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I just got back from the Phoenix Comic on, where Brandon is a guest at, and I must say it was an honor to meet him. He read parts of Wax/Wayne 2, Legion 2, and the Taravangian interlude in WoR. There weren't a lot of cosmeric goodies, but I did get a couple interesting tidbits in relation to Mistborn: Ruin would have had to manifest to reabsorb the atium, the Well of Ascension did not come at a price to Preservation's power, and perhaps the most interesting one. Burned metals are turned into a different form, and will eventually return to the planet. The Pits of Hath sin are meant to foreshadow this.

There were a couple of cosplayers, with one particular group dressed as Sazed, Vin, Elend, and Tindwyl. I have audio of the spotlight (which includes the readings), but I don't know if I am allowed to post it. I probably will post a picture of the four costumers later.

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Wow, that 'metal reforming' thing is weird. Brandon mentioned it was possible to run out...


Wow... there's so many good questions here. Since it's probably going to take you a really long time to answer, I'll stick with something simple that's been bugging me.

Since allomancy is powered by burning metal, isn't Scadrial going to eventually start running out of metal?

Hmmm... is that why there's a space trilogy? They have to mine asteroids and other planets for their metal?

It could happen. However, it's not really a danger with the current population of Allomancers. There just aren't enough of them.

I guess that means he was Aes Sedai truthing on that...
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Here's audio of the spotlight from Abalidoth on Tumblr and here's a list of times for it
  • 1:03 reading Words of Radiance Taravangian interlude
  • 4:39 talking about WoR
  • 8:14 tshirts
  • 9:00 question about Silence Divines magic
  • 11:00 question about Rithmatist 
  • 16:00 birthday tshirt
  • 16:30 what he reads from
  • 17:13 reading Rithmatist prologue
  • 20:12 what's going to happen with Elantris (sequels)?
  • 22:00 What happened (IRL) between Mistborn and TWoK
  • 24:12 thanks for WoT
  • 24:20 how long is the Stormlghit Archive
  • 25:00 tshirts for Mistborn cosplayers
  • 28:00 Legion 2 reading
  • 32:25 more Legion? Yes
  • 33:50 question about writing and timing and pacing
  • 35:40 do you take a break when teaching? No
  • 36:25 questions about writing multiple books
  • 38:30 when did you start writing?
  • 39:00 talking about Way of Kings prime
  • 39:40 talking about White Sand
  • 41:25 inspiration for Mistborn?
  • 45:20 reading from Shadows of Self (Steris organising wedding, Wax reads from Ironeyes book)
  • 49:00 a cosmere question about Odium. Where did he settle?
  • 49:45 a description of the cosmere
  • 54:00 Hoids origin story?
  • 54:40 <some authors> books are cool? parallels between that and Mistborn trio of trilogies
  • 56:20 did you write Stormlight the same as RJ wrote WoT?
  • 58:00 what book should be read first? (Don't start on Stormlight)
  • 60:10 what are your views on fanfiction?
  • 61:00 announcements
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Wow, that 'metal reforming' thing is weird. Brandon mentioned it was possible to run out...I guess that means he was Aes Sedai truthing on that...


Tell me about it. I suppose "running out of metals" could be interpreted in a narrow economic sense, as in "an event wherein the production of high-quality Allomancy-grade metals is unable to meet the immediate demand of Allomancer consumers," but even that isn't very likely to happen unless everyone and their horses on Scadrial suddenly became active Mistborn adventurers and went to buy metals all at the same time.


But then again, before I read that post, I've always assumed the metals eventually returned just like Atium did. Allomancy is of Preservation after all, so it kinda makes sense.

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Thanks a lot for that list, Joe.


I found Steris planning for calamity to be mildly hilarious, and it seems that Marsh might be tilting a bit towards the "ends justify the means" side of the scale if he's saying that Hemalurgy is good now. We've discussed various "humane" uses for Hemalurgy, and perhaps he employs them, but still...


EDIT: I'm still in the process of listening, so forgive me for multiple edits here.


Odium semi-settled on Roshar now; he's invested his powers there and would either have to leave it behind or rip it away in order to leave. Interesting. This lends credence to the somewhat off-the-cuff "kill them all so I can get their innate Investiture back" theory that was proposed in the Shardkeeper's podcast (around 0:39:00).




The part about Hoid (probably) as someone who makes it his business to investigate magic systems seriously suggests that he's the AAA.

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I think it would still be possible to run out of Allomantic metals - if the consumption rate is higher than the reformation rates, it wouldn't take much. I know it could be argued that Atium, as a god metal works differently, but consider how long it takes for Atium to reform after being burned.

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A) Hoid has defining characteristics beyond inscrutability? ;)


B.) I wouldn't say that that Q&A tells us that that is Hoid's "defining characteristic." It's restricted to one short story, while this new information lets us know that, in fact, magic-investigation is Hoid's thing, as opposed to a hobby he does every once in a while between instigating regime changes.

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Ooh... I was hoping someone would record this, I can't wait to listen.  I'll probably work on transcribing it as well, though it might take me a little while.


If you start, why don't you throw up a Google Doc and post it here so that people can collaborate?

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Wow, I haven't had the opportunity to listen to this yet, but it sounds pretty cool. People transcribing it would be great. It helps me out so I don't have to transcribe it and then put it in the database.

EDIT: Also, this probably belongs in the events section of the site, so I shall be moving it there.

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I think that's also probably the best evidence we have that Hoid is the one writing the Ars Arcanums, because those are clearly scholarly documents on the various magics.

Well, it's either Hoid or a member of the Seventeenth Shard. So really a tossup (if we knew who Nahz was on the AoL map it'd help).

I don't think it's Hoid, just because he has feruchemy and he'd know his own magic system. He wouldn't have put 'unknown' in the HoA Ars Arcanum for aluminum and duralumin.

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It'll get revived in the future, I'm sure. We just generally haven't had that much postable audio lately. The stuff I did that Josh and Mi'ch got had too much filler to be worth editing and posting, so I had to do that one. This is perfect for people to help out though, and I'd be much obliged to anyone who contributes a little bit.

I know that Phantom, I was saying that that quote makes me lean toward Hoid as being the author, as opposed to the Seventeenth Shard.

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Update on the transcription: Poor WeiryWriter has worked his fingers off to get to 25:00, and I proof-read him up to the beginning of the Legion reading. Anyone who wants to jump in and do a good deed would be more than welcome.

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the Well of Ascension did not come at a price to Preservation's power,


I guess it was just made out of his cognitive...stuff, so that makes sense.


Weird that it'd have an influence on the amount of god metals...


Interview: May, 2010


Why is there such an imbalance between the amount of atium and the amount of lerasium in the world? Also, why are atium and lerasium very imbalanced in Allomantic power (Lerasium is far more useful than atium, really)?

Brandon Sanderson

There isn't. Leras is just spread out further. He is in the mists, in the Well, and in the lerasium. Ruin's power however is considerate strictly in atium.

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The panel is fully transcribed (except for the parts where he was giving away t-shirts and stuff).  It is rough, and probably need a couple goings over to get what I missed/messed up but I don't really feel like doing that at the moment.  Maybe in a couple days.


Here is a link to the google doc again (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_sTZkZ0Irdf3haauT5PnX94yYQSyQGlCqUAcOBafTMs/edit?usp=sharing)

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I guess it was just made out of his cognitive...stuff, so that makes sense.


Weird that it'd have an influence on the amount of god metals...


Brandon did mention Realmatics as an explanation. However, my question was more in line with if Preservation gradually drained from the Spiritual/Cognitive to Physical Realms to refill the well, losing the power like Ruin. The answer was no. Looking back, this should have been obvious, as the creation of the well involved the sacrifice of Leras's cognitive aspect, and that clearly did not regenerate/degenerate over 1204 years.


Here are some photos:

Sanderson's stand.

Elend, Vin, Tindwyl, Sazed, and The Nameless One

Sanderson signing my boxed Mistborn.
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  • 2 weeks later...

I know it's a bit late, but I ran into him here and managed to get a few Cosmere questions in:


Q: In Dalinar's visions, he interacted with people in ways that seemed strange and unexpected to those he was interacting with, and they responded appropriately.  Did his actions actually influence the past, or not? For example, did he help influence Nohadon to write The Way of Kings?  (Note: This is a very interesting question to ask because both answers reveal something very interesting.  A yes says that time travel in some form is possible under Cosmere magic; a no says that the dying Tanavast had enough power and awareness available to him to create some extremely detailed and highly interactive simulations, which is far more capability than Leras had while dying!)


A: No, they were just projections sent into his mind.


Q: We know that Hoid has a bead of Lerasium, that he obtained during the events of The Well of Ascension.  As of the most recent Cosmere book chronologically, (The Alloy of Law, I believe,) has it been used?


A: Well, umm... probably not exactly in the way you're thinking...


Q: OK, specifically, has it been used either by Hoid burning it or by him giving it to someone else to burn?


A: Well, Hoid's a very resourceful person, and he finds uses for most of the things he gets ahold of, though they're not always the expected uses.  So yeah, he's found something to do with it, but I'll have to RAFO that one, because it's going to come up in later books and I don't want to spoil things.

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Nice. The Lerasium question essentially tells us that no Mistborn were harmed during the filming of these books, while leaving open the door to an alloy with Atium for Feruchemy (though apparently Hoid may have had Feruchemy before the Mistborn trilogy...) or using it as a metalmind or something.


The answer to the Dalinar question is interesting because it implies that Dalinar isn't "going anywhere" when he has his visions: there are theories that he's been person-napped into another of the Realms, but Brandon's answer seems to say it's all happening in his (normal and normally located) mind.

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