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Hurt'n'Heal Rulers


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All righty game two is here! Same rules as last time, for those who didn't play last time here's the original post.

spoiler/ style/http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/14222-hurtnheal-cosmere-style/ /spoiler/


This time the cast is cosmerian rulers/kings/emperors , plus the winner of game one. The cast will be larger than game one (Yay!!!) However I can't remember/find the names of many of the rulers, mainly Rosharan ones.

If you guys could post any confirmed kings/emperors of Roshar that would be great so that we can start out with as large of a cast as possible.


Vin 10

God-King 10

Wyrn 10

Eventeo 10

Raoden 10

Elend 10

TLR 10

Elhokar 10

Taravangian 10

Dalinar 10

Dedelin 10

Emperor Ashraven 10

Eshonai 10

Gawx 10

Iadon 10


Edit: Because of how crazy things got at the end there with seven people trying to post at the same time, lets say that you have to wait two posts before posting again.

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If there is a higher executive authority, aside from a shard etc, than no, they don't count. I am going to go ahead and add Dalinar because he is founding the KR. I'm also not counting Gavilar or other rulers who died before the main narratives of the books.

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Aesudan Kholin, Elhokar's wife? Or are we not doing queens?


Eshonai? She seems like she is pretty much the main leader of the Parshendi


Edited to add: Spook? He declared a language "High Imperial", that sounds emperor-y even if we don't know his exact role in the post ascension government

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