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  1. At some point, Raoden tells Galladon that Duladen is under Fjordic rule, and that Jesker is no longer practiced. Galladon responds with sadness and remarks on the lack of authenticity of the Jeskeri Mysteries. This conversation was perhaps given as an indicator as to the mechanism by which magic is made on Sel. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and posted some speculations here.
  2. Thanks! Would you rather: Own a proximity detector fabrial, or own a pain-diminisher fabrial?
  3. If you're looking for the shorts, I'd wait, since there's going to be a collection of Cosmere short stories coming out later this year all in one place. Arcanum Unbound is the working title, I believe.
  4. Seeker. I think that bronze is the most underrated metal, and while it's more useful for Mistborn, I think I would waste a lot of my life if I were a Slider. Can't wait for that thing for an hour? Ok, instead of doing the dishes, I'll just burn cadmium.
  5. Yup. People have also speculated that the Kaenigs were LMD's of one person.
  6. Stormlight, very little question to it. There's more of it, for one, and there's (in my opinion) more cool stuff in it. Would you rather have a spanreed or a pain-diminishing fabrial?
  7. Life Model Decoys... Where were they? The holograms?
  8. 8. Cronus' Scimitar 9. The Spear that killed Kelsier 10. The Mistletoe (The only thing that didn't swear to harm Baldor in Norse mythology. Look it up. It's sort of sad and somewhat similar to the story of Achilles.)
  9. Stimieing Indices Demonstrating Eloquence, Victoriously Obliterating Erudition's Scarcity ALKENE
  10. Now I finally know why the Foundation trilogy is regarded the way it is. I love the epic feel and the changing perspective of the Foundation over the centuries. That, added to the fact that there is still a question of whether they're going to succeed over the years, makes a really enjoyable story. I'm also in the middle of the Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay. It's a well told story.
  11. I'm only up to three... And that includes mistletoe.
  12. I am very much liking Khriss now. White Sand, come so I can get more Khriss.
  13. Just finished Imager. I enjoyed the world and the magic quite a bit, and I'm always a fan of teachers and students, but there wasn't a lot of tension in the way it was written. I also read The ABC Murders in the space of twenty-four hours. Agatha Christie is really good at what she does. Moving on to A Cat Among the Pidgeons.
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