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Lost Metal Chapter 12 and 13 Reactions


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19 hours ago, Ashbringer said:

There’s a WoB about Leechers being able to burn off piercings and being able to burn away the Feruchemical charge as it’s being used, although it would take a lot of chromium. That and getting in close shouldn’t be too large an issue for a Mistborn, they’d have pewter and can get away from being close when they’d need to. And if they need more time at a distance, burn bendalloy.

I think your neglecting to take into account the value of feruchemy.  In addition to the specific attributes Feruchemical storage does not restrict its instantaneous output.  Mistborn by contrast do have a maximum instantaneous output even with deralumin.  If Miles is cautious he could feasibly have a quantity of investiture beyond what a mistborn can realistically produce within even several hours and additional metal reserves available.

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