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  1. Vin's earring is Bronze though, isn't it? It's a hemalurgic spike anyway; definitely one of the sixteen base metals (and one of the ten known in TFE).
  2. The Leecher in the "Ghastly Gondola" story in the broadsheet in BoM isn't Jak. Jak was the ridiculous Tineye in the broadsheet stories in AoL and SoS (and also the AoL supplement to the MAG, which has wonderful annotations from his Terris servant, Handerwym). damnation, that was a lot of acronyms. He's definitely referred to as male.
  3. Ok, so additional SH related things meaning I'm posting here rather than the short-stories board. Silence's grandmother's Shade. She doesn't attack Silence, and never has. Suggests she's able to retain some sense of self, or at least a degree of control. Was her grandmother able to get some additional measure of Investiture either before or after death? We've seen with Kelsier in SH that Invested individuals with a higher amount of Investiture last longer before moving into the Beyond. Alternatively, is this something to do with Connection? If you're very strongly Connected to an individual, that persists through death and into the Cognitive (Kelsier was able to speak with Spook, and with Vin).
  4. He's a tineye. I don't think he's ever used anything else.
  5. Spoiler tags are without the spaces. Alternatively, if using the full editor, there's a button to the left of the 'font' dropdown which contains special formatting options.
  6. Ok, I found out we do have confirmation that Shades are Cognitive Shadows. Also has some extra relevance with Seons, apparently.
  7. Continuing with the Stormlight spoilers.
  8. Did they mention that Harmony said he's never seen that writing? I don't recall. If that is the case, perhaps they follow the tradition of writing on metal? We know the Medallions have the markings on them, as did the dummy bands (the bracers). These are all made of metal, and Harmony is metal-blind. Have we seen the characters anywhere else?
  9. Oh, another one (this one is new) - is fire linked to Investiture in some way on Threnody? Is that why it can blind and disorient the Shades?
  10. So, I'm getting on with my Shadows for Silence re-read. Nothing in particular to shout about (and I might be being over-careful with spoilers, but I'd rather be over-careful than under-careful). Anyway, I noticed that the Shades are "blinded and disoriented" by fire. Considering that Shades are considered to be Cognitive Shadows (is that confirmed, btw? I can't remember now) and we know that Kelsier saw metal as a blinding light when in the Cognitive Realm (much like those holding Preservation do) it did make me wonder. What's up with Fire? Why are Shades blinded by it? Is fire somehow keyed on Investiture on Threnody?
  11. It's what's wrong with society today - a nipple is more shocking than a knifing, and 'vile' language is treated worse than a violent assault.
  12. I can try having a look when I get home from work - is it definitely WoR and not WoK? She travels with Thaylens in both books.
  13. ^This. Random speculation is fun, but let's use Occam's Razor guys. As emailanimal points out: How likely is it? Why is that theory any more likely to be true than any other? Less scientific, but more true to laws of narrative and drama (and we ARE dealing with literature): How many people will remember Walin? Would that be a satisfying conclusion? Would there be any payoff for the fans? I can understand the "Spook is the Sovereign" camp. Spook was a believer in Kelsier's church, I could see him having taken up the Scars like some of the more devout Survivorists as a mark of piety even, plus a few other things which I don't want to post here because it's the BoM board not the SH board, but even I think it's far more likely to be Kelsier. Not to suggest Brandon hasn't thrown us off with false leads before, but I don't believe that's what's happening here.
  14. He was a Coinshot, and up to something seriously messed up. It makes sense he'd be prepared in case of discovery.
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