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Welcome to pure chaos! This is the first RP I’ve created. It should be fun, at least for a while. The way you make a character is quite different from what you’re used to seeing, and may not go very smoothly. We shall see. Let’s go ahead and jump right on into it.

To get started:


Roll a d6 (regular six-sided die). The number you roll dictates the planet — and magic system — you are from.

1: Nalthis/BioChromatic Breath


Roll a d6. The number you get is the Heightening you begin at:

1: First Heightening - 50 Breaths - Aura Recognition 

2: First Heightening - 100 Breaths

3: Second Heightening - 200 Breaths - Perfect Pitch 

4: Second Heightening - 400 Breaths

5: Third Heightening - 600 Breaths - Perfect Color Recognition 

6: Third Heightening - 800 Breaths

You can gain and lose Heightenings.

2: Taldain/Sand Mastery


Roll a d6. Here are the ranks you get from each number (the number beside the ranks is the number of sand ribbons you can control):

1: Fen - 5

2: Diemfen - 7

3: Underlestrell - 10

4: Lestrell - 12

5: Undermastrell - 14

6: Mastrell - 15

3: Sel/AonDor/ChayShan/Forgery


Roll a d6. With a one or a two you’re an Elantrian, with a three or a four you’re a practitioner of ChayShan, and five or six means you are a Forger. If you are a Forger, roll the die again. If you get a one or a two you specialize in soulforgery. Three or four and you specialize Resealing. Roll a five or six and you specialize in Remembering. 

You may also roll the die again. If you get a six you may have a Nahel bond with a seon, if you wish. Pick whichever seon you want, but refrain from any mentioned in Elantris, such as Ien or Ashe.

4: Scadrial/Allomancy/Feruchemy


Roll a d6. If the number is one or two, you are a Misting. If it is three or four, you are a Ferring. If it is five or six you are a Twinborn. Roll the die again. On one, two, or three your metal will be Physical or Mental/Cognitive. On four, five, or six your metal will be Enhancement/Spiritual or Temporal/Hybrid. Roll again. On one, two, or three you use the former (so Physical or Enhancement/Spiritual) and on four, five, or six you use the latter (Mental/Cognitive or Temporal/Hybrid) based on what you rolled before. In each grouping there are four metals: 

Physical: Iron(1), Steel(2), Tin(3), Pewter(4)

Mental/Cognitive: Zinc(1), Brass(2), Copper(3), Bronze(4) 

Enhancement/Spiritual: Aluminum(1), Duralumin(2), Chromium(3), Nicrosil(4)

Temporal/Hybrid: Gold(1), Electrum(2), Cadmium(3), Bendalloy(4)

Roll until you get a one, two, three, or four, and look at the section you rolled. The metal in that section whose number matches your roll is the one you will use Allomantically or Feruchemically, depending on what you rolled at the beginning. If you were a Twinborn do it twice.

5: Roshar/Surgebinding


Take the Official Knights Radiant Test. If you already have, use that Order. Please note that there can only be three Bondsmiths at once. The first Bondsmith gets to pick whichever of the three Bondsmith spren they want.

Also, the highest your Knight can start is the Third Ideal.

6: Choose one of the above

Character Sheets:






Other Details:



Alright! Other than that I’m not sure what to say. All non-canon text must be in quote boxes. New players can join even after it starts. They will write sort of an introductory paragraph, then… I don’t know, petition to join the group? Yeah, that sounds good. They will be accepted, of course. 

There will be a few days to chat, while I work on the beginnings of a storyline. Once I’ve got that ready, some time next week hopefully, there will be a 24-hour warning, and at the end of 24 hours we start.

Here’s my character, by the way:


Name: Jeselin Rerik (we’re gonna pretend it means something like “born unto the wind”), often called Jese 

Abilities: Jeselin bonded an honorspren, and is a Windrunner of the Third Ideal. 

Appearance: Jeselin is an Alethi man, with tan skin and dark hair. Like all Alethi he is tall, at 6’3” (earth). His eyes are a light blue, that grow brighter when he summons his shardblade or holds stormlight. He wears a dark, muted red uniform. His spren, named Arlina, is female. She appears in a havah, with her hair done up with spikes. She prefers to look Alethi. As a Blade she looks strong and flowing, with a double-edged blade, and a cross-guard.

Personality: Described by some as short, Jese is to-the-point when he does speak. Sometimes he will drift off in the middle of a conversation and stand staring at nothing. If you get him to open up he is passionate. He is extremely loyal to his friends.

Other Details: none that I can think of right now

Backstory: Jeselin was the lieutenant in a tenner squad. One day they had a rough battle and… long story short; Jese got knocked out, then woke up to find himself in Shadesmar. He had already sworn two oaths in secret, and during that battle he swore the Third. He is now the leader of a team in the Cognitive Realm (you guys! :D).


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Could we be a Hemalurgist instead if we wanted?

If so, is there a limit to the number of spikes (and the specific powers they contain) we are allowed to possess?

Cause it would be cool to be able to choose specific powers (within reason- no Bondsmiths or the like) since that's Hemalurgy's whole deal.

(also, never done one of these before but it sounds fun :))


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Name: Axelle Daniel

Abilities: Zinc Misting (Rioter), Cadmium Ferring (Gasper)

Appearance: Axelle is around average scadrain female height 5'4 with a coppery brown hair and dark-olive eyes. She wears the high fashion of the Elendel basin with gloves covering her forearms and a dark blue dress. Her Cadmmiuminds are in her necklace and her two earrings.

Personality: Axelle is a romantic and often goes on longwinded monologues about the meaning of life, love, and fate; using her Cadmmiuminds to not pause for breath. Axelle loves her romance and crime novels and struggles to take things seriously, being disconnected from life in the roughs. 

Other Details:

Backstory: TBH


Heres mine!

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Argenti said:

Is this taking place in the most up to date story set on that world? Like post-Catacendre for scadrial? 

Yes. At the moment I believe much of the story will take place in the Cognitive Realm, though this might change.

2 hours ago, Argenti said:

Isn't 6'3 short for a Alethi?

Oh… maybe. I kind of forgot. I had the feeling Kaladin, who is tall even for an Alethi, was like 6’5”. But maybe we’ll just say about average Alethi height, so basically towering over literally everyone else

EDIT: @Trusk'our I had thought about putting Hemalurgy as the one for rolling a six, but decided against. After all, what I did end up putting was pick anything. So I would say if you roll a six you can pick any power, and write it into your character that you gained those powers by Hemalurgy.

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Yes! Allomancy!!

I'm going to make a completely useless character lez gooo


Name: Hamin Ruther

Abilities: Soother (Spike: smoker)

Appearance: 5"11. Shoulder length curly brown hair. Light blue eyes. Always wears a dress or a skirt - no matter the situation. Smells like lemons for some reason.

Personality: Slightly stuffy, a bit egotistical and narcissistic, takes pleasure in correcting other people in their speech. Think Breeze but a lot less affable. Speaks with "Madam" or "Good sir" - with a few "thee's" and "thou's" in there to confuse people.

Other Details: Secretly enjoys baking things.(Also has a hemalurgic spike)

Backstory: Noble background - she managed to acquire her spike accidentally (will elaborate later). Extremely educated - and dabbles in literature. She does conduct journalism, which is probably the only reason she's coming on an adventure.

I apologise in advance... :P 

ED1T: @Argenti would you want Hamin to be friends with Axelle already? Since they're both from Scadrial?

Edited by Telrao
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Name: Madiiri

Origin: Sel, Elantris 

Abilities: AonDor

Appearance: ...Elantrian. He likes dying and doing up his hair, changing how it looks every so often. Only ever keeps a single bag on him, in which he somehow manages to hold all of his supplies for carving Aons into wood or scrawling them onto paper.

Personality: Very calm and calculating. Rarely says words that don't need saying. He's far from cold, but isn't particularly savvy in social situations.

Other Details: The brains of the operation. Always. He insists on spending hours, days, or even weeks planning before they ever do anything. With enough time he can concoct anything with his aons.

Backstory: man idk we'll figure it out


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33 minutes ago, Channelknight Fadran said:


I'm looking forward to interactions between Hamin and Madiiri - that's gonna be fun! Never played this kind of character before tho... :P 

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2 minutes ago, Channelknight Fadran said:

I always play epic combat characters but - respectfully - other people can't seem to keep up super well, so now I've decided to revert to genius instead.


Well, if you wanna bring in a massive creature to battle in FotT, then Eliira can fight it :P She's got a couple tricks up her sleeve. Y'know, in case you want someone to fight with >:)

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Just now, Channelknight Fadran said:

If we can actually get going then it sounds like we'll get to some battles soon enough...

YEAHHH I WANNA SMACK SOMETHING WITH A COOL SWORD *happy noises* Well, my character doesn't, but I'm gonna make her for funzies :P 

(Also sorry Alpha for taking over your thread :P)

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nooo not another rp that i’m gonna start then abandonnnn

Oh well, I had a character lying around anyways.


Name: Chanariam ‘Riam’ 

Abilities: 2nd Ideal Truthwatcher

Appearance: Chanariam AI art - short brown hair, brown jumper and skirt, very schoolgirl-ish, straight/sensible

Personality: Highly analytical and much more thinking than feeling, quiet but can talk for hours about a subject that interests her, can sometimes be hurtful by accident because she tends to think by logic not feelings.

Other Details: Her mistspren is named Eveni

Backstory: uhh we’ll figure that one out later

Now watch me do like three posts in here and forget all about it…

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