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  1. Welcome! I'm not a video game person but I hear Zelda is pretty good stuff! Who is your favorite Cosmere Character?
  2. Hello and welcome! Honestly, I see my own journey reflected in your description on discovering fantasy and how it helped you through school.
  3. Welcome! Who is you're favorite character? How did you get into the Cosmere?
  4. So happy to have you! I was a long time lurker before first posting too. Doesn't matter how much you can contribute. We just want you to have fun and learn all you can! Don't hesitate to ask any questions you want, if you think they are dumb don't worry, we've seen dumber. Just answer me this question, is Reckoners Cosmere?
  5. Someone definitely needs to ask Brandon about this. And drums could be played while were a glove or sleeve if one were to use drumsticks, though Lighteyes do look down on drums as a rule.
  6. Come to think of it marching band players often where gloves while performing. So any marching band instrument is potential fair game.
  7. it never occurred to me that they would use a pick to play a stringed instrument. Good thinking!
  8. In Vorin cultures music is seen as feminine. Not as exclusively so as reading and writing, people aren't excessively scandalized to see Hoid with his flute after all. But the vast majority of musicians in Vorin lands are female. This does fit with the general feel of what arts are supposed to be masculine and feminine but it presents a problem. Most musical instruments require two hands to play, I cannot picture anyone being able to play a harp for instance with one hand covered in cloth, even if they are simply wearing a glove. Some instruments one could manage to play gloved if one practiced that way, for instance the Organ, Piano, Harpsichord and the like. A Hurdy Gurdy is an instrument operated by pressing keys with one hand and working a crank with the other, I could see a Vorin woman playing one of those. One could play a bowed instrument such as a Violin, Viola, or Cello left handed, that is, operating the bow with the covered left hand and the strings with the right, but this would take a lot of extra practice.I am not familiar enough with the woodwind family to say how practical playing a flute while gloved would be, if anyone can shed light of this then by all means do so. I could also see special musical gloves being made for female musicians, designed to make it easier to play certain instruments. One other solution to the modesty problem is to have the musicians obscured behind a curtain while they play, invisible to onlookers. I could also see Vorin instruments being made with special vales attached to obscure the left hand while playing. Does anyone have any more ideas for what kinds of instruments would be practical for Vorin women to play?
  9. I think there must be a separate 'kid form'. I doubt that the kids are in no form at all when they are born. We will almost certainly get a flashback of a day of first transformation in SA4 so we at least get to find out soon.
  10. I really want SA4 to give us the Herdazian creation myth, it would be super cool and imformative to compare it to the Horneater one and find the similarities.
  11. Hello and welcome! I don't live so far from Maine USA!
  12. TBH I disagree with everything you said. But never let yourself be pressured into reading something you don't want to. The point is to be entertained and have an enjoyable time. One of the things I love most about literature is how different people can have vastly different opinions about the same thing. I hope you find something more appealing soon! Happy reading!
  13. I've read the first two books and liked them very much, I don't believe the third is out yet. Honestly, if you haven't started liking it by now then I think it probably just isn't your cup of tea. And that's fine, not everyone has the same likes and dislikes. One of the things that I liked best about the books are the climaxes, so if you have gotten all the way to the end of book one and still don't like it then in by book you're free to put it down with a clear conscience. Gook luck finding something more to your taste!
  14. Awesome, hope you like it! Keep us posted on your theories and observations!