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Twinborn Names


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The only Twinborn type name that I know currently is Wax's A steel/F iron, which is a Crasher.

Anybody want to help me come up with some ideas for the other potential twinborn names?

(here's some of my own ideas :))

A pewter/F gold; Marauder

A tin/ F bronze; Superseeker (due to being able to Feruchemically store Bronzesense)

A electrum/F chromium; Diviner

A bendalloy/F steel; Blitz

A pewter/F brass; Forescout

A tin/F zinc; Sherlock Holmes

A pewter/F chromium; Spiderman


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A-Bendalloy/F-Copper: Tactician

Though Tactician would probably work better for A-Bendalloy/F-Zinc...

As a side note, I'm pretty sure there's another thread where someone lists all the names that the Mistborn Adventure Game (Alloy of Law expansion) made up for the Twinborn. They're not canon, though. So these combinations might already have names.

Oh, here's that other thread: 



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On 7/17/2022 at 6:13 PM, Trusk'our said:

A pewter/F chromium; Spiderman


While I see the "Spider sense" connection with Chromium, I think Scadrial's Spiderman really needs A-iron (for swinging on buildings). Which probably means either F-pewter, F-steel, or F-gold is needed to do the physical action hero stuff.

(Really A-iron + A-pewter would be the best fit but that takes either medallions or Hemalurgy).

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Ok lets see what names I can come up with

A tin/ F Bronze could be Hunter or Tracker (Because they would be great at tracking something relentlessly)

A Tin/ F Zinc could be Sleuth

A Zinc/ F Zinc could be a Charmer or something

A Chromium/ F Steel could be a Leaker (with how fast they can take anyway any Allomantic reserves)

A Pewter/ F Iron might be Acrobat

A Copper / F Bronze could be a Sentinel 

A Steel / F Bronze could be Hotshot

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