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  1. Oh boy it's been a long time.
  2. Logged in after 5 years and amazed that this RP lasted so long. Some great writing
  3. Ten unmade. We know the name of five for certainty Yelig-nar aka Blightwind Nergoul the Thrill Moelach the death rattles Dai-gonarthis aka Black fisher Re-shephir aka Midnight mother We also know that Yelig-nar is sentient and possibly the most poweful of the Unmade. He is able to consume his victims, but being largely restricted to the cognitive realm, there is a strong case that he consumes victims with hate - as IIRC WoB mentions that Szeth may be being influenced by something similar to a spren.
  4. The plateu assualts where smash and grabs. Sorties. It was never the purpose to fight and win against the enemy. The goal was to get the gemheart with the least possible troops as possible and get the hell out of there. My guess is that when Alethi started to change to rules of the war and play more agressive, the second army of Parshendi where present only to prevent flanks and hold adjacent platues for a safe escape route.
  5. Thinking about it, Sanderson's antagonists are one of his weak points. Thank being said, I like Nalizar and Taravangian.
  6. Soulcast the crap out of everything like a drunk Dumbledore.
  7. The danger of first person is that everything can become blow by blow. I done this...I done that...I feel this...I think that. You began to slide into that pattern as the prologue progressed. Strong opening, nicely paced and smooth transitions between action points. Good concept and a good first attempt. Just watch your sentence structure.
  8. Not sure at the moment, so it's best to presume i'm gone for good. I'd love to stay but i'm juggling too many time consuming activities (soccer team, writing a novel, english literture degree, full time job) and my first child is due soon, so something has to give. You'd be surprised at how much time I spend reading these RPG threads and preparing my own posts lol. I'm trying to limit the amount of time I spend on the internet and hopefully put it into my novel instead. If anyone wants to write Gunsmoke or Malevolence you can. Twilight and Coma know their weaknesses.
  9. Just logging on to let you guys know that I don't have much time at the moment to contribute to the Corvallis thread. If anyone wants to kill off my characters be my guest.
  10. The question is why? Is fantasy unfashionable in your culture? Or is it a gap in the market? Your in a better position than me to answer those questions. Someone from the US has a very small chance of getting a publishing deal, so I would imagine your chances as a foreigner are even slimmer. So self publishing is the way to go. Lulu is a great self publishing tool. all you have to do is upload a book, along with cover etc. (there are packages available where they will proof read and design a cover but you have to pay). Once you've uploaded a book, you will be given an ISBN number. You are now offically published. https://www.lulu.com/ Now's the hard part. Marketing. You have to do this all yourself. As I said, you will know the Venezuelan market much better than me. Your country has a population of 33m. Half of the UK. Although it sounds alot, it really isn't on a marketing scale. Lulu is a print per order service. Each time someone purchases the book from Amazon, LuLu will print and ship a copy of the book. You will then recieve some percentage of royalties. They also do a Kindle version, but I would recommend using Amazon's own service for Kindle, you get more of the profits. All you have to think about is where you need to promote the book. Do you have a chain of bookstores, or indivudally run book stores who will make an order? Are there Spanish fantasy websites, something like Tor.com etc? Are there any popular authors in your country who can help promote the book? Most importantly. Just write the book. No good talking about publishers if you haven't even got anything worthy of prinitng yet. Believe me, hard work pays off and hidden talent is a rare thing in such a profit obsessed world. If you write enough and are better then anything else the Spanish market can offer, you will sell.
  11. Give me an example of Polish food. I see Polish shops opening up in some areas of my city (I'm in England) but I've never considered Polish to be regarding as such a distinct cuisine to warrant so many specific shops. I presume you can speak fluent Polish as well as English. Do you read books in English or Polish, and what is your preference? And my favourite questions for multi-lingual people. What language do you dream in?
  12. My Epics would be eaten alive in somewhere like Portland It kills me to give them a prime invinciblity and anything close to a strong offensive power. Hence why I don't plan to keep Gunsmoke around much longer. Don't like my own character
  13. Didn't read Astoria sorry
  14. The ruler could activley encourage gang wars to prevent any single group from gaing enough power/influence. The same way Lord Ruler did in Luthadel. Just don't allow any person writing from the rulers POV. Have him/her as a background character.
  15. Argon would indeed make a good ally, cakes on demand would make Malevolence a very happy boy. I'm sure their paths will cross one day. Day one was crazy, day two looks to be going in the same way. Gunsmoke will spend the day taunting the Queens mostly. He knows they cannot kill him, nor can he kill them. He is planning for a stalemate which will give Malevolence time to turn other Queens and find a way to bring down Rainmaker. I've made an edit to my Corvallis post. After re-reading didn't make it clear enough that Gunsmoke was covering part of the city in smoke.