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favorite warbreaker quotes


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4 hours ago, Thirdofstars said:

i love warbreaker (especially lightsong)! just looking for some good quotes to enjoy

Before going more in-depth, can I please inquire if you have read any other works from Sanderson (in case of spoilers)

Here are the two I posted in another quote thread:

On 8/1/2022 at 10:09 PM, Treamayne said:



I need to give something back, Lightsong thought. Even if it’s something useless.

Just the fact that thinking about giving is so important - even to a physical god


Nobody else wants to be the one who actually sends our troops out to kill and die. They all want to be involved, but nobody wants to be responsible.”

Really resonates with why many bosses delegate

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My favorite is: "But he’d found that imaginary things were often the only items of real substance in people’s lives".

Most of the things we strive for (love, beauty, fame, money, power) don't exist outside our mind, and I loved how elegantly Brandon put it here :)

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"What is wrong with you?! You were a scribe, Lightsong... A Colors-cursed scribe. You were an accountant for a local moneylender!"

"You were as much an idiot then as you are now! ...and every time, I get in trouble with you. Nothing has changed! You become a god, and I still end up in prison!"

Oh, how I laughed at that reveal of Lightsong's past!

And then, not long after:

"...You were a scribe. And you were one of the best men I'd ever known. You were my brother. ...And then you died. Died rescuing my daughter...

"I knew it at that moment. I knew that if a man like you were chosen to Return - a man who had died to save another - then the Iridescent Tones were real. ... You are a god. To me, at least. ... It has to do with who you are, and what you mean."

Oh, how I teared up at that reveal of Lightsong's past.

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