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Found 11 results

  1. Non-spoiler streams typically don't generate the sheer excitement and conversation that the bi-yearly spoiler streams do, but yesterday's stream defied expectations and gave us some very exciting adaptation news. Early in the stream, user Iritore asked about the types of conversations with Hollywood and what has gone into them. Brandon explained that rather than going through the traditional option process, different teams at many studios have been approaching him and pitching their vision, rather than Brandon having to pitch to them. The conversation centers around how the pitch matches Brandon's vision, what role will he have, how much the budget will be, their commitment, etc. This time, instead of spending time deciding if they're making something with the property, they're so confident they will, that they're buying the rights and the goal is to be in production in 6-8 months, though as always in Hollywood it isn't a sure thing. Brandon followed up by telling us to expect some announcements in the coming months, but that the people he's working with will handle that PR in their own way, and that he would be surprised if they aren’t on set this time next year. Adaptations were mentioned several other times in the stream. u/LettersWords asked about the possibility of changing Rosharan ecology to make filming easier with how alien this planet is, and Brandon gave a rather interesting answer. He said that they would not have to change Rosharan ecology to make live-action adaptation easier with the budgets they've been regularly offered, citing locations that would work for filming, the idea of using Volume stages (the LED panels used in the Disney Star Wars shows) and editing plants out with visual effects as ways they could avoid that problem. There’s a wide range of possibilities for studios, when announcements will come, and how those will be handled. There hasn’t even been a confirmation of exactly what property is being adapted. For now, all we can do is wait, and see. Below is the link to the full stream:
  2. ic

    Alleycity Bulletin Board: See what is happening in the city!
  3. Just a heads up - the third volume of White Sand now has a cover, plot description, and release date of June 25, 2019 over at Amazon! And I think it's the best cover of the three. Check it:
  4. Brandon started the con strong, by reading from Stormlight #4 which is now unofficially locked in as The Rhythm of War (unless something exceptional happens). This is a brand new reading and it covers some of the prologue - not the bit with the Heralds, that's the prelude, but Gavilar's murder. This time we see it from Navani's perspective, only the reading doesn't actually go quite that far. We've got both the audio and the transcription so you can go check them out right here on Arcanum. And while you are there, if you would like to contribute, we are in the process of transcribing the two signings, so there might be a little bit of work for you In other - and sadder - news, Brandon has confirmed that he won't be touring for the sequel to Skyward, Starsight. There will still be a midnight release party in Utah, but Brandon feels like he needs to spend some extra time working on Stormlight if he wants to be done with it by the end of the year. And finally, some news about pretty things. Artists around the world occasionally set challenges for themselves, and one of the best known ones is Inktober - drawing something in ink for every day of October. This year, I worked with Isaac (Stewart), art director at Dragonsteel, to create an official Cosmere Inktober prompts list, which you can find on Instagram and Twitter. Join in, if you are artistically inclined!
  5. With Koloss Head-Munching Day still a week away, many of us were managing our hype so it reaches its peak on December 19 when Brandon writes his State of Sanderson annual blog. This year, however, we get an extra present - the reveal of the much-discussed "Secret Project" that popped up on Brandon's progress bars a while back. Well, wonder no longer, as io9 has published an exclusive - and Secret Project is now officially Magic: Children of the Nameless, a Magic: The Gathering novella Brandon wrote for Wizards of the Coast! Here's the synposis io9 revealed: But this is not the only treat io9 is treating us to. In their article there is a seven-question interview with Brandon about the novella, as well as - in true Brandon fashion - the entire first chapter of the novella! And this is still not all, folks! On top of everything else, Children of the Nameless will be released for free tomorrow, December 12! I don't even know how to emphasize all of these things, and my exclamation marks are starting to get out of control so I'll stop here! But what do you think about this? Are you one of the many people who play Magic and for whom this is the lovechild of two of your favorite things in the world? Or are you just a Brandon guy - in which case, do you think this will stand up to Brandon's other non-Cosmere stories? Let us know in the comments! EDIT: The story is now up, you can download it here!
  6. Welcome the Knights of the Cosmere! The KotC are a roleplaying universe which takes place in a PM. Within, are two factions: The Surgefinders, and The Vindicators. In order to join, you must create a character profile and post it here, and you will be added into the PM The Surgefinders are about honour and protecting the universe. They are all about preserving lives, and helping others. They are currently based at Urithiru, and are fighting against evil. The Vindicators are also about protecting, but their methods may not be so honourable, including spending lives if they have to. They have a very direct focus and are willing to sacrifice anything to get what is needed. They were originally started by two members of the Surgefinders turning traitor. (this is where all you evil writers get to have fun) The factions are all in the same RP PM, and are on opposite sides. When you join, you will start as a new recruit to the chosen faction. Alternatively, you can start as neutral and eventually join one if you want to. If/When you would like to join one of these factions, PM @Sami for the Vindicators, and @Tesh for the Surgefinders. Your character profile (CP) must specify your abilities (try not to be too OP ), your alignment (Surgefinder, Vindicator, Neutral), and a bit of your background. Your character is also expected to be a worldhopper. You may also have a side character if you want to. Also in your post make sure you mention specifically that you wish to join the KotC. MEMBERS The Surgefinders The Vindicators Neutral/Unknown News Note: If you no longer want to be part of the KotC, PM @Tesh so that she can withdraw you from the member's list Recap of The Knights of the Cosmere Role Play #1: Okay, that's about it. @Sami is responsible for most of this, and I just tweaked it here and there. So... yah! May Honor be with you, Teshani Kholin (And yes, I know that Honor is splintered. it's just an expression. ... I guess...)
  7. Hello, and welcome to the new edition of Around the Cosmere! This used to be an old newspost that we had weekly, where we would talk about important things that were happening around the site, but do to the changes that have occurred in 17th Shard, we're reformatting it to fit the needs of the site. Over the past few years, 17th Shard has grown increasingly large. We recently passed having our 12,000th member. We have over 330,000 posts, and that means that our site is really big. If each post had about a hundred words (about as many are in these two paragraphs), it would be enough for 100 copies of The Way of Kings. That’s pretty impressive. On the other hand, being so large means that there are nooks and crannies a plenty that there just isn’t time enough to read and explore. So we’ve decided that every week, we’re going to have someone from the site explain what the section of the site they belong to does and is about. They’re going to introduce it to you and probably try and convince you to join them! Then every month or so they’ll come back and tell you what’s been going on the past month. We decided that because of the recent Calamity release, we would start with the Reckoners RP. So, with no further ado, Voidus! Hello everyone! I’m Voidus, and I frequent the social guilds and the Reckoners RP. I’ll go ahead and start with the social guilds. Social Guilds The 17th Shard has a thriving collection of social guilds for those of any and all tastes. Suitable for new and experienced Sharders alike, these guilds can provide fun and interesting discussions, plenty of humor and drama and some exciting opportunities for less formal roleplaying. There’s the Dark Alley, bakers of cookies and spikers of people, there’s the Light who seek to warn others of the dangers of eating unknown cookies. Then there’s the Newcago court, ruled over by Queen Elsa Steelheart and her subjects. Or if you’re feeling a bit too awkward to join a social club you may find yourself right at home with the Knights Awkward, where you can bond an Awkwardspren and speak again the oaths of the Knights Awkward (As long as you’re not overcome with stage fright). The Knightbloods are around if you’d like to slay some evil today or if you’d rather trade evil for its hat you might like to join the Church of Wayne. There are even some rumors that all of the guilds are banding together for some unknown conflict in the kingdom of Guildonia! Many, many more guilds can be found in the social guilds section, and if you can’t find one to suit your taste, why not make your own and send out recruiters to the other guilds? We have inter-guild roleplays and parties, a few rivalries that occasionally spill into other sections of the forums (Sorry Admins!) Lots of inside jokes and narrative going on and if nothing else it can just be a fun place to talk to people who may share similar interests. Reckoners RP The Reckoners RP started in mid 2014 and has since become large enough that it needed its own subforum. It all started with a single Question, whether anyone wanted to do a per-post roleplay set in the world of Steelheart. This question led to the first Roleplay thread titled at the time: “What Happened in Oregon”. The goal of the RP was to explore the events that led to Oregon’s eventual destruction as described by Megan in Steelheart. The Roleplay is full of in-jokes, horror stories, insanity and a suspiciously large number of ponies. We’re all friendly if a little bit crazy and far too inclined to make references to pugs, ponies or parody songs about Shia Laboeuf being an actual cannibal. So even if you don’t necessarily want to join the roleplay with your own character, pop by and say hi in the latest Questions thread, let us know if you’ve liked any of the roleplay if you’ve read it or just ask us who the heck Nighthound is and why everyone wishes he was dead. And if you do want to join us then it’s as simple as showing up in the latest ‘Questions’ thread, saying hi and introducing everyone to your character so we can fit them into the location that best suits. “What Happened in Portland” explores the largest city of Oregon as it undergoes a large-scale turf war, three rival factions vie for dominance of the city. They include the Dominion, a militaristic faction, the Empire of Light with their army of zombie dinosaurs, and Thoughttown, where the intellectual elite dwell. Portland is currently not accepting new Epic characters but if you have an idea for a regular human character trying to survive in the ensuing turf wars you might find yourself at home here. “What Happened in The Dalles” was the second thread to open up, it started out as a side mission for some Portland characters and since has undergone an invasion by flying pandas, a thrilling aerial battle and most recently a large slew of missiles. The city is ruled by regular humans with some Epics of varying degrees of morality and integrity assisting the city guards in fighting off any Epics who try to invade. Like Portland it is currently closed to new Epics but it would benefit greatly from having more human characters, so if you want to join the city guard, file paperwork while trying to avoid getting blown up or simply explore what life in one of the only cities not ruled by Epics might be like then try out the Dalles! “What Happened in Astoria” is a thread opened to answer the question: what if we threw all pretense of canon to the wind and made a city filled almost exclusively with High Epics with insanely strong powers? The city’s ruler is currently absent and a flux of Epics have arrived, some to join the city, others to overthrow it, and others to join the church of the singularity, which worships the savior zero and despises seven for eating nine. So if you have an idea for an Epic but think they might be a little bit too strong for any more canonical setting then why not bring them here so we can see how long Astoria can stand up against a horde of Epics capable of levelling cities. “What Happened in Corvallis” is a more politically oriented location, in a city ruled by Epic Queens where all material goods can be found growing on plants, a giant force field protects from foreign attack and the weather itself obeys the city’s ruler. Without Euphoria around to keep the civilians in a state of perpetual happiness unrest is growing in the city and a recent series of attacks by monstrous beings gifted by an unknown Epic is only sowing further chaos. So if you like intrigue, politics and mystery then Corvallis might be the thread for you! The final thread “What Happened in Salem” is a thread built around an arena where Epics fight each other in one on one matches held on the Astral plane. The city is ruled over by a bored Astral projector who has little interest in actually running the city, leaving it to his subordinates. That may change, however, as some grow tired of serving someone who doesn’t even want to rule. Would you like to attempt a coup? Or perhaps you’d just like to roleplay some gladiatorial battles set in a variety of interesting locations, either way you should see whether or not your character can fit into Salem! Or perhaps you’d like to make Voidus very happy and help revitalize the Wastelands thread, a parallel RP set in Australia that covers the entire country. It is set slightly before the Oregon RP and is a bit faster paced, but it’s a great thread with lots of worldbuilding and a huge number of opportunities for new characters of all different types. So if you want to explore what might have happened in a land far away from the events of the Reckoners trilogy why not come explore the Wastelands? So in summary, here’s the list for Reckoners: Portland- 3 way faction fight, Closed for new Epics, open for humans The Dalles- Ruled by humans and Epics, Closed for new Epics, open for humans Astoria- Mad fight for power, Open for strong Epics and humans Corvallis- Political Intrigue and power, Open for Epics and humans Salem- Gladiatorial power, Open for gladiatorial Epic Battles Wasteland- Australia worldbuilding, Open for Epics and humans Now I know that that is a lot to take in, but really, if you want to come join us, but you want help making an Epic or a human to join one of our cities, write in one of our Question threads. We’d love to help you make your character and to find the right place for you. Hope to see you all there! See you next week here at Around the Cosmere!
  8. Cool Cool Cool
  9. Can any of you guys imagine Steelheart's Rending? We have seen him incinerate buildings with his energy beams. Clearly his Rending must have been destructive beyond belief. The news would have been choke full of the monster that caused so much destruction. Yet, when he arrived in the bank David and his father thought he was a hero. I can only think of two possible explanations. 1)The Charlston family never watched the news and didn't talk with people that watch the news. This would also explain how under Calamity's red light David didn't know about Dawnslight. 2)Steelheart was a ninja and no one noticed his Rending, because he was invisible. I have to admit that number one sounds more reasonable but number two is a clickbait sounds more awesome.
  10. This was mentioned on Brandon's blog, but the site he linked to was down for awhile, so I only just saw it today. I haven't seen any other threads about the interview yet. Big news of the day is that we will apparently see the origin of mistcloaks. Nothing else really jumped out at me.
  11. Hey guys and gals, A lot of you are probably already signed up for the newsletter, but I imagine a few aren't, so I'll post it in it's entirety here. Big news is that the prologue for Steelheart will be online sometime tomorrow and that WoR might be pushed back a bit, depending on stuff. Personally, I feel like WoR has been sneaking up on us all this time, so I'm fine if it slows down a bit. Also, the Stewarts (of Inkwing fame) have joined Dragonsteel Inc., so congrats to them!