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Cosmere Limericks


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                                     There once named a guy called Lightsong, 

                                     He hated the bright, 

                                     And so he quipped and partyed all night. 



Cute! ^_^ Though for your education, a limerick must have five lines. The first, second, and fifth lines must all have somewhere between seven and ten syllables, while the third and fourth lines need to have five to seven. And of course, the first, second and fifth lines all have to rhyme, as do the third and fourth lines.


As so:



There once was a kobold made king

Whose friends found him irritating.

Now he was such a dunce

That they loathed him at once

And laughed when he choked on a ring.

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There once was a city on Sel

With gods quite exceedingly swell

Till Odium came

And the Shards he did maim

And thus fair Elantris then fell.


I know Aona and Skai were splintered, but I didn't realize it would make Elantris fall a second time. Good to know.


There once was a Forger named Shai.

She really didn't want to die.

She was imprisoned

in a boring prison

she escaped because of a drunk guy.

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BoM spoilers:


There is a Survivor, Kelsier 

Also the Sovereign it's claimed

He's Fullborn I hear

His symbol's the spear

As Lord of the mists he's proclaimed!


There was a man Kelsier 

The greatest thief of the day

Dearly was he sought 

Until he was caught 

Mistborn he then became!


There was a Mistborn Kelsier 

He said, 'Time the nobles did pay.'

He gave up his life

To convince us to fight

But Survived as a Cognitive Shade!


There was a ghost Kelsier 

He held Preservation one day

Then refused to die

Put a spike through his eye

Survived to return as they say


There was a Survivor, Kelsier 

To the South he wandered one day 

Seeing their need

Became their king

Aquired Sovereign as a name


There is a person Kelsier

The Cosmere he wanders, away

But if we are need

Or coming to grief

He'll return to save Scadrial's day!

(First stanza repeats)

Note that you have to use the inworld pronunciation for the limerick to work. This is supposed to be a jump rope poem that kids sing once this is better known. (No, the various Churches aren't thrilled. Yes, Kell thinks it's awesome.) Each jumper does one stanza, the next jumping in at the last word of the last line.

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OB and WoR spoilers about Szeth, 


Szeth was a bright, bright young man

He followed a useless stone then

Nightblood came along,

Sang an annoying song

And drove Szeth to fix his homeland

But if you don't want to read that here's this Alcatraz one:

Alcatraz had very dark talents

He thought he was not very valiant

He found some good friends

But then it all ends

Because his darn father upset the balance

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