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  1. Pester your friends unit they read the books.
  2. Someone call the Alethi army and tell them that their bridge crew technology has been rendered obsolete.
  3. I practice Karate, and classes are online now. It's good that I can still practice but it feels claustrophobic. I've only been leaving the house for work. Fortunately I'm pretty introverted so it isn't hugely disruptive. And all my friends live far away so I'm used to having to video chat them. On the bright side we will all have this experience in common, I imagine twenty years from now people will meet and ask each other 'so where were you in the time of the great Corona?'. It's gonna be fun!
  4. Hi! Nice to have you. Any good theories for RoW yet?
  5. It's posable that this '10%' shown on the progress bar was from long ago. We don't know when Brandon started the Screenplay, he could have done this much and just not told us about it until now.
  6. Hello! White Sand one and two are OK, haven't read the last one yet. Have you read Skyward?
  7. Nice! I play the Viola myself(pls don't hold it against me LOL).
  8. Why is the rum gone?
  9. Quite nice! Esthetically pleasing and helpful.
  10. "I'm just here to kill things." -Vin
  11. Sounds really cool! I haven't found this one yet? How did you get it? The MC deciding to build rather then destroy reminds me on Dalinar's Oath to unite instead of divide.
  12. My favorite is 'adventure'. Wish I discovered fantasy related items floating around my workplace.
  13. I like both, and Turtles!
  14. I think Brandon has addressed these concerns before, I believe he has a line of succession and takes care to keep good documentation.
  15. Welcome! I'm not a video game person but I hear Zelda is pretty good stuff! Who is your favorite Cosmere Character?