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But Kelsier must have used Feruchemy, somehow, to make that copper memory storage in BoM. The one Wax uses and views in the BoM epilogue. So, maybe the Bands did work for him. I am completely at loss as to why he chose to abandon them, though. Did somebody double-cross him? Did Harmony force him to? 

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37 minutes ago, Necessary Eagle said:

It was an unkeyed metalmind.

No. It was unsealed, otherwise Waxillium could not have used it. Granted we are not explicitly told that he is not a Feruchemist, but to explain that he could be a Feruchemist and yet the Bands would not work for him is difficult.

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That's not how leaching works.

And for stealing memories I'm going to say that wouldn't work.

I didn't mean leaching in the literary way, just trying to wrap my head around what we know and Kels epilogue.

What if..!

Kel knows Harmony can read his mind and is lying to him with his thoughts?

So, they are both lying to each other.?

But.. wouldn't Sazed know if / when someone is using Scadrian magic?

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