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  1. Public action (1) Who: Lord Tyden Noir What: Expanding House Noir's Hazekiller academy and creating a free program where the prospective hazekillers take up jobs for Noir while learning and then are employed by the government after their education is completed Where: Luthadel When: 6 1 1 Why: To enable upwards mobility in the lower nobility, create a temporary military force for house Noir and enhance TFE's military strength.
  2. Pure RP if you want to skip it Tyden Noir stood beneath the grand obsidian windows of his new Keep and smirked. The two most recent graduates of Noir's Hazekiller Academy faced him, armor and shields covered in chalky lines. They looked a little bruised, but nothing too bad considering that they had been sparring with him for nearly an hour. "Last run!" He called out. "Remember, I mark a limb and you can't use it. If I hit two limbs, a chest or a head you're down. I take two hits a limb. Come at me!" The man to his right beat out a quick signal on his shield, and the two began to advance in a perfect pincer formation. Tyden cast his eyes around, searching for an opening, and found that the woman on his left was having difficulty holding her shield up. He leapt forwards, slashing at her exposed shoulder, only to grunt in surprise as she flew into action. His stomach found a dueling cane and his blades found naught but air. He leapt backwards, frantically trying to regroup, only to take another crack to the back from her partner. He dropped to his knees and his knives fell out of slack hands. "Well done, you two! Feigning weakness like that was a brilliant tactic. Great fight, I'm telling you. Now then, congratulations on your graduation. Who do I have the honor of addressing?" He asked after spending a moment regathering his scattered wits. The woman reached out a hand and Tyden grasped it, gratefully accepting her assistance. Apparently, that was all it took to open the floodgates. "Huh Dax, it's just like old master Elbin said. The Lord is fast as a mistwraith, but he can't take a hit. Ah, no offense sir. I'm Alnet, and that's my partner Daxon. It was an honor to fight with you, sir. Everyone at the academy tells stories about you, y'know? And most of them are true, from what I understand. Except... did you really fight a mistwraith? And tame it into a kandra? Or that time you sparred with an inquisitor, did you really beat him? I bet you could fight the Lord Ruler himself if you wanted to!" Daxon walked over, whispered a simple "Al, calm," and grasped her hand, quieting her instantly. Tyden smiled,"Huh, I wonder when I had time to run House Noir in between all those exploits? I can't really answer your question, you'll have to decide for yourself, but I can say that you two are the smallest group to ever beat me in this ceremony. I'd like to offer you a job on my personal guard." Daxon's jaw dropped, but he put himself together enough to respond "We'd love t-" before Alnet pulled him into a kiss. Tyden turned around after a minute, thinking to himself 'As much as I want to be mad at them, I'd love to do that myself. Huh, I should probably try to find a wife. That would be good for the house, too. As a new player in the Luthadel scene, I need to attach myself to a well known house. Hmm... Maybe Wilson? I've heard good things about them.' He was startled out of his musings by his Terrisman, Delen. "Sir, I wrote those letters about the academy that you asked me for, would you like to look at them before I mail them off?" Tyden waved a dismissive hand. "No, I trust you were able to say something to the effect of 'House Noir is offering a discount on bulk education at our prestigious Hazekiller academy, please send Lord Tyden Noir any questions or concerns you have' without any horrible errors. Send those tonight, I need to look into marriage right now."
  3. Here's the thing with claiming things and asking people to contact you. It's sorsa a win-win. If you lied and they tell you who they are, good. If truth and same, also good. If you both lied, then it's neutral, sorta, cos they get lynched and if you tell truth and they lie, you just die, which isn't the worst outcome, as things go. TL;DR don't contact people claiming things right now
  4. If gender doesn't exist as a concept, how does that effect the society? Matriarchal societies still have women, right? Write about them.
  5. The prompt: March is Women's History month. What marks have the women of your setting left on history? Have fun!
  6. Expect a new and improved Chronis whenever school decides to give me a break. Hmm... Actually, it might not be a good time for me to join just yet. I really want to, but life dislikes me. I WILL JOIN THIS EVENTUALLY. This I swear on binding oath. Look forwards to it.
  7. Maybe I'll give her Bendalloy/Cadmium to fix. Primary: can compress or stretch time in a bubble around her. she can make the bubble inclusionary of all who enter, or exclusionary. (if exclusionary, she can't affect people outside of the bubbles and vice versa. Bubbles are escapable Secondary: can Stick someone else she's touching in an exclusionary bubble. On epics, capped at making 1 second to them 100 for us until they escape the bubble or until a 100 seconds pass for them (10000 for us). On humans, 1:1000, timecap 1000 for them (1,000,000 for us) Tertiary: Chronis' body is not affected by the ravages of time, and her body is frozen in the moment she got her power. If stabbed, she doesn't bleed. You need to insta-kill her. She also has an instinctive sense of time, down to the microsecond When she sticks people in bubbles, she gains their memories of their time inside the bubble instantly. Yes, this gives her 1000000 second prescience (ish) by sticking her Vanilla allies in bubbles. However, tapping into those memories is disorienting, because they recall being in a different body and often seeing herself. Sometimes, the memories of the bubbles include recalling one's life, so she has DID that strikes at random.
  8. Holy geez! You almost have a 1:1 ratio. That's awesome.
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