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  1. I decided to make a place to dump all my art. Also if anyone has advice on art related things, please share, because I’m still trying to figure stuff out
  2. Happy pride month everyone!
  3. I hate when I start freaking out over everything. We made hotdogs and hamburgers today and we invited our cousins over and my sister thought it would be funny to chase them down on their way to give them corn (I don’t know why). I didn’t really want to come but I also didn’t want her to get hit by a car on her way because there’s a busy road in front of their house. So she started knocking on their door and very loudly asking them to open it and the whole thing just made me feel really anxious and I really didn’t want to be there. I was literally crying. She agreed not to walk home alone because I was so worried about if she did, and I went home. Then I found out that we missed one of our cousins and he was already here, and I don’t know if my other cousin is even coming. And I have no way to tell her that because she doesn’t have a phone and it’s gonna be dark soon. And my dad thinks that she is with my cousin right now but I don’t even know if hes answered the door yet, but I don’t want to say I just left her. And this whole thing feels like I’m overreacting but I’m really worried and I don’t know if I should be. But also I could be justified in worrying and I don’t know what to do. Edit: ok everything’s fine I was worried over nothing
  4. Funny story we went on this school trip thing and we were at the Liberty bell in Philadelphia and there’s a plaque with some facts about it. At some point the plaque says something like “the liberty bell is a symbol for everyone, male or female, young or old.” My friend is non-binary so when we read the male or female part all of us just started laughing and looking at them i don’t know if that’s as funny as I think it is but yeah
  5. I explained to my cousin what ace means and he was like “I’m bace” cause he just realized he’s bi and ace (he already knew he was bi)
  6. I don’t really know what you mean but it was in a larger topic not just on its own Don’t know if that’s what you meant
  7. It was on Bored Panda I don’t remember the topic it was in though
  8. Exactly! I literally do not see how someone took that seriously.
  9. When you made an account on a website just because you saw someone trashing Tress of the Emerald Sea The website had a quote from it (the one that says something like “they were so good at being unique that they did it together”) and someone commented “another book about splintering female relationships must be written by a man.” I just about wrote an essay…
  10. Do you guys think 13 is too young to know if you’re aro? Because I know people who didn’t have crushes until they were older than I am, but like most of the people I know who are my age have crushes or are dating. So I don’t know if maybe I’m just a “late bloomer” or something or not.
  11. So I mentioned on here that I thought I was bi (b/c I feel equal attraction to multiple genders) but I am now thinking I’m aroace. I’ve never actually had a crush on someone I just wanted to be friends with them. And then I did some research on different orientations and I really related to the things about being aromantic. Anyway that was a little bit longer than I thought it would be
  12. So there was a school dance today and me and my friends always claim one corner (one of them has dubbed it the Gay Corner) and my cousin called it that and got a high five from a teacher also I think I’m biromantic
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