that you run into at the end of the first dungeon in a video game, before moving onto tougher bosses.

Naturally, I will take this comment too far.

So. Let's spitball idea's here, guys. What would the 17th Shard Video Game be like?

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Playable classes:

The Theorizer

The Memer

The RPer

The Alley Lurker

The Spammer

The Admin (very OP, banned in tournament play.)

I dunno, I think the admin could be balanced by making them have huge cool downs/ casting times, to mirror the fact that for ages we didn't have any mods on during the night, which let the spammers on.

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The RPer class has two sub-classes: Sanderson Eliminator and Oregonian. The Oregonian class has a few pros and cons.


May or may not be an Epic

Knows the powers and limits of all other Oregonians (though not necessarily weaknesses)

Is good with pony comics

Has a good sense of humor that can cause other classes to dissolve into laughter

Logical mind; problem solver

Knows the importance of Nighthound's death


May or may not be an Epic

May pause to turn random NPCs into ponies

Uses strange insults and exclamations like "Great Noodly One" or "dirty meanieface full of lame"

Logical mind often used to answer questions like, "If a limited time manipulator was trapped in a room with an imperious woman known for insulting people before entombing them in diamond, how long would the people outside be sheltered from the woman's complaining?"

May mutter "And then Nighthound died" repeatedly in stressful situations

Repository of inside jokes has been known to confuse allies

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Slaying spam bots gets upvote experience points, allowing you to level up. Doing evil things like slaying villagers or stealing gives you down vote points, and let you gain evil levels.

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You can never tell if the Denizens you meet are simple npc's or Dungeon Bosses.

Sometimes they're both.

Cookies let you boost your character stats, but weaken your sanity and morality traits.

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If Kaymyth is a boss in the game, would that make Kobold King the final raid boss you have to fight in the reputation points dungeon?


Also, I think the RPer class should have summoner/controler like mechanics. Allowing them to let their OCs fight for them. Sadly this means I will be too bussy with getting game over screens for Nighthound to actually finish the game. :ph34r:

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