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  1. Glad you're here!
  2. Hello! Which books have you read so far?
  3. I must admit to being somewhat uncomfortable shipping Ashertmarn with anyone. It is a mindless Unmade, how can it consent? My favorite ship this time around was Lightsong and Breeze, closely followed by Denth and the Lord Ruler.
  4. I was homeschooled back before I graduated. I wonder how this is going to shape the perception of us homeschoolers around the United States?
  5. Welcome to the Shard, we look forward to hearing all you questions and input!
  6. Nice to have you here!
  7. I want a team up between the general and Kaladins father. It would be really cool to see Lirin interact with a warrior character who isn't his own kid.
  8. Next time you're in a meeting, any meeting, as soon as the presenter asked if there are any questions raise your hand and shout "iS ReCkOnErS CoSMeRe?"
  9. Moxie is basically root beer but with a strong after taste of window cleaner. Fun fact, like a lot of sodas it originated as a medicine back in the day.
  10. I like root beer. Who else has tried Moxie? It's far from my favorite but a lot on people love it were I am.
  11. Welcome! We're happy you came here!
  12. Pester your friends unit they read the books.
  13. Someone call the Alethi army and tell them that their bridge crew technology has been rendered obsolete.
  14. I practice Karate, and classes are online now. It's good that I can still practice but it feels claustrophobic. I've only been leaving the house for work. Fortunately I'm pretty introverted so it isn't hugely disruptive. And all my friends live far away so I'm used to having to video chat them. On the bright side we will all have this experience in common, I imagine twenty years from now people will meet and ask each other 'so where were you in the time of the great Corona?'. It's gonna be fun!
  15. Hi! Nice to have you. Any good theories for RoW yet?