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The Wizard Battle Arena

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"It's that time of year again... for the Great Wizarding Battle! Mages from around the world have gathered here today to test their skill and ingenuity in mighty magical combat, seeking to learn new abilities - and earn the ultimate reward: the title of "Sorcerer Supreme." Who will emerge victorious? Only the gods know. But one thing is certain: only the best are allowed to compete. Good luck, everyone!"

A massive crowd had gathered at the grandstands to watch the battle. Though the stands were filled with those who had been granted tickets, many more stood outside them, waiting for a chance to get inside. The entire arena was alive with energy; people cheered wildly as each group entered the field.

The rules are simple: two teams enter; one team leaves. In other words, whoever can outdo the other wins. Each team consists of three mages, all chosen by the owner of the venue. There are four rounds, lasting exactly five minutes apiece. If the match goes to sudden-death overtime, it continues until either side scores or the clock runs out. A second round is played if there's still no winner after that.

That's pretty much everything you need to know about the event. Now let me tell you what you're here for. You're here because I'm the host this year. And I've invited some special guests to help me kick things off! First, we have the legendary hero known as Cinza, who has brought us such glorious works as The Story of the Great Sorcerer and The Tale of the Three Sorcerers.

Now, if you'll follow me..." The crowd roared in excitement, as Cinza made her way across the stage. As she approached the podium, she spoke softly so the microphones could pick up her voice.

"My friends, my fellow mages! You are all here today for one purpose; to witness history being made. This is the day our world will be changed forever!" Cinza waved to the audience, receiving cheers and applause in response. "But enough talk. Let the games begin!"

She took her seat, while the announcer continued his speech. He called the teams out one by one...


I figured I'd let the AI write the rules and intro here, 'cause I thought it'd be funny. Turns out it came up with some neat stuff.

Basically: we're in a spellcasting battle. It's a free-for-all; anything goes.

The goal is to gather Points, which come in the form of Abilities, Resources, Health, and other stuff that I can't think of off the top of my head. You gain Points by successfully unlocking a new ablity, gaining a new resource, or dealing damage directly to another player (imma say everyone has 3 Health, and when you hit 0 you "die" - whether or not that's a permanent effect is debatable). You start with 3 Points (your Primary, Secondary, and your own Life).

Check out this dope map:


As you can see, none of us are actually in the arena itself. You can't score points or attack other players while you're outside the arena, but you're similarly invulnerable to attacks and can choose to enter wherever you please on your turn from here. Once you're in the arena you can't jump back out (normally), and you're completely open to getting the ever-living snot beaten out of you.

Once we're inside and blasting each other, you can do two things on your turn: move and action. See that little black bar on top of the arena? That's an approximation of how far you can move in your turn. Just eyeball it. If you say "I attack Nerdy" and they just kinda sorta look close enough, then you're probably fine. The action is what I'll be putting into the AI to discern the 100% legitimate outcome.

The rules:


Basic Premise and Rules:

I absolutely love DougDoug. If he ran for President of the World I would totally vote him. His channel is easily one of the best on the internet and never fails to make me laugh my head off; so when I watched this video of him and Twitch Chat invading Europe with AI, I couldn't help but dream about doing the exact same thing.

So I did. I purchased a subscription for NovelAI and used it to have all us Sharders conquer a fantasy world. And it was great! I loved it! School and work just got the better of me and it eventually died out.

This game will follow the same basic rules of Conquer the World and DougDoug's video. Essentially, you will have a turn in which you write out an action, such as "I cast a fireball at Fadran." I then enter this action into NovelAI and smack the "Send" button, copying down how it fills out the results right back here to determine the outcome of that action. This is a 100% foolproof method of determining actual, historically-accurate results of what would really happen in a wizard duel between all the Sharders, meaning gazillions of ridiculous happenstances and hijinks are bound to occur.

To play, simply follow these four easy steps:

  1. Create a character. There will be a spoiler box at the bottom of this post where I'll have an empty character sheet. It'll be a lot more simple than the ones used for most RPs or the CtF game, so try not to stress it too much. All you have to worry about is making sure your character-specific powers and abilities are somewhat balanced (i.e. you can't say "my wizard's ability is that he has infinite magic and is invincible," but you guys aren't stupid and if you were I could pretend like you didn't exist, so all is well.
  2. Remember to write out descriptive and open-ended actions. If you write "Enter a Username stabs xinoehp," then the AI will think you have already succeeded in that action and move along, whereas if you write "Enter a Username moves to stab xinoehp," it'll be up to the AI to decide what happens. Similarly, make sure to throw in some detail and flair to your action - after all, "Enter a Username moves to stab xinoehp" likely won't end in some crazy, unexpected hijinks; and if we don't have those, then we don't have fun.
  3. Be a good sport. A reminder that the AI is 100x more genius than the all of us combined, and its words are the final and complete truth. Please don't whine about how lame it is that your fireball fizzled out or exploded in your face - obviously that would've happened in real life, so suck it up. We don't tolerate sore losers here.
  4. Don't bring attention to Fadran's repeat sends. Oftentimes the AI will completely skip over actions or go off on really long and unnecessary tangents. It often takes me several deletes and retries in order to get it to write something that's actually sensible and relevant. Obviously this is my fault and not the AI's, but for the sakes of our puny mortal comprehensions, I'll have to rig it once or twice now and again.

The stuff I put above:

  • On your turn you can take one movement and make one action
    • Movement is roughly defined by the black bar at the top of the arena.
    • Your action can be however open-ended you like, and will be submitted to the AI. Its words are final as to the outcome.
  • You score points with...
    • Abilities: Unlocking new powers or activating latent sorcery.
    • Resources: Summoning constructs or enchanting weapons.
    • Damage: Scoring a direct and clear hit on another player, docking their HP by 1.
  • You lose points by...
    • Losing Abilities: When your epic goddess magic fades away :(
    • Losing Resources: When your epic golem friend gets destroyed :(
    • Losing Health: When your epic skeletal integrity gets pwned :(
  • You win by getting points. I don't know how many points.

Blank Character Sheet:




Primary Magical Powers:

Secondary Magical Powers:


Player/Character List:




Name: Crimson Falcon

Description: Covered in feathers

Primary ability: flight

Secondary ability: fireball



Name: Kugijk'ran the All-Consuming *thunder sounds in the distance*

Description: Random wurm (not to be confused with a Wyrm or a worm) who's just hanging out and soon shall devour the world whole!

Primary power: Mind magic or something I guess...

Secondary power: Can burrow? 

@Enter a username 

Name: TBD

Description: TBD

Primary Magical Powers: TBD

Secondary Magical Powers: Sandvich



Name: Port (Short for Porterion, master of the element)

Description: A short man with eyes made of fire, skin crackling with lightning, wind blowing around his head, and a coat of gleaming ice.

Primary Magical Powers: self-healing

Secondary Magical Powers: illusions

@The Wandering Wizard


Name: The Dragon

Description: Scaly, looks like a humanoid dragon.

Primary Magical Powers: Fire

Secondary Magical Powers: Lightning



Name: R136A1

Description: Automaton who likes to punch things for some reason

Primary Magical Powers: Transferring force over a distance (remote punching)

Secondary Magical Powers: Creating weapons from the terrain



Name: Prince Rowan Greenleaf the Second.

Description: standard garden gnome with sword and chainmail. Two feet tall. Very brave. Has a bird named Dandelion that he rides around on.

Primary magical powers: can talk to and control all manner of plant life. Make it grow, move, etc.

Secondary magical powers: can talk to birds. And is friends with most birds.

@Channelknight Fadran


Name: Junior I

Description: A fairly androgenous-looking demonborn with fancy horns and a taste for leatherwear

Primary: Fire resistance

Secondary: Summoning

@The Known Novel


Name: Kabal the Terrible, Archkaboom of the Asylum for the Terminally kaboomed

Description: Stonelike giant, very angwy at all times.

Primary: Kaboom

Secondary: Antikaboom/minor invulnerability



The turn order is as follows:

  1. Crimson Falcon (xino)
  2. Kugijk'ran the All-Consuming *thunder sounds in the distance* (Nerdy)
  3. TBD (Enter)
  4. Porterion (UnfortunatelyNamed)
  5. The Dragon (Wizard)
  6. R136A1 (Pyro)
  7. Prince Rowan Greenleaf the Second (NikkiNogarde)
  8. Junior I (Fadran)
  9. Kabal the Terrible, Archkaboom of the Asylum for the Terminally kaboomed (TKN)

The Colored Circles are currently CLOSED

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Porterion enters the battlefield with a flourish, summoning a trio of illusory dragons to frighten away any opponents who draw near.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Porterion laughs, his smile wide and proud. "Have you ever heard the phrase 'three heads are better than one?' Well, that's true when it comes to illusions!"

He summons three different creatures to stand before him: a lion, a tiger, and a dragon. As he speaks, these creatures shift and change shape, taking on new forms. At first glance, they appear identical - each looks just like the last. But upon closer inspection, anyone could see that there are subtle differences between them. The lion has longer fur, the tiger has darker stripes on its backside, and the dragon has a more pointed snout. These changes aren't obvious at first glance, but as the enemy gets closer, they become apparent. For example, the illusion of the lion appears to be focused on the right side of its face, while the illusion of the tiger is focused on the left. When the two illusions meet, their eyes will dart from side to side, trying to figure out which side is real.

"I'll make this easy," Porterion crows. "All three of your opponents are illusions. They're not real. That means you don't need to worry about hurting them - so long as you avoid the real ones!"

With that, he steps aside and watches the battle begin.

* * *

Instead of dragons, looks like you summoned a trio of beasts - chimera-style. But what's this strange bluff you've added to the mix?

@The Wandering Wizard

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The Dragon (a third competitor - not to be confused with Porterion's illusions) leaps into the battlefield, breathing his fire at Porterion.

Porterion raises a hand to block the flames, then casts another spell. The flames immediately disappear, leaving nothing behind but smoldering ash.

"You can never be too careful, eh?" he laughs. "Imagine if you tried to attack someone and they cast a spell to freeze you solid. Or even worse - a fireball! That would hurt, wouldn't it?"

He waits for the dragon to try again, and once again, his spell vanishes in an instant.

"I've seen some pretty powerful spells used during my career," he continues. "So I know how to defend myself against the most deadly ones. That's why I put a lot of thought into making sure my illusions would work fine without me nearby. You could say I did my homework!"

With a wink, Porterion steps forward, spinning around in a full circle.

"I've got quite a few tricks up my sleeve!" he roars. "And they all work well together. Each one is tailored to the situation. My illusions might look similar - but they're completely unique. Just watch and learn. Then, when we get close, you'll see it for yourself!"

* * *

For now your fire breath is ineffective - and yes, I had to specify that you were a seperate player. The AI didn't like there being illusory and real dragons at the same time.


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A fourth competitor - R136A1, an automaton - stepped into the battlefield to create a spear from the ground with his terrain transmutation.

"Now, if you want to be the victor, you'll have to earn it. Come at me with everything you've got!" R136A1's voice booms from the speakers mounted around the stadium.

"Take that!" The Dragon bursts into flame and launches itself towards the automaton.

R136A1 leaps to the side, narrowly avoiding the attack.

"What do you think, my friend?" he asks. "Did you get what you wanted?"

The Automaton nods. "I'm impressed! If it wasn't for you, I'd already be dead. Thank you!"

"It's no problem," R136A1 replies. "Just doing my job. Now, let's finish this! We both want to win, don't we? Let's go!"

He rushes forward, swinging his fist at the dragon. The dragon dodges the blow with ease, but the automaton doesn't stop moving. He swings again and again, trying to find a way past the dragon's defenses.

"Impressive," R136A1 sighs, holding his arm tight. "But I'm afraid it's not enough."

The Dragon leaps into the air, flying over the automaton and landing on the platform where Porterion stands.

* * *

It, uh... it seems that there are two voices in R13's mind.

@NikkiNogarde, you are next

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The fifth competitor, Prince Rowan Strongblossom, flies into the area atop his trusty bird Dandelion. He summons huge vines to burst from the ground, and commands them to attack R136A1.

"This should be interesting!" Rowan says, watching the battle unfold. "These are strong opponents! Who knows how things will turn out?"
Rowan summons a vine, and it shoots towards the automaton.

The automaton blocks the attack with his sword.

"Nice!" he yells. "But it won't be enough. Keep trying!"

* * *

Your attack has been deflected!

@Channelknight Fadran

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Another competitor leaps into the ring: Junior I. He begins by attempting to summon a demon underling.

Unfortunately, he has trouble controlling the summoning.

"[redacted]!" he curses. "I can't seem to do anything right today!"

Junior tries another spell, but once again fails.

"Gah!" he roars, losing control of himself. "Where does it all go wrong?!"

His eyes roll back in their sockets, and his body becomes limp. He falls to the floor, unconscious.

* * *


... @The Known Novel

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The next competitor - Kabal - channels his magic within himself, then searches for a nearby opponent. Upon seeing Kugijk'ran, Kabal releases the magic, sending a wave of pure kaboom at the unfortunate wizard.

Kugijk'ran shields himself with a spell of his own, but it's not enough. Kabal's explosive attack sends him flying backwards, crashing hard onto the stage. His head bounces off the ground, knocking him out cold.

* * *

Direct hit!

Kabal: +1 Exp.

Kuji: -1 HP

* * *


Writeup coming after I work on my essay a bit more


Edited by Channelknight Fadran
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The next competitor - Kabal - channels his magic within himself, then searches for a nearby opponent. Upon seeing R136A1, Kabal releases the magic, sending a wave of pure kaboom at the unfortunate wizard.

R136A1 screams, shielding himself with his hands, but the blast hits him anyway. It knocks him backward, and he tumbles down the stairs.

Kabal looks away, distracted.

* * *


Kabal: +1 Exp.

R136A1: -1 HP

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