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This is just a quick announcement about LTUE, a conference Brandon's going to be at tomorrow and Saturday at Utah Valley University in Orem. Is anyone planning on going? I'm thinking about going tomorrow night to the signing.

Venue: Sorensen Student Center

Utah Valley University

800 W University Pkwy

Orem, UT 84058


1:00–3:00 p.m., Center Stage

Writing Excuses Podcast (2 hours)

Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, James A. Owen (1–1:30), James Dashner (1:30–2:00), Larry Correia (2–2:30), Michael R. Collings & Michaelbrent Collings (2:30–3:00)

4:25–4:55 p.m., SC213A


Brandon Sanderson

8:00–10:00 p.m., Center Stage

Mass Signing

(UVU Bookstore closes at 6:00. There will be NO books for sale during the signing. There is also no guarantee that the bookstore will have the books available, so check early.)

See here for the list of every author signing at this time.


11:00 a.m.–12:00 noon, Center Stage

Writers on Writing: Four bestselling authors talk about writing.

Dave Wolverton (M), Brandon Sanderson, Tracy Hickman, L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

2:00–3:00 p.m., SC206 ABC

Plots, Subplots, and Foreshadowing

Bree DeSpain (M), J. Scott Savage, Brandon Sanderson, James A. Owen, Stacy Whitman

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WHaa? No! I was there, but only on Saturday. Was it Silence Divine?

Also, I had the chance to ask a question, (and got a recording so it's verbatim).

Zas678: Does Nightblood think when he's on his own, or is it only when he's next-

Brandon: He does think when he's on his own.

Zas678: Okay. I thought that maybe he was like the Spren.

Brandon: There might be a connection, but he does think on his own.

I've got a recording of the last quarter of the Writers on Writing, and then all of the Subplot & Foreshadowing panel, where someone said "A subplot for you, Brandon, is like a novel for the rest of us."

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It's almost painfully ironic that all us crazy 17th Sharder cosmere nuts missed something so important to the cosmere, while lots of Brandon's casual readers got to see something really special, and probably didn't even know how significant it was :( Has there been any further updates on what this novel was or if we can get a copy of this opening scene to read ourselves? I'd ask Brandon on Twitter, but I don't have account and don't want to make one to ask one question. I might though if no one else does...

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New magic system!!! Thank you Peter, this sounds awesome! Time for speculation. Since it's a novella, and was developed recently, it probably isn't part of the remaining three major cosmere Shardworlds. But they do have magic there... I'm gonna give it a random guess, and say it takes place on one of those worlds with no full Shard just a Splinter of one, since I on't know if those worlds without any Shardic Influence can do magic.(except perhaps Lightweaving?)

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Sounds good!

*didn't record/take notes, so this is all based off of my memory of what happened almost a month ago*

While he was in Taiwan, people had heard that he wrote a short story/novelette(don't remember which) on the way home from France, and they wanted to know what he was going to write on the plane home from there ;) While there, he heard a story of some emperor that, whenever he saw something that he liked, he would have his imperial seal stamped on it. Even if it was a piece of jewelry/jade or something, he'd have the seal carved in.

This became a magic system.

So, if you know enough about a piece of stone (like a part of a wall or something) including what kind it is, where it came from, the entire history of it, then you can convince that rock that if came from somewhere else, say a quarry that had a flaw/fault in it, and depending on your knowledge/persuasiveness you can break through.

The story started with a girl in jail, put in a cell designed for these, I forget the term, engravers or something. Each brick in the cell was a different kind of stone, and in order to break out she needed to craft a symbol to convince the wall that a) it was one unit, and B ) it had a flaw, in order to break out and avoid her imminent execution. Then and oldish guy showed up *hint hint* and said she was wasting her time, said even if she identified every pebble of the wall and knew its origin it was still useless, because the cell was designed specifically to keep her busy until she died.Then he alluded to the possibility that he got her captured, because she had been caught stealing the thing he had already stolen and he saw an easy scapegoat.

Darn it, it is pretty much fuzzy after that.

I'm pretty sure there wasn't too much more to the story, right now Brandon is up to his ears in WoT and he had only had 2 half hour chunks to work on the story.

If I can think of anything else I'll post it, after the reading he had a really short Q&A.

EDIT: Yeah, I'm pretty terrible with summaries :/

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Upvoted! It doesn't matter about the summary, any information is better then the next to nothing we had. Do you know if the forgery thing applies to just stone, or other stuff too? Anyway, welcome to 17th Shard! I hope you'll like it around here.


I'm pretty sure it only applies to rock/stone. It seemed like a fairly... odd system, and I mean odd for Brandon, which is like woooow for everyone else. I mean, I can't really think of any real applications for it *except* theivery. Though I'm sure I'm just not as creative as Mr. Sanderson, I'd like to see where he takes this.

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