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Is Susebron going to make Siri Immortal?


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I've wondered about this - obviously the Five Scholars explored very high levels of Heightening, and the priests of the Court of Gods probably know a fair amount they keep secret about Breaths, Heightenings, and Commands.

For example, they possessed the technique for "wordless Command" as well as the proper Command and visualization for a Returned to pass along "stacked" Breath without giving away the underlying "Divine" Breath, which Susebron would have to know to be able to use the "temp space" method of partial Breath transfer (store all but 2,000 Breath into something, use the standard "My Breath become yours" Command to give that to Siri without dying, and then to reclaim the Treasure back to himself). Even without learning some more advanced "partial transfer" Command, which he also doesn't know.

But, most or all of the senior priests were killed in Bluefingers' plot, and there are just two left of the original Five Scholars. So while Susebron might well WANT to raise Siri to the Fifth Heightening, he may not be ABLE to do so until they learn more somehow about Commands. ("A Command to give Breath but not the Divine one" is not the sort of thing you're likely to experiment with as a Returned, as you can never get it wrong and try again a second time...)

If it's going to happen, it's most likely going to happen in the sequel to Warbreaker and we'll see either Vasher or a version of Vivenna who's gained "higher education" on Breath instructing Susebron on how to do it.

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I don't think Siri would want that, and I doubt that Susebron would either. I don't think Siri would enjoy outliving her family and everyone she knows that isn't Returned.  Especially if they come to know what was revealed in the Ch 55 annotations


 First off, he does know how a God King can have a child, but he also knows that the secret is also held by a secure group of priests on the islands. He doesn’t think letting Siri in on that one for now is a good idea.

. . .

Note that Treledees is not lying about letting Susebron live out his life with Siri in peace. They have allowed previous God Kings to do that, once they had a successor in place.

So while I can see Vivenna wanting to outlive her past, and wander around learning to be herself; I would expect Siri and Susebron would want to govern and enact reform for a while, then retire together and finish their lives quietly together. 


On 9/6/2022 at 0:11 AM, JustQuestin2004 said:

 so I feel like we'll be seeing them in later Cosmere books.

The known sequel won't have them in it; though it may have a cameo or just information about what is happening with them. WoB:



Is the Warbreaker sequel gonna have Susebron and Siri?

Brandon Sanderson

It's Vivenna and Vasher. And new characters. You'll get an update in it, if I ever do it, what's going on, but it won't be focused on them.


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