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Long Game 8: Elendel Gang War


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Howdy, folks. This is the Long Game 8: Elendel Gang War, the first Sanderson Elimination that I've run. This game will require a lot of attention and is fairly complex, so be warned. Anywhere from twenty to thirty people should be good. My time zone is Pacific, so there's that too. A day or night will be 48 hours, with the total cycle running at 96. On to the game!


The various gangs in Elendel have slowly, but surely, torn the city apart. The Set has become more and more known to the average person, widely regarded as the most wide spread and dangerous of them all. The only rival to them are the Koloss Riots, a brutal group of men who kill and slaughter for fun. Various corrupt politicians are ruining the city as well.




In the midst of all of this violence, people have begun to turn to Harmony for help, and Hermony is not one to let down his followers. These brutal wars are beginning to take away the people's ability to choose, and so Harmony has allowed a small force of his Kandra into the city. Their mission is to destroy all of the corruption so that Elendel might become the bastion of civilization that it once was.




The Set can have any sort of Misting, Ferring, or Twinborn. Each member is guaranteed at least one power, and some of you may have two. Compounding works as getting a free charge (without tapping) instead of using your allomantic metal. Additionally, the members of the Set can delegate a Spiking to one member each night to use instead of his action. To Spike another player's ability, you must accurately say the victim's power. If successful, then the Set may give the Spike to any one on their team. The Set wants to survive while killing as many of the Koloss Riots as possible.


The Koloss Riots have access to any of the Allomantic or Feruchemic powers, but cannot spike. Additionally, they have different koloss blooded members on their team who have to be double killed on a single night to die. The Koloss Riots cannot Spike, and if they find a Spike, they cannot use it on their players. They want to survive while killing as many of the Set as possible.


The various corrupt politicians do not have any abilities; these players function as the "civilians" of the game. They want to survive.


The Kandra start off spread out as player throughout the enemy teams. They can only be killed through execution and cannot have their vote influenced through Soothing or Rioting. If they obtain a Spike, though, they can use it's powers. Each night, the Kandra can choose one person to kill. If they desire, they can steal the body for one of their own to take. If the kandra steal a body, then the person killed has an obligation to check up on the game once a day. The kandra and the player killed will be allowed a google doc to coordinate. After a kandra abandons a body, then the player will be revealed as dead and kandra killed. The Kandra are trying to kill everyone.


The full list of Allomantic and Feruchemic abilities are in the spoiler:



PEWTER: They can survive a single attack. If they are killed during a night or day cycle, they survive and this will be revealed in the write up. If they are attacked again, they die… finally. When filling, Pewter Ferrings cannot use any abilities other than fill metalminds. They can vote, but it will not count. However, when tapping, a Pewter Ferring may kill a single target. How many charges they use is equal to how many layers of defense surrounds the target. An attack will fully deplete the Ferring’s metalminds.


TIN: They are messengers and are capable of writing messages to the town while remaining anonymous. Each night, they can send a message to the Game Master. He will then post it within the write up at the end of the night. As long as the Tineye is alive, players can send Private Messages back and forth. Once he dies, he can no longer deliver messages, so no more PMs. A Tin Ferring, when filling his metalminds, will be hinted at in the write up. When he is tapping, he can search a player like a Seeker can, only copperclouds will not affect him.


COPPER: The Smoker is undetectable and he can extend this power to one other person each night. If scanned by a Seeker, the smoker or the person encompassed within his coppercloud will show up as nothing. Alternatively, the Smoker can turn his coppercloud off. This would allow them to be scanned. In addition to being undetectable by the Seeker, the Smoker and his target are unaffected by emotional Allomancy. As long as the Smoker is using their coppercloud, the Soother and Rioter cannot change their votes. A Copper Ferring must delete all of his PMs when storing, but is allowed to copy paste them into a new PM when tapping. (May only do this once per PM).  


SEEKER: The Seeker can sense when someone is burning metals. In fact, he/she has gotten so good that they can tell whether someone is spiked or not! Once per night, the Seeker can target someone to learn their abilities and alignment. A Bronze Ferring, when filling a metalmind, is unable to speak during the nighttime. (PMs or otherwise) However, he is able to see the list of actions (without names) twelve hours before the end of the night when tapping.


 STEEL: The Coinshot does what they do best. They push metals around; specifically into other people’s bodies. Once per night, the Coinshot can target a person for death. Unless otherwise disrupted, that person dies. The Steel Ferring, when filling, has half the time to get his vote in and half the time to get his night action in. When tapping, he is able to see the commands (without names) and the votes (with names) twelve hours earlier.


IRON: Where the Coinshot pushes, the Lurcher pulls. Once per night the Lurcher can target someone and that person will be saved from death. When filling, the Iron Ferring will be marked in the write up. When tapping, their vote will count once more for each charge used, but cannot be changed once said.


BRASS: Their ability to dampen emotions puts them and the Rioter in a very special position. During any time during the day round (up until the round ends), they can negate one person’s vote. The change will be anonymous, but since I will be posting voting results at the end of each day, those that are observant should be able to tell whose votes were changed. When filling, Brass Ferrings are unable to change their published words for any reason, be it spelling, vote greening, etc. However, when tapping, the Brass Ferring can completely redact an earlier statement.


ZINC: The Rioter works in a similar fashion as the Soother, except once during the day round they can change one person’s vote. Using this power does nullify their own vote though. They are still capable of voting, but their vote will not be counted. The change itself will be anonymous, but since I will be posting voting results at the end of each day, those that are observant should be able to tell whose votes were changed. The Zinc Ferring, when filling, is unable to react to new threats, and all layers of magical protection fail to work. When Tapping, however, the Zinc Ferring will be told all of the magic used on him, and who does it, twelve hours before the end of a day/night cycle.


ALUMINUM: These Mistings have a 1/4 chance of negating any Allomancy used against them, at any stage in the game. An Aluminum Ferring can store identity during the night, and are unable to access the charge of their own metalminds. When not storing, they can expend a charge to tap another Ferring’s metalmind. However, they have to know who the Ferring is and what they are tapping, or it will not work and their charge will be expended.


DURALUMIN: You’re a Gnat, unless you get a Spike. With a Spike, you can double your effectiveness of your other metal. For example: As a thug, you would be able to survive two hits. As a Steelshot, you would be able to shoot down two targets. A Duralumin Ferring can make PM groups without a Tineye, but cannot use PMs while charging.


CHROMIUM: These Mistings can disable any Allomantic power for a day/night cycle. A Chromium Ferring can store Luck, which, while stored, will make the odds double against them. When tapping Luck, however, the Spinner may tap as many charges as once, each charge adding another 2x multiplier to positive chance effects.


NICROSIL: A Nicrosil Misting can double the Allomantic abilities of any other Misting they choose, one time a day/night cycle.  A Nicrosil Ferring can use this ability to convert their charges into pure Investiture, which can be used in any metalmind. However, all charges being filled during a Nicrosil fillling will be converted into Investiture.


CADMIUM: A Cadmium Misting can use their bubble once in a day/night cycle, taking twelve hours off of the clock. However, no one will be told until the write up. A Cadmium Ferring can tap a charge to evade attack, but while filling, will be hinted at in the write up.


BENDALLOY: A Bendalloy Misting can add twelve hours to the time, but no one will be told until the write up. The Ferring, while filling, can eat as much as he wants without getting fat. It will be hinted at in the write up. Tapping puts those calories back on.


GOLD: A Gold Misting knows if he was acted upon during the past day/night cycle. A Gold Ferring, while filling, becomes ill. It is hinted at in the write up, and his vote has a 1/4 chance of not taking. While tapping, each charge grants him an extra layer of protection for the night.


Electrum: The Electrum Misting will be told if he will die twelve hours before the end of the day or night. He will be allowed to get his affairs in order. The Electrum Ferring, while filling, will role shift down to a Citizen, and will not be allowed to look at any of his sect’s secret documents. When tapping, they can double a night action, or have their vote count one more time per tapped charge.


This page will serve as a sign up sheet and a place for you guys to pick holes or elaborate on the rules. I suspect that the game itself should start on Thursday at the earliest.


(For your roleplay, roleplay away but don't give yourself an affiliation quite yet.) 


For PMs, I need to be included on each one, especially with all of the PM altering abilities that I have.





1. Aonar (AonarFaileas)
2. Alim (Malliw73)
3. Jedal (The Only Joe)
4. Jain (Lightsworn Panda)
5. Tulir (Tulir)
6. Popeye (navybrandt)
7. Willa (little wilson)
8. Kamden (dants)
9. Peng (jasonpenguin)
10. Koll (killersquirrel59)
11. Araris (Arais Valerian)
12. Quitania (Quitecontrary)
13. Terra (Pupper)
14. Bunnt (Binnut)
15. Alron (Alvron)
16. Met-al (Metacognition)



(16 so far. I want at least 20 to do this one justice. Less will work, but then many of the roles will be left out.)


Secret Rule: There's always another secret.




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Ok... Explain bend alloy/cadmium and all the other stuff interacting with "the last twelve hours of the cycle." In terms of write up time, action sending time, ect... 

What is "hinted at in the write up"?

Also, what is the eliminator faction/why are there three and a half factions?, and what is everybody's win con? These rules are confusing.

Chromium Ferrings... what are chance effects?

One more thing. When is the planned rollover/ will it change? 

How does the whole kandra control thing work? Nobody knows the dude's dead until the kandra lets go of the body. Do they have to let go of their original bodies to take control? Who would be posting? 

I have more questions, but I'll wait till I wake up tomorrow for them...

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Okay... a bendalloy misting can add 12 hours to the day time or night time, once a cycle. (So he can choose each cycle, but can only do it once. So instead of night being 24 hours, he could choose to make it 36). A cadmium misting can do the same thing, but subtraction instead. If you don't get your actions in time, then they don't happen. The write up will always happen a couple of hours after the end of the cycle. The sooner the actions get in, the sooner the right up happens.


In the prose of the write up, I might say that Jain (who is filling gold) coughed in passing.Or someone who is filling a bendalloy mind is breathing heavily.  So it's not explicitly mentioned, and it's probably going to be more subtle than that, but people should be able to pick apart who's filling a metal mind.


Some of the feruchemical abilities, like Gold and Aluminum, have effects that only have a chance of working. Chromium modifies these.


With the Kandra, as soon as they dump a body, it will be noted that the body has been dumped in the write up. They give up their body. When they are posing as another player, they tell the other player what to post. Because the Kandra are master imitators, they can coordinate with the player to try and get their message to sound right. It is a little confusing and awkward on purpose ;). This game will probably be the one most centered on role-play, since the text will be analyzed so thoroughly.


Planned rollover? Do you mean when the day and night cycles switch?

The normal day and night are 48 hours each. They'll probably be updated at 6:00 Am, Pacific time.


Edit: Win conditions for the Kandra are to kill everyone. The politicians just want to survive, and the Koloss Riots want to survive while killing as many of the Set as possible. The Set want to survive while killing as many of the Riots as possible.

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Yes, bendalloy ferrings are completely useless. I'll probably give it to one of the corrupt politicians as a power, just so that he can pig out without getting obese. Cycles, in total, are 96 hours.

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So you mean to tell me that any day/night could be shortened to 0 hours with two cadmium mistings?

Also, say I'm using cadmium. I send my action in thirteen hours into the day cycle. What happens? My action wouldn't be counted? Because then I wouldn't have shortened the cycle, so my action would count... Paradox?

Also, a 24 hour day cycle with the write up not coming in instantly at the beginning of the cycle (Plus cadmium/bendalloy shenanigans)? Won't that mean that you will usually have 20 hours barring shenanigans to do voting stuff?


One more problem with bendalloy... You've already posted the writeup... how do people get their actions in within the extra 12 hour span?


Bendalloy/Cadmium messing with times will prevent a lot of people (Such as me) from playing, because the only time I could send in actions if somebody burns cadmium is when I'm sleeping...

Maybe instead make it so cadmium makes you and target other person lose an action for the cycle, and bend alloy lets you both do another action. (Only once each cycle) Actions like: Votes, Feruchemy, Allomancy, KIlls, spiking, ect...



Sorry if this seems critical...


EDIT: So there is no write up in between Day and Night? 

Cycle one, day one... somebody uses cadmium. The day cycle is only twelve hours? so then the total cycle is only 36? I don't get it...

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It can only be lengthened/shortened up to twelve hours at a time. If you used Cadmium at thirteen hours then it would immediately end. And yes, there will be around twenty hours of voting shenanigans. If someone uses bendalloy, then I won't post the write up at 24 hours; I'll post it at 36. (You know, I think I'm going to move the time from 6:Am to 6:Pm). 


Also, oh wow. I thought that a day had to be 24 hours. I didn't realize I could make it 48. Yeah, it's definitely going to be 48 hours, with 96 hour cycles. Thanks for catching that.


There is a write up between day and night. A cadmium would shorten to 36, and a bendalloy would lengthen to 60.

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The Koloss and the Set do not have separate docs, but they know the identities of each other. Only the Kandra get a doc. 


People know each other as corrupt politician, Koloss, and the Set. None of these things are hidden.

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This looks like it's going to be neat. Some of the Kandra mechanics in particular look really cool. (Body-snatching? This game is going to be insane, trying to figure out who all is evil. One quick question though, what exactly do you mean about dying after abandoning a body? Can each Kandra only hijack someone else's character once? Or do you mean that after the Kandra takes a body, it's revealed that the original character was a Kandra? That would makes sense, but it's not completely clear in the rules.)


Aonar is signing up (I'll leave RP until after I know what side I'm on). I can neither confirm nor deny any relation to a similarly named Scadrian Sharder involved in the Kholinar Riots. :P

Edited by AonarFaileas
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So Kandra starts as person A. Person A kills person B and steals body during nighttime. In the wright up, the bones of person A will be found. (I can't decide if I'll distinguish a Kandra kill (where they don't steal a body) and a Kandra abandon body).

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Normally I'd sit out for a game this complicated, but I feel the start of Elimination withdrawals coming on so I should probably jump back in. I can't guarantee I'll be as active as I have been in past games, but I can guarantee that I won't be inactive, so that's something. :P


Wilson almost wants to make an appearance again, but she's having too much fun world-hopping to return to Scadrial quite yet, even for wars between city gangs and kandra (she also might fear a little GM retribution for the brutal way she killed his last game's counterpart....). Therefore, Willa is stepping up. She's perfectly innocent (except for the fact that she's either corrupt or part of a gang. Details. Those are irrelevant, right?).

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I think I'm gonna take a bit of a break after playing three games in a row and GMing one, so could I please be sent a link to the speculation doc when the game starts?

Only three, Wyrm? ;) Four straight games, one GM, and then another two. That's just the long games. ;)

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