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Who is Where in the Cosmere

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Is there a list of the Worldhoppers and their whereabouts and status at the time of WoR/Lost Metal? I’d love to have that. Obviously not Khriss or Hoid, they’re always on the move, but Vasher and others? Thanks! Intro to come, but this felt more urgent. Ha!

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Welcome to the Forums.

On 5/11/2023 at 10:56 PM, LightRinger said:

at the time of WoR/Lost Metal

Did you mean Rhythm of War or Words of Radiance? Did you realize that TLM is, at least,8 years or so after the events of Rhythm of War?

You could always make one.

Probably the best anybody could do is make a list of worldhoppers and their last appearance, I don't think we have much off screen data for any of them. For example:

  • Khriss and Nazh
    • Before RoW: Last seen on Roshar at the Warcamps during Words of Radiance
    • Before TLM: Last seen on Scadrial in New Saren during Bands of Mourning
  • Baon
    • Last seen on Roshar in the Purelake during Way of Kings
  • etc.

If you (or others) come up with a list, I can probably participate or QC it; otherwise, maybe I'll have time to work on a project like this over the weekend.

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As of RoW:

Felt (was a spy for the Ventures) is now on Roshar. He was with Dalinar when he went to the Nightwatcher.
Demoux (general from Scadrial) is now on Roshar. He was searching for Hoid with the Seventeenth Shard
Gallodon (Raoden's friend from Sel) is with Demoux on Roshar.
Baon (from White Sand) is with both Demoux and Gallodon.
There is an unnamed Feruchemist in Uritheru in RoW, although he Mraise killed him. Noteably, the Feruchemist had an Aviar with him, so we know he went to First of the Sun. 
Vasher (and presumably Vivenna) are on Roshar with their aliases being "Zahel" and "Azure" respectively.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, so if I forgot someone or made a mistake, please let me know.

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On 12.05.2023 at 1:51 PM, Walter The Moral said:

Felt (was a spy for the Ventures) is now on Roshar. He was with Dalinar when he went to the Nightwatcher.

Felt was with Adolin ans Shallan in Lasting Integrity in RoW.

On 12.05.2023 at 4:56 AM, LightRinger said:

Is there a list of the Worldhoppers and their whereabouts and status at the time of WoR/Lost Metal? I’d love to have that. Obviously not Khriss or Hoid, they’re always on the move, but Vasher and others? Thanks! Intro to come, but this felt more urgent. Ha!

Adding to those above:

  • Of course Nightblood is also on Roshar. He don't have legs but still is sentient!
  • Axindweth, likely a Feruchemist working for Gavilar, who fled Roshar after being compromised before/during Gavilar's assassination.
  • Riino, Elantrain that Raoden put into perpendicularity in Elantris, is now on Roshar, he's a lighthouse keeper near Kholinar in CR.
  • Sixteen, worldhopper in Lasting Integrity, from Scadrial, could be even an Allomancer or Twinborn.


Sixteen. Does he originate from Scadrial?

Brandon Sanderson

They're asking about the odd character who lives in Lasting Integrity. The answer is yes, this is a Scadrian transplant. It's is one of the people who they think might be Restares but turns out isn't. Yes, it is a character from Scadrial.

YouTube Spoiler Stream 5 (Dec. 2, 2022)


  • There is an unnamed Kandra on Roshar, not working for Harmony: 


In The Lost Metal, MeLaan is said to be the first kandra Harmony sent off-world. Does that mean that the kandra on Roshar are not in Harmony's employment?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes! Good way to connect the dots. That is exactly what that means.


Brandon, you previously said the kandra on Roshar WAS an agent of Harmony.

Brandon Sanderson

Did I? *sounds uncertain* Well... I'm changing my mind. Yeah. No. I... uhh... Nope, not an agent of-

I know exactly who this kandra is and what they're doing and yeah. I'm going to say I don't know why I said that before, but now, no.

Footnote: R'Shara is referring to this WOB where Brandon says that the kandra is an agent of Sazed
YouTube Spoiler Stream 5 (Dec. 2, 2022)

  • In TLM ch 32, Iriali might be spotted on Scadrial: 

“So,” she said, running a hand through her disheveled hair, “you knowwho killed Tobal? Was it those people with the golden hair living on the eastside? They’re some kind of fairy creature; I know it.”


  • Hoid is of course on Scadrial, but it looks like without Design.
  • Iyatil and Mraize seem to be still on Roshar during TLM, but their fate is unknown, as Roshar is dangerous to travel to.
  • Kaise (Codenames Are Stupid), Adien (likely) and Shai (Moonlight) are on Scadrial.
  • MeLaan is in unknown location in CR, many kandra were sent into CR and other planets too.
  • Prasanva, TwinSoul, is on Scadrial


  • In Warbreaker there was a Terriswoman nurse, caring for Lemex. It is unknown who that was (it might be Aslydin or Axindweth)


Where the hell in Warbreaker is the Terris lady?

Brandon Sanderson

Hehehe. Do you have any guesses?


Nurses. One of them.

Brandon Sanderson

*pauses* Why do you guess that?


I don't know.

Brandon Sanderson

That's a pretty good guess.


I mean they are the only females apart from the main characters who are somehow important. So I guess somewhere there because I don't think she's like in the fifth plane somewhere in the back of the alley where someone walks by.

Brandon Sanderson

That’s a very good guess. I guess you have narrowed down your options. Um, yeah… um...so… I’m just gonna say that’s a ththth-- the-- he seems-- Yeah. So, there you go. I'm surprised...

...You’re not supposed to be able to guess who the Terriswoman is, by the way.


So we will see her somewhere else?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes, you will see her somewhere else. Yeah, you're not supposed to be able to guess. So that's why I'm surprised.

Footnote: This WoB seems to be confirmed by this one
DrogaKrolow.pl interview (March 17, 2017)


  • Aslydin, Demoux partner, is also a Worldhopper, status unknown:


In The Hero of Ages, Demoux gets together with a woman named Aslydin. He's then seen on Roshar in The Way of Kings. Knowing how loyal Demoux is, he wouldn't just leave Aslydin behind like that. Is she connected to his reasons for becoming a member of the Seventeenth Shard?

Brandon Sanderson

Aslydin is in the Seventeeth Shard, and had her own work to be about. I've given subtle clues about her before, but the ethnicity of the name should strike you.

/r/books AMA 2015 (March 12, 2015)


  • Plus the Ire from SH. They also have outposts on several planets in Cosmere including Roshar and Threnody.


Why did the Elantrians came to Roshar in the first place? Because the question came up after I reread Elantris, so...

Brandon Sanderson

Are you talking about... specifically... the old ones? Yeah, why were they on Roshar? So, those specific individuals - the Ire, as we call them - are a group of Elantrians that are not representing all Elantrians. They were there. The one you've met is there for a specific reason. The Ire are involved there. They're mostly... where you've seen them, is on Scadrial so far, but they're interested in Roshar. You are talking about the lighthouse keeper, I assume? So, the lighthouse keeper, wouldn't... would be counted, I guess, as one of the Ire and is there for a specific purpose, but it is not related to their general purpose, that they're trying to achieve.

How's that for being vague? I'm sorry.

ICon 2019 (Oct. 15, 2019)



I think that's mostly it. Is there anybody left besides those that we've mentioned?

There is this list of Worldhoppers on Coppermind, be aware of TotES spoilers: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Category:Worldhoppers

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2 hours ago, Scars of Hathsin said:

I didn't know that so many somewhat background characters, are world hoppers. I had no clue Galladon was one or Demoux as well. 

Well, to be fair they were not at the time f their stories. We don;t yet know why they became worldhoppers sometime after their primary story concluded.

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