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Found 13 results

  1. Aaaallllll righty, bear with me for a second while I spin this little theory out into words on the screen. The gist of it is that I recalled that Cognitive Shadows can bond to Spiritwebs, like a Spren. Then it occurred to me that Awakening (if i'm not mistaken) creates a "Fake" or artificial Spiritweb, right? So... If someone dies, and there's someone with enough Breath around, could they use the right Command on the corpse to make it suitably controllable by the Cognitive Shadow of the original inhabitant? Like a Nalthian version of a [Stormlight spoiler] Basically, can you Awaken someone's recently deceased body to become a useable vessel for their cognitive shadow such that they are effectively resurrected?
  2. so i was thnkng if there was any practcial uses for a kandra or mist wraith lifeless definatly see some use but a few downsides as well i mean a shapeshifting lifless could be awesome if it worked mechanically but i can see it being limited to forms its already digetsed since it cant eat any more bones i imagine a probable difference in the capabilitys of the mist wraith lifless and a kandra lifless but im not sure although making a lifeless out of a kandra may require some hacking do to hemalurgy twisting the soul of the mistwraith what do you guys think about a mistwraith or kandra lifeless and lets say you had one on nalthis what would you use this lifeless for and specify if it was made from a kandra or a mistwraith in your imagined useage
  3. So, a lot of Investiture systems allow one to use bones. How would these magics overlap? I assume a Kandra can probably still use a lifeless body but what about Kalad's Phantoms? Of course they wouldn't be able to recreate the features from a skeleton but can the statues be used in a similar manner as a True Body despite the fact that they don't have actual joints and were probably only capable of movement via Awakening? How would a Kandra interact with Dakhor bones? or the bones of a Skeletal of a Bloodsealer if they tried to swallow it while it was still under a Dzhamarian's control? What would a Dzhamarian be able to accomplish with a Dakhor monk's bones? The Investiture overlap and the region lock of Selish magics would make it very difficult to work
  4. So, the lifeless in warbreaker are obviously very effective soldiers, but could you enhance them with hemalurgy? Since hemalurgy essentially uses the spike to staple a patch of soul onto another, would the same be able to happen to a lifeless since their soul is seemingly so temporary (being simply another's breath)? Further, could you spike a lifeless for their ability to not need food or sustenance? Thanks in advance.
  5. I had a thought last night, after finishing the annotations for Warbreaker. What would happen if you Awakened a lifeless using a Divine Breath? I tend to believe that, most likely, it would make that lifeless be very similar to a Returned. However, if that is the case, would this lifeless have the personality that belonged to the body before its death? Or, conversely, would it have the personality that belonged to the Returned whose breath this was? I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.
  6. What possibilities do lifeless have in terms of combining them with the power of other shards? Can you soul cast lifeless into metal? If so, would you have to do it before or after awakening it as a lifeless, and would it still be able to move? I think I remember reading that investiture of different shards doesn't play well together, but I don't really know if that means it would make it impossible, or just take a large amount of either Stormlight or breaths. Could you give them hemalurgic spikes, either in combination with soulcasting to metal or by itself, and make a sort of lifeless supersoldiers?
  7. In Chapter 38 of Warbreaker, Lightsong mentions the ability to break a Lifeless in order to give it new Commands: My question is: Do we know the specifics of this process? Seems like something that could be of note...
  8. I've just finished another reread of Warbreaker, and (as usual) it left me with a couple of questions I hadn't noticed before. Do we know how exactly Lifeless are broken? It seems that it is easier for the God King because of his sheer amount of Investiture... Why? I doubt they would use an Awakener of the Eighth Heightening every time they want to break a Lifeless' command phrase. Also, Lightsong mentioned somewhere that it involves torture, to which Blushweaver noted the fact that Lifeless don't feel pain... I'm confused. (I have seen it theorized that it involves the command Vasher used to make Nanrovah's daughter forget, but how would the logistics work?) Why is grey considered the absence of color? We know the God King can pull color even from a grey object (making it bone white), but why is grey considered a lack of color in the first place? Why does his blood become translucent? Shouldn't it become grey?
  9. What do you guys think that Clod, the Lifeless with Jewels, Denth, and Tonk Fah, was made from Arsteel's body? The book says that he was skilled with a sword. Arsteel was killed by Vasher, but Denth and the others at least saw the body, because they know that there were no black patches from Nightblood.
  10. If I ever somehow gained control of a Lifeless, I would change its command phrase to 'command phrase.' Think about it. If someone managed to figure it out, they could control the Lifeless, but they would never be able to change the command phrase. The way to do that is by saying 'I give you a new command phrase: (insert words here).' If, however, the Lifeless responded to 'command phrase,' then when someone attempted to change it, they would simply stop the Lifeless from obeying new commands.
  11. A topic that's a little off the wall. I'm so not sorry, I Awakened an idea and couldn't let it go. So, given that Nalthis is the perfect place for horror movies (in fact, when they start exporting to other worlds, they could make a fortune off horror films, brightly colored things, tourism, and creepy tea). In some ways, special effects could be cheaper (for a bit, until Awakener demand outraces the supply...) and they could invent the Zombie Lifeless Genre, other than the obvious awesomeness there, what other horror effects (and effects in general) could Awakening produce? How do you guys think the future of cinema might look compared to our world (or other worlds in the Cosmere)? Since, you know, I want to invest in it in a thousand years of Cosmeric time!
  12. Believe it or not, the spoilers come from a WoB posted in the MAG. I know the usual rule about the canonicity of the MAG, but this comes directly from one of the few quotes Mr. Sanderson has in the book. My question is this. Could a Trueself (an Aluminum Ferring) steal Breath? Per the MAG: ((Upvotes to anyone who can provide additional quotes on the subject)) On Nalthis, you cannot take Breaths from people, you can only retrieve them from Type III Awakened Objects. If you give it to another person, that Breath is now theirs. If you use it to Awaken a Lifeless, a Type II Awakened Object, you cannot get the Breath back. Here is Vasher's explanation, from chapter 46: Yet only a few paragraphs later, he admits: I typically refrain from contradicting an in-world expert, and in my personal estimation, Vasher is in the Top Three experts in his personal Arcanum, alongside Shai and Silence. However, his own admission that there's a lot he doesn't understand leads me to humbly suggest that there might be a more elegant, simpler solution. We've got a few Words of Brandon on the subject. source I know I've also read WoB that Lifeless are a lot less mindless than people suspect, I know it's lightly reference in the annotation to chapter 57. EDIT: There's also this quote, provided by Kurkistan, that provides WoB support that Lifeless are more aware than people realize, from the annotations to chapter 47. Not hard-and-fast, I admit. Still, taken together, I have a theory that I think has some merit. The reason you cannot take a Breath back from a Lifeless is the same reason you cannot take it back from your neighbor; a Lifeless has enough Identity that the Breath becomes his. Mr. Sanderson even says, a Lifeless could give up its own Breath (if it were sentient enough). This leads to feruchemy. An aluminum ferring can adapt their own identity in some way to hack access to the metalminds belonging to someone else. What if this same trick lets them do the same with Breath? Let's say an Awakener Awakens a rope to Grab Things, and it ties up a Trueself. Maybe the Trueself could do a trick with his own Identity, say "Your Breath to mine," and the rope would fall to the ground, while the Trueself would now have the Breath. A further, and disturbing theory; what if he could do this with people? Walk through a crowd, taking the Breath from every shoulder he bumps against? Or what if he could remove the single Breath from Lifeless? Of course, this is all flagrant speculation. As Vasher himself says, there could be something unique in a (quasi)-living human body that truly does "stick" stronger to Breath (this would explain why objects try to take on human form when they are Awakened). I still like the idea of a Returned, with a hemalurgic spike for feruchemical aluminum, roaming the world, stealing the Breath a week he needs to survive. EDIT: Formatting EDIT2: Added an additional quote.
  13. There seem to be some interesting parallels between Memories and different types of beings in the cosmere. It seems like memories and sentience are the easiest thing to lose any time there's Cognitive dissonance. Obviously, memories are stored in the Cognitive DNA. For instance: Kandra and Mistwraiths vs Returned and Lifeless. If you spike a mistwraith, it becomes a kandra. Do you think if you spike a Lifeless, it could gain sentience, and maybe even memories (either it's own or from the spike-donor). A spike seems the easiest way to bridge the damage between Physical and Cognitive, though I'll bet there are others that we haven't seen yet. Some other instances that have come up: Seons whose bonded were taken by the Reod. Spren transitioning from the Cognitive to the Physical Realm (they leave their memories behind?). Dalinar and the memories of his wife. Terrismen/women when they put things into their copperminds. The Stormfather describes himself as "I AM THE MEMORY MEN CREATE FOR HIM, NOW THAT HE IS GONE. " The Lightweavers and their mnemonic abilities, like Shallan's Memories. Any other instances that I missed? Thoughts?