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Found 28 results

  1. Hello y’all. I was thinking about sapient Lifeless and wondered what you could do with them. Some questions… 1. How many Breaths do you need to guarentee a sapient Lifeless? 2. Can you make a Lifeless from the body of a Sliver whose Cognitive Shadow was sticking around? Especially since it’s the Breath that gets a personality and not the person? 3. If a Lifeless had multiple Breaths, could you harvest better Hemalurgic spikes from them? 4. Could a Lifeless kandra or mistwraith self repair more effectively and last longer than a human? Edit: When I said Hemalurgic spikes, I was more thinking of traits like senses. Not the actual animating Breath. (though just about any trait should work) 2nd edit: To clarify, I mean sapience specifically. Not just sentience like Clod has
  2. We heard theories about the champion being gavilar , Kaliden, Adolin, and gavinor but what about evi? I know impossible but hear me out. 1. There are 2 awakeners on Roshar 2. One of them is currently trapt in the cognitive realm by odium's force's 3. Awakeners can make intelligent, and sapient awakened objects. 4.lifless can become self aware given enough investure. 5. Royal light eyes are soul cast into stone . Consider this possibility odium approaches Ashur, with a deal. Passage to the physical in exchange for a little favor. There soulcast evi corpse back into flesh, Odium gives Ashur a storm ton of Investiure and she awakens her. Then the bond her to one of the unmade and the process is complete. This new evi would probably not the orginal evi, since her soul is long gone from here to the beyond, but I don't think that will matter to dalinar. She will be a live think in the body of his wife I don't think he could bring himself to kill her. Also consider the death rattle about holding a knife to the throat of a new born baby. All the other candidates are technically to old , but self aware lifeless created from Evi would only be a few days old so technically a new born. Ok so how crazy I'm I?
  3. If an Awakener were to turn a Fused's corpse to create a Lifeless, would the Lifeless have the skills of the Singer/Listener that the body originally belonged to, the Fused's skills, or both?
  4. Scenario: during WoR, when Rlain is still acting like a Parshman, Kaladin is given a new servant that looks kind of weird, has completely gray skin, and for some reason requires saying "Bridge 4" before and after an order before the servant will do anything, even rest. Kaladin, being Kaladin, attempts to befriend "Gray" as the other bridgemen have cleverly dubbed the fellow, as clearly Gray has had worse trauma than most, maybe he went and did something with the Nightwatcher and the Old Magic. Later, in Oathbringer when members of Bridge 4 are becoming squires, Kaladin pulls aside Gray and Hobber, the two most crippled bridgemen, to give them direct coaching on breathing in Stormlight. Hobber succeeds, the Light healing his soul-dead legs, enabling him to stand. Gray when ordered to breath in Light ______?
  5. Let's say you Awaken a Lifeless. Then you show it a picture of a particular person and Command the Lifeless to believe that it is that person. Then you give it an Unsealed Goldmind and let it tap healing. Would the Lifeless's physical aspect change to match the picture of the person you showed to it?
  6. If you were to create a Blessing as if you were going to give it to a Mistwraith, but you instead gave it to a Lifeless, could you make the Lifeless fully sapient? In addition, would the spikes cause major physical changes, or would them being basically an animated corpse allow them to sidestep that side effect?
  7. If an Awakener were to meet a Koloss, Kandra, or other Hemalurgic construct of similarly controllable vulnerability, would the Awakener be able to "break" them as they do to Lifeless? Similarly, if a Rioter, Soother, or Mistborn were to encounter a Lifeless, could they control them as they do Hemalurgic constructs?
  8. Zahel's Phantoms might save Roshar This is a theory I thought about a long time but I have not found someone else talking about it that much. And I would like you to help me find clues or forshadowing about this. The theory is based on a few important informations from multiple books and the coppermind. But in its core it is simple an obvious for me. Zahel = Vasher = Kalad Kalad's Pantoms are Humans encased in stone and basically undead supersoldiers created by Kalad with awekening. You can awaken someone soulcasted into stone. WoB (It is even easier) There are many stone Humans in Roshar So we have someone who can create an army of stone soldiers by awekening. We have humans that have been soulcast into stone and can be awakened. We have a lot of investiture on Roshar. The questions remaining are if Stormlight can be used to awaken or if it can be transformed to Breath? Navani might be on to something and Zahel can clearly use Stormlight instead of Breath to not just die. I do not think, that this will be a main part of SA5, because it has too much to the with the Cosmere as a whole, could end as a copy of the Warbreaker ending, but it might come up or be more important in the later books. Do you maybe have a discussion about that possibility somewhere, some insights or maybe information about foreshadowing? What do you think of this idea? It seems really obvious for me that Brandon has at least thought about that, especially when I look at the Wob from above.
  9. A month or so ago i remember seeing a post on here(or maybe on reddit)musing about how Kalad's Phantoms move, and i think the general consensus was that the Breaths made the bone/rock flexible or something so the Phantoms could l move?(if anyone remembers feel free to correct me) im on a journey reading old WoB looking for hints or stuff about things that are just now happening in the Cosmere and came across this old WoB that talks about the Phantom's and states that they have areas carved in the rock for the joints and that the Breaths acted as "magical sinew" holding the different pieces together. Thats pretty crazy... using Breath as a magical glue pretty much. I guess thats what i always thought. I mean, something is holding the Phantoms together. Its just cool to know now. If its like a sinew, then that should make the Phantoms as agile as a person, or even more so because they would be able to turn there head or limbs 360 degrees. Really puts them a step higher on how dangerous they are(or how i imagined them to be at least.) On a un-Phantom related topic, i also came across a WoB that states that one Nalthis country is using Awakened machinery(for free energy) which is really awesome and something i hope we get to see in Nightblood.
  10. In the Cosmere, Identity is a unique attribute held by an entity that separates it’s investiture from another entity’s investiture, such as with a Feruchemist’s Metalminds. However, I believe that Identity has more meaning than simply keying your investiture to you. I think that it acts as a natural separation form other spiritwebs, a natural defense from other’s control over you. We’ve seen multiple beings in the Cosmere that don’t have an Identity, and both of them can be controlled pretty easily by external influence; the Slaveform Singers and the Lifeless. Lifeless probably also have something else going on that makes them able to be controlled by others (their Awakened Commands), but here is a WoB that says if a Lifeless were to tap certain Metalminds, they may not stay a Lifeless. . . With the Slaveform Singers, they just do what anyone says without resisting. I believe the reason for this is that the natural Connection that is possessed by their human slavers can “dominate” them without much resistance. It would be a similar situation to a Connector Ferring dominating a Hemalurgic construct with an enhanced version of their natural attribute of Connection, only instead of having holes left in the soul by Hemalurgic spikes, it’s that the Singers don’t have any separating attribute in the first place. Having a higher intelligence and strength of will would likely allow them to resist control, but in many cases of mind control it seems like the targets are of only simple intelligence, which makes controlling them easy. It seems as though your Identity also has an influence on your state of mind, as we can see with Listeners and Singers who take different forms, so blanking your Identity may leave you feeling with significantly reduced motivation or emotion in general. It may be possible to Feruchemically enhance your own Identity and make yourself less susceptible to outside influence, or you may be able to more easily manipulate someone actively storing it. This theory may have some holes in it, but this is how I understand it now. Thanks for reading
  11. When you awaken a type two invested entity (clothes, rope, or the like), it doesn’t have enough of a mind or Identity of their own to count as a “living” thing. However, Lifeless seem to have some awareness of what’s going on, as per WoB, and they also can understand more complex commands than a type two entity can. Because of this, I believe that they develop an Identity of their own, which prevents the breaths used to awaken them from being retrieved.
  12. So, if you were to awaken a kandra's body, would it still be able to shape shift, or would it be locked into it's current form?
  13. We know from WoB that a Lifeless can tap metalminds and can be hemalurgicly spiked if they have enough investiture. The Parshman in Stormlight completely obeyed their owners because they lacked any Connection or Identity. Sounds kind of like what Lifeless do. So if you gave a hemalurgicly charged duralumin spike to a Lifeless, would it still be a Lifeless?
  14. I was contemplating the applications of awakening when I thought "hey, what if you awaken a koloss? Not one of the baggy little ones, like, one of the BIG ones." Thoughts anyone? ( P.S. Would their hemalurgic spikes still work, and if so, how much extra investiture would it take to overcome the resistance?)
  15. Kelsir in SH dies and persists longer cause he was an allomancer, thus a returned (especially one of the five scolars) could stay even a lot longer in the spiritual realm. We have seen Nale „revive“ or reattach szeths cognitive shadow back to his body, someone like Yesteel who is more proficient at this could potentially have put in a lot more into Clod then we think.
  16. Aaaallllll righty, bear with me for a second while I spin this little theory out into words on the screen. The gist of it is that I recalled that Cognitive Shadows can bond to Spiritwebs, like a Spren. Then it occurred to me that Awakening (if i'm not mistaken) creates a "Fake" or artificial Spiritweb, right? So... If someone dies, and there's someone with enough Breath around, could they use the right Command on the corpse to make it suitably controllable by the Cognitive Shadow of the original inhabitant? Like a Nalthian version of a [Stormlight spoiler] Basically, can you Awaken someone's recently deceased body to become a useable vessel for their cognitive shadow such that they are effectively resurrected?
  17. so i was thnkng if there was any practcial uses for a kandra or mist wraith lifeless definatly see some use but a few downsides as well i mean a shapeshifting lifless could be awesome if it worked mechanically but i can see it being limited to forms its already digetsed since it cant eat any more bones i imagine a probable difference in the capabilitys of the mist wraith lifless and a kandra lifless but im not sure although making a lifeless out of a kandra may require some hacking do to hemalurgy twisting the soul of the mistwraith what do you guys think about a mistwraith or kandra lifeless and lets say you had one on nalthis what would you use this lifeless for and specify if it was made from a kandra or a mistwraith in your imagined useage
  18. So, a lot of Investiture systems allow one to use bones. How would these magics overlap? I assume a Kandra can probably still use a lifeless body but what about Kalad's Phantoms? Of course they wouldn't be able to recreate the features from a skeleton but can the statues be used in a similar manner as a True Body despite the fact that they don't have actual joints and were probably only capable of movement via Awakening? How would a Kandra interact with Dakhor bones? or the bones of a Skeletal of a Bloodsealer if they tried to swallow it while it was still under a Dzhamarian's control? What would a Dzhamarian be able to accomplish with a Dakhor monk's bones? The Investiture overlap and the region lock of Selish magics would make it very difficult to work
  19. So, the lifeless in warbreaker are obviously very effective soldiers, but could you enhance them with hemalurgy? Since hemalurgy essentially uses the spike to staple a patch of soul onto another, would the same be able to happen to a lifeless since their soul is seemingly so temporary (being simply another's breath)? Further, could you spike a lifeless for their ability to not need food or sustenance? Thanks in advance.
  20. I had a thought last night, after finishing the annotations for Warbreaker. What would happen if you Awakened a lifeless using a Divine Breath? I tend to believe that, most likely, it would make that lifeless be very similar to a Returned. However, if that is the case, would this lifeless have the personality that belonged to the body before its death? Or, conversely, would it have the personality that belonged to the Returned whose breath this was? I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.
  21. What possibilities do lifeless have in terms of combining them with the power of other shards? Can you soul cast lifeless into metal? If so, would you have to do it before or after awakening it as a lifeless, and would it still be able to move? I think I remember reading that investiture of different shards doesn't play well together, but I don't really know if that means it would make it impossible, or just take a large amount of either Stormlight or breaths. Could you give them hemalurgic spikes, either in combination with soulcasting to metal or by itself, and make a sort of lifeless supersoldiers?
  22. In Chapter 38 of Warbreaker, Lightsong mentions the ability to break a Lifeless in order to give it new Commands: My question is: Do we know the specifics of this process? Seems like something that could be of note...
  23. I've just finished another reread of Warbreaker, and (as usual) it left me with a couple of questions I hadn't noticed before. Do we know how exactly Lifeless are broken? It seems that it is easier for the God King because of his sheer amount of Investiture... Why? I doubt they would use an Awakener of the Eighth Heightening every time they want to break a Lifeless' command phrase. Also, Lightsong mentioned somewhere that it involves torture, to which Blushweaver noted the fact that Lifeless don't feel pain... I'm confused. (I have seen it theorized that it involves the command Vasher used to make Nanrovah's daughter forget, but how would the logistics work?) Why is grey considered the absence of color? We know the God King can pull color even from a grey object (making it bone white), but why is grey considered a lack of color in the first place? Why does his blood become translucent? Shouldn't it become grey?
  24. What do you guys think that Clod, the Lifeless with Jewels, Denth, and Tonk Fah, was made from Arsteel's body? The book says that he was skilled with a sword. Arsteel was killed by Vasher, but Denth and the others at least saw the body, because they know that there were no black patches from Nightblood.
  25. If I ever somehow gained control of a Lifeless, I would change its command phrase to 'command phrase.' Think about it. If someone managed to figure it out, they could control the Lifeless, but they would never be able to change the command phrase. The way to do that is by saying 'I give you a new command phrase: (insert words here).' If, however, the Lifeless responded to 'command phrase,' then when someone attempted to change it, they would simply stop the Lifeless from obeying new commands.