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Fabrials With Hemalurgy



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My guess is no. One of the major modes of operation for fabrials is that they take advantage of the closeness of the cognitive and physical realms on Roshar. You can draw flamespren (a cognitive representation of fire) with a physical fire, but you can also produce heat with a flamespren and some appropriate metal and Stormlight.

A hemalurgic spike doesn't have the same cognitive piece as a gem-imprisoned spren. It has a spiritual component but not (as far as I know) a cognitive representation of anything and so the way a fabrial works may not be able to interact with it. That's not to say that no technology can work with a hemalurgic spike-- what we see of Ettmetal and the Allomantic grenades in Mistborn strongly suggest that some sort of Hemalurgy-based machine is at least plausible, if not a fabrial.

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No. The whole thing with Roshar is that gems are important. Spren can only be trapped in gems, because of how the magic works. Hemalurgic spikes are already invested, and it would be difficult to get it to do much else. If it were weakly invested, it wouldn't do much anyways, like Wax's earring.

It's possible to mimic invested arts, because surge fabrials were a thing. Metal cages are also used, different metals provoke the spren differently. Pewter on a flamespren would make heat, bronze brightens when something happens nearby. The metal types seem to have some correlation to their allomantic abilities. (https://coppermind.net/wiki/Fabrial#Reactions_to_Metal)

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