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Mistborn Braces


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Keeping a coin in your mouth is shown multiple times to be good enough to hide it from Allomantic senses and influence of someone like Vin, so you're probably safe there. Metals that pierce the skin but still have visible portions are also harder to influence Allomantically, so I think you'll (probably) be OK smiling too.

But if you run into a really powerful Allomancer, like the Lord Ruler, they'll be able to affect your braces even so, so I'll second the vote for aluminum braces.

P.S. I like your username!

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23 hours ago, ShallanSquad said:

Hey guys!


So, I am going as a Mistborn for Halloween. Like many teenagers, I also wear braces. So I was thinking and wanted to know: do braces count as being inside the mouth? Could they be pulled on allomantically? Or only when you're smiling? 

Hey I’m going to be a mistborn too!

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8 minutes ago, Windrunner77 said:

They wouldn't have to be pure aluminum even; it's been confirmed by Peter Ahlstrom that metal inside of an aluminum box can't be affected by a coinshot or lurcher. So, you'd only need to have a thin outer layer of aluminum that covers all of the other metal.

Well, what if the braces are already on my teeth? How can I tell if they're aluminum or not?

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