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So my siblings and I have a lot of weird thoughts, so I decided to make a forum for them. 

...what else is there to add?

I won't be putting stuff on this all the time but if anyone else wants to put their weird thoughts on this feel free. 

Now, let the weirdness commence!

Short weird thought (stealing this from my brother, or maybe one of his friends, I'm not sure): Brushing your teeth is the closest you'll ever get to cleaning your own bones. 

Long weird thought (this one is my own): In books, there are, for the most part, two kinds of time travel. One is multiple timelines, but also multiple alternate universes (we'll call it the Branches Timeline for now) - so if you go back in time and do something, when you return you're in an alternate universe (like in Back to the Future). So if you accidentally kill your past self, you go back to the future and you're now dead. The other kind is a sort of loop (we'll call this the Loop Timeline) - multiple timelines, all going at once, but no alternate universes (like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, if that makes it a little less confusing). So if you go to the past in that one, you come back and it's exactly the same, because your future self did that too and so will your past self, so it's like a giant loop. Now this is the part where I break your brain: So killing your past self won't affect you, because it doesn't immediately change, so you'll still be alive. Except your future self will have already killed you, so you'll be dead. But then it won't be a Loop Timeline anymore because you won't be able to kill your past self. And if it's not a Loop Timeline anymore, then suddenly you live in a Branches Timeline. That could be what would end up happening, but then one person doing that will change the kind of time travel that happens for everyone. So that means that if it's a Loop Timeline, no one has ever killed their past self or been killed by their future self. And, since in every book with time travel I can think of that has a Loop Timeline also has a world that's been around for a while, meaning it's likely that that sort of thing has happened before. So technically, the Loop Timeline should not exist, as it would change to the Branches Timeline when someone inevitably accidentally killed their past self. 

...sorry if I broke your brain with that, I definitely broke mine lol (no, wait - I did that last week...)

Proof that humans are weird (this is also my own): We paint our nails and lips the color of blood and call it pretty

Okay done with the first Wave of Weirdness. Huzzah!

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So what you're saying is that if you use time travel to kill your past self it'll break time if it's in the loop form? Cool! I know what I'm doing over the weekend.

Here's my weird thing

There is literally no way to prove that things still exist if they aren't being observed. (this may just be my incomplete understanding of the observer effect being mixed with my tendency to think of things from a fantasy or sci fi perspective)

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2 hours ago, Wittles of Shinovar said:

So what you're saying is that if you use time travel to kill your past self it'll break time if it's in the loop form? Cool! I know what I'm doing over the weekend.

Yeah at least I think that’s what I’m saying I kinda broke my brain ha

1 hour ago, Edema Rue said:

My brain is broken.

Hey mine too!


Another one I’m stealing from my brother (cause it’s kinda funny): the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs technically had the highest ratio of birds killed with one stone

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Weird freaky thing, what if a few people were chilling on the moon and then the world ended and everything burned down or something and then they went back to earth and one person was like "Hey, I remember that there's a measurement called an inch" and then they found a rock and called it an inch and then the world was repopulated in the future and most stuff was the same but inches were a different length than they used to be.

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