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RP Character Profiles

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Right, considering that everyone has pretty much contributed in a RP of some form, I think it's time to start a backstory/profile thread. The format will be like this:



Edit: You can't say that you have a "mysterious past" anymore.


Current Name




Original (if any) name:






Backstory and History:




Weapon(s) of Choice:


Likes and Dislikes:




Mine is:


Current name: Lightsworn Panda


Gender: Male


Original name: Unknown


Faction: Observer's Guild


Position: Leader and Founder


Backstory and History:

Panda's past is clouded and mysterious. Some rumors are that he was raised by pandas, since he sometimes acts like one and has a fetish for them.



Panda can slightly alter the very matter of reality, allowing him to remove objects and use Ether magic, and has experience and skill in nearly every Cosmere power (excluding Hemalurgy, Forgery and some areas of Surgebinding). He is particularly skilled in Aons, able to draw dozens without using his hands. Panda is also a weapons specialist, and can wield almost any weapon. Panda can also perform Hollowification Bleach-style.


Weapon(s) of Choice:

Observer Reality Blade and twin ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol, capable of shooting from Hemarlurgic Spikes to standard explosive rounds (Alucard's Jackal, in short. Google that up).


Likes and Dislikes: 

Likes Pandas and watching confusion and destruction.

Dislikes (working on it)

Edited by Lightsworn Panda
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Current Name: The Brony Joe


Gender: Male


Original (if any) name: Joe


Faction: The Herd


Position: Brony


Backstory and History: 

I participated in WHIO, and Kobold kept making references i didn't understand, so I watched a few of the episodes, and they were ok. I told Kobold, and he linked me to Forest Rain's Welcome to the Herd. That Music made me stay, and want to keep watching the show.


Powers: Immune to criticism. Extreme tolerance. Memes.


Weapon(s) of Choice: Memes. Linking to FimFiction.

Edited by The Only Joe
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Current Name: Leftinch


Gender: Male


Original (if any) name: CalebTheGeek


Faction:Newcago Court


Position: HeadScholar, knight, Baron, and smart allek


Backstory and History: I used to be the man named Vash the Stampede. Then I fell to the darkside after Wolfwood died. I killed my brother and destroyed a city. I formed a cult, built a space ship, and went to the cosmere. I returned to earth to make it my new footstool, but decided to serve the twin thrones instead.


Powers: Steel twinborn, the Force, possession of Finches, and visions of the future


Weapon(s) of Choice: I dual wield a lightsaber and ice-shardblade. I also have various spikes, and a gun.


Likes and Dislikes: Dislikes                                            Likes

                              Chaos bound                                   The Twin Thrones

                              Scullions who pretend to be goddesses of murder.

Edited by QuiteLeftInch
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Current Name: Erai


Gender: Male


Original (if any) name: Eraisuithon (air-eye-soo-e-thon)


Faction: Newcago Court


Position: Guardian of the Ice


Backstory and History: Came to the lands of Newcago following the Desolation of the Northern Peaks


Powers: (Currently Unknown)


Weapon(s) of Choice: Short sword carried over shoulder and twin blades.


Likes and Dislikes: Fire and Ice respectively

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(I'm not entirely sure how these work or what the point is, but here goes anyway)




Current Name: Delightful


Gender: Female


Original (if any) name: n/a


Faction: The Newcago Court


Position: High Imperial Princess, joint ruler with Her Majesty Queen Elsa Steelheart.


Backstory and History: I remain cloaked in mystery and mystique. No one is quite sure where I came from, aside from Australia. Strange things happen in the wilds of the Outback.


Powers: I'm hardly going to give away all my secrets here. *sniff*


Weapon(s) of Choice: What exactly did I just say about secrets?


Likes: Reading. Torturing Heralds. Fiercely protecting Elsa Steelheart, our subjects, and all who place themselves under the mercy of Newcago.

Dislikes: Violent Warmongers

Edited by Delightful
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Current Name: Mailliw

Gender: Male

Original (if any) name: [Redacted] Okay, it's Maill Aili Maw Malai Éogorn Borowise

Faction: Featherclan, and secondly, the Lords of Chaos

Position: Founder of the Feathersworn and Captain of the Feathertips. Ally of Chaos

Backstory and History: Not yet known publicly

Powers: Adhesion, Gravitation, Division, Abrasion, and Progression. Plus whatever my rep is.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Ten Shard/Sprenblades and a Featherspear

Likes: FeatherWriter and her fanfic. The Feathersworn

Dislikes: Traitors, Quiver, Leftinch.

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Mysterious Past just means that we're still working on it. or we don't want to tell people what evil things we've done.

Like running over Panda's in our gas guzzling SUV's


I'd much rather everyone telling their dark pasts than not even talking about it. makes for entertainment. If we're working on it, then say that.

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Current Name: Quitecontrary


Gender: Female


Original (if any) name: N/A


Faction: First allegiance to The Lords of Chaos, but still part of The Wafflesworn (which is also part of The Pirate Monkeys)


Position: Mistress of the Wafflesworn Kitchens, Waffle Sith 


Backstory and History: 

Miss Contrary came from the wild lands following the warm winds and Jaeger footsteps to support Brightlady Feather when she arrived in Newcago. Subsequently, she pledged her life to the Wafflesworn and struck contracts with Newcago and Observers. She commands a staff of punished Novices, Accepted and Aes Sedai, which she controls through the long charmed necklace and belt that she has all time. The charms are all cour'souvras. 

Not much is known about her, except that she delights in waffle concoctions tailored specifically for Sharders, and she has once been declared a Goddess of Murder. She wears white, keeps her apron clean and tidy, and goes crazy at the sight of blood. She joined Lords of Chaos in the Great Avatar War, is speculated to have flirted with the Lord Chaos and Survived the experience.


Powers: Slave Control (of channellers), The Dark Side of the Force, True Power


Weapon(s) of Choice: Kitchen Army, Anything and Any Object in Sight, Poison (and a ChaosAxe which she only uses for cutting firewood)


Likes: Chaos, Spice, Great food, Training Slaves, Stroking Cour'souvras

Dislikes: Meat that looks uncooked, Burnt Food, Scholars that pretend to be cooks and deities, Laziness, Poisons with Antidotes, the Cold

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Current Name; Queen Elsa Steelheart

Gender: Female

Original (if any) name: Elsa Steelheart

Faction: Newcago Court

Position: Queen of the Newcago Court,Queen of Scholar's Base and Queen of Lords of Chaos

First of Thy Name, Titan of Ice, Snowwarden, Frozenborn, Queen of Newcago and all Lands of the Seventeenth

Backstory and History: Some people say I was forged out of souls and some say I am a ordinary human. I am a human with powers of ice and snow. Soon, I became Queen of NC, crowned by Quiver the Traitor and then ruled with my sister and took over a couple of other guilds.

Powers: Ice and Snow powers

Weapon(s) of Choice: Ice blade, Steel armour, and usually my powers

Likes: Spending time with my sister Princess Delightful, making snowmen, ruling Newcago, eating waffles and chocolate

Dislikes: people who try and destroy Newcago, and who disturb the peace of Newcago.

Edited by Queen Elsa Steelheart
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Name: TwiLyght 


Gender: Female


Position: Knight and Knitter of the Newcago Court 


Powers: Illusionist, superhuman knitting speeds, and a wonderful eye for color, darling 


Backstory: I like to tell people I have a mysterious past. (Couldn't resist.) What I really mean by that is that I spent the last 24 hours knitting, watching Netflix, and trying out different spices in my hot cocoa, and that the 24 hours before that looked much the same. But I say "mysterious past" for reasons of prestige. 


Weapons of choice: Powers, sarcasm, and hatch chilies (which, sadly, repel a vast portion of the population, as too many people are spice wimps). 


Likes: Knitting, cooking, hot cocoa, sarcasm, and telling people I have a mysterious past. And pugs. I like pugs. 

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Mmmm Hatch Chili... yummm (I'm half mexican and suffer from constant heartburn from spicy.)




Gender: Male


Position: Guardian of Ice and Lord Lager of Newcago


Powers:Awakener, Crasher (Steel misting/Iron Ferring), Exeptional alcohol tolerance, Windrunner.


Backstory:BreathTaker arrived at Newcago


Weapons of choice: Ice Shardblade, Frost plate, Black bladed heaver cleaver type blade, fists, beer mug, and heavy Scotch Ales...


Likes: Beer, Metal music, fighting, tattoos and all things manly (Except watching sports) and also Nerdy

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Even though I won't post much or really get involved it amuses me to do this.


Current Name: SmurfAquamarineBodies


Gender: Male. Apparently.


Original (if any) name: CrystalBodies


Faction: The Shroomies


Position: Leader, I guess


Backstory and History: Discovered the 17th shard in my journeys through that treacherous place people call the internet. Liked the atmosphere so I decided to stay.


Powers: 7th Heightening, Lerasium Mistborn, Hemalurgic Feruchemist ( gained all the Feruchemancy powers through Hemalurgy ), Yin, Division and Abrasion, gained through Hemalurgy.


Weapon(s) of Choice: Muramasa the blade of Yin ( Causes madness in the wielder, if unsheathed and no blood is spilled the wielder is compelled to commit suicide, is also made of pure Yin so has the power to kill anything. ). Multiple Atium Spikes. A smurfs cuteness.


Likes: Banana's, kiwifruit and alcohol.


Dislikes: Partying, dancing and generally having a good time.

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Current Name: Winter Cloud


Gender: Female


Original (if any) name: Pir2h


Faction: Pack of the Cosmere.


Position: Alpha (head)


Backstory and History: This is rather long and will be revealed through posts of mine. I'm too lazy to write it out now and I don't have it all confirmed with myself.


Winter was born on Scadrial but found her way to the City of the 17th Shard. (more details coming and that's how I imagine the Social Guilds section, a giant city.) She was encountered by the Dark Alley and short after was convinced to eat some cookies. Was Spiked with Chromium and the chromium granted her abilities of transformation. However, the process hurt so much she Snapped as a Mistborn. She escaped (more detail in posts with flashbacks), and stumbled around various guilds, figuring out stuff to do with Allomancy and wolf-hood. At some point (yet unknown), Calamity granted her the ability to Gift her wolf-hood to others. (although not the Allomancy). She started her own Faction, Pack of the Cosmere, and went on a mission to discredit the ally with information about what the Dark Alley does. It failed, however, and she was captured and Spiked with Iron. She managed to escape again, barely. Now she's, well, doing what a stormed off wolf would do when encountered by an enemy. Hunting it down. 


Powers: Transformation due to a Chromium Spike and an Iron Spike. Snapped as a Mistborn during the process of said Spikings.


Weapon(s) of Choice: Fangs, claws, and daggers. Will use coins and the like but dislikes. 


Likes and Dislikes: Likes hunting. Dislikes the DA.

Edited by Winter Cloud
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Current Name: Screwloose


Gender: Male


Original (if any) name: Michael Wulfe (Huh, fancy that)


Faction: Pack of the Cosmere


Position: Delta/ Technical Consultant (unofficial)


Backstory and History: Little is known about who Screwloose was before becoming an epic other than the fact he gained a great deal of engineering and design expertise from somewhere, with many theorizing he worked as a weapons designer. He was first spotted in Newcago rambling escaping and doves and underwent his rending shortly after. The rending itself was not particularly notable and he quickly disappeared for a number of months before briefly reappearing in Dark Ally territory. Since leaving the DA he has joined up with the Pack of the Cosmere although as of yet has not accepted wolf form.



Powers: Epic powers: Matter reassembly- Screwloose can instantaneously reconstruct any object he wants so long as he understands the objects construction fully and has the materials within a certain radius (believed to be around 50 feet maximum). He commonly uses this ability to create weapons or when building objects he may not have the correct tools for.

The archive: Screwloose can perfectly recall the construction of any object that he has either built or disassembled including exact measurements. It is unknown whether this is truly an epic ability or one he had prior to becoming an epic. Does not work on wood or living tissue.


Non Epic Abilities: Worldhopping- Screwloose has been seen using a strange device to perform a variant of worldhopping, appearing in a flash of green light. Currently the device appears to be one use only.


Weapon(s) of Choice: Generally whatever is needed for the task at hand as Screwloose has a vast knowledge of various weapons. Most often he defaults to a handgun or an oversized rifle.


Likes: His goggles, building things, people who create things, Jerky, Guns, new technology, Wolves apparently.


Dislikes: People with too much power, other Epics, Doves, Sawdust, his eyes.


Foreshadowing, foreshadowing everywhere.

Edited by Screwloose
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Interesting, some fresh meat, sorry, doughnut dough. I've seen the pack for sitting around for a while, could be an interesting faction, miss the old days, the good old wars between NC and the 17 realms...ah the good old days. Need the time and a new nemesis and then maybe some real life could get back in here.

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Current Name: Bronzeheart


Gender: Male


Original (if any) name: Unknown


Faction: The Zucchini


Position: Chief Navigator / Master of Muffins


Backstory and History: Bronzeheart was once navigator of a merchant ship, and ended up in the City of 17th Shard after his ship was blown off course during a major storm. Deciding he liked the environment of the place, Bronze stayed and interacted with the locals. Initially tempted by the Hemalurgic cookies of the Dark Alley, Bronze eventually joined up with the Zucchini guild in order to have fun and practice his baking in (relative) peace.


Powers: Twinborn (Brute/Coinshot), Photographic memory, Sarcasm


Weapon(s) of Choice: Longbow, Sabre, Anti-Logic Muffins


Likes: Muffins, Pineapples, Jokes, and Traveling to new places


Dislikes: Arrogant people and fighting without reason

Edited by Bronzeheart
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I haven't really entered into the RPing community here (or anywhere before) but I am doing my first Sanderson elimination game now and I'm hoping to start here too. 


Current Name: Clanky
Gender: Male
Original (if any) name: N/A
Faction: Currently a free agent. Observing to see who is the most powerful. Very open to bribery and flattery.
Position: N/A
Backstory and History: Some say he was trained by Liam Neeson in both the ways of The Force and of The League of Shadows. Some say he was there at the shattering of Adonalsium. There are rumours that he learned how to play ping-pong from Forrest Gump. But no-one really knows but him. Actually he probably doesn't even know. He tends to be quite forgetful. He would be a master of disguise but can always be recognized by a distinct CLANK sound it makes every time he takes a step.(Name origin!) This is because of the robotic leg he got after losing his to a Velociraptor (or thats what he says anyways). But that might all be made up. He's probably just a guy who spends too much time on the internet.

Powers: Wait and see... 
Weapon(s) of Choice: Lightsaber (With a cross-guard), Very accurately thrown ping-pong balls
Likes: Hockey, Reading, Beer, Whiskey and Food 


Dislikes: People taller than me, People shorter than me.

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