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  1. I explained to my cousin what ace means and he was like “I’m bace” cause he just realized he’s bi and ace (he already knew he was bi)
  2. I don’t really know what you mean but it was in a larger topic not just on its own Don’t know if that’s what you meant
  3. It was on Bored Panda I don’t remember the topic it was in though
  4. Exactly! I literally do not see how someone took that seriously.
  5. When you made an account on a website just because you saw someone trashing Tress of the Emerald Sea The website had a quote from it (the one that says something like “they were so good at being unique that they did it together”) and someone commented “another book about splintering female relationships must be written by a man.” I just about wrote an essay…
  6. Do you guys think 13 is too young to know if you’re aro? Because I know people who didn’t have crushes until they were older than I am, but like most of the people I know who are my age have crushes or are dating. So I don’t know if maybe I’m just a “late bloomer” or something or not.
  7. Thanks @Zephrun’s Imperium!
  8. So I mentioned on here that I thought I was bi (b/c I feel equal attraction to multiple genders) but I am now thinking I’m aroace. I’ve never actually had a crush on someone I just wanted to be friends with them. And then I did some research on different orientations and I really related to the things about being aromantic. Anyway that was a little bit longer than I thought it would be
  9. So there was a school dance today and me and my friends always claim one corner (one of them has dubbed it the Gay Corner) and my cousin called it that and got a high five from a teacher also I think I’m biromantic
  10. Hello I made some pride art that I wanted to share. And I made a pride Doctor (half the reason I posted this is to see who watches Doctor Who)
  11. Not specifically Sanderson but general bookworm this happened
  12. Thank you! I’m relatively new and I don’t know how PM’s work but thanks. Thank you guys! I know that I might not ever figure it out, but I think I’ll feel better at least having some idea. I really appreciate you being willing to help me.
  13. Could someone help me figure out my sexuality? Or give some tips for that? Or something
  14. It’s not really a meme, but I just had this random thought. What if there was an Inquisitor who really liked puns? Like, he’d go up to another Inquisitor, do finger guns and say “Looking sharp.” And everyone’s annoyed by him but somehow he ends up in charge. After a failed mission or whatever he says “We better step up our game before the people start to skaa-ff at us”
  15. When you break a glow stick and only part of it lights up and you keep thinking about how it looks like Stormlight
  16. Can I join this thread? I have absolutely no idea what my sexuality is but I think I count as a disaster
  17. Thanks, I’ll try this next time.
  18. I play clarinet! I went to a Blue Man Group performance once. It was really cool!
  19. I’m always very quiet at school and I kind of panic a little bit when someone I don’t know talks to me (I can barely order at restaurants). I need advice please.
  20. This is a really cool theory, and I could definitely see this happening.
  21. Thank you! Yay! My first Ookla season!
  22. How do you change your name?
  23. When your class was sharing good books, and when someone mentioned Cytonic you jumped like three feet, and were very happy for the rest of class. and when you spent like an hour trying to convince your dad to go to Barnes & Noble to get the Lost Metal tomorrow. And you’re very sad that you can’t go today because you have plans. Okay apparently my parents got me The Lost Metal early yesterday morning as a surprise. And we didn’t even pre-order it or something. My dad just went to the bookstore and got the one remaining copy.