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  1. Sanderson's theology contains a historical figure who is a benevolent monarch. He gives a speech to his people when he is older, talking about the problems that come from having an unrighteous king, and also all the strain that is put on a king. He points out that if you could always have a good and moral king then it would be good to always have a king. But the negative impact of just one bad king is too great. So he sets up a system of elected judges with higher and lower judges (the higher can judge the lower, and a group of lower can judge the higher) that will go into effect after his death.
  2. Being a body part isn't very useful. You can't see, hear, or even smell very well. All you can do is taste and feel rough vibrations. Plus, you can't move around very well. I suppose it might be useful to break into a morgue, if your cover corpse was dismembered. Take the place of a leg, wait until you're in the morgue, digest the whole corpse. But then, dismembering probably broke some bones. Better to just use a whole corpse... But then, can a kandra replicate a dead body? What if they just left out the heart so there was no blood flow? The body probably wouldn't function as a body, but that's kind of the point. They probably wouldn't be able to mimic decomposition well. This got a little dark... =)
  3. soulcastJam


    I've seen several posts referencing the eyes as some unknown race of aliens with their own agenda. Personally, I've always thought that any being who keeps a consistent presence in/connection to cytospace (like when Spensa listens to the stars) is one of those eyes. And presumably every "civilized" race of aliens has any number of individuals logged into the cytospace at any given time. They may even designate some cyto-cops to take shifts looking for human cyto-activity. These would be the eyes specifically looking at Spensa.
  4. I thought it was obvious from the beginning too, but that didn't make it less fun. =)
  5. You don't actually need a parachute, since the things can hover. Just eject it and have a feedback loop with an altimeter and you can have it descend until it touches down relatively gently. This might never have been considered though, due to the toxic atmosphere of "die trying to save the ship or you're a coward". It's a perfect solution, but one that went against the culture.
  6. There have been other occasions where mistborn speak so quietly only a tin-eye could hear them. And if you have tent cloth in the way, then there is at least a small inhibitor for Straff.
  7. The problem with this theory is the assumption that it's possible to create an AI that can A) resurrect people, B ) find the souls of everyone who ever existed in spite of missing records, C) find the origin of the thought experiment, D) figure out if people long-dead supported it. It's so far a stretch that I have no fear of this basilisk at all. I think the world will end long before this is a possibility, and that fear should be placed in more rational, pressing monsters. Like the first person to floss in an open-plan office.
  8. Some thoughts on tapping speed for a full feruchemist. How does increased/decreased speed work? Do the electrons in your nerves move quicker/slower? Does your reference to time change? Do you perceive time at the same speed and react faster, or does it feel like relativity where you pass more time than those around you? I was rereading WOA and got to the part where Sazed is filling several metalminds, and I was thinking, isn't there a better way? He's feeble, numb, can't see well, etc for an extended period of time. Why not store up some speed, then rapidly fill your metalminds, so you only have to deal with this for a couple minutes? If your perception of time follows relativity, then this still feels like a long time filling your metalminds, but at least you aren't vulnerable to outside attacks (such as disease) for as long.
  9. Maybe Vivenna was more careful with the command she gave it. "Be a sword," to avoid any failure to interpret correctly.
  10. I don't know... Becoming the leader of the most powerful nation on a sphere in contest between three shards. I don't see how she could do anything bigger than accumulate power for this fight.
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