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  1. So, we know that the ancient Terris religion had prophecies in it, the question is how did they come up with accurate ones. Here's my theory. According to Secret History when Elend burned Atium with Duralamin he 'transcended the three realms' I wonder if this means he saw the future. If so some mistborn in the distant past could have done something similar burning duralamin and atium together so as to get a glimpse of the future. These glimpses were compiled and set as the bases of a religion.
  2. Where is that info I would love to see it. Great idea!!
  3. hav

    And Kalladin even thinks to himself in WoR about how Hav the first always considered bodyguarding to be a noble profession so maybe after reaching Kalladin he switched to joining the personal guard of Highlord Amaram.
  4. So recently I was making my way through Stormlight Archive again and something I read in WoK too on a whole new meaning once I read a certain part in WoR. In WoK Kalladin the day after saving Hober and exhausting himself by caring a plank, he lays his 'bed' struggling to find the will to get up. Once he does this he says "Curse you Hav you can boot me out of my bunk even now." Because of this we think Hav must have been Kalladin's sergeant. But in WoR while Shallan is infiltrating Amaram's home she is stopped by a guard who claims that they are going to try to keep a secure perimeter even though they have no walls. When Shallan grows hesitant the guards companion says "Stop harassing the lad Have, you can't expect him to know rules most of the soldiers don't know yet." Could these two Havs be the same person?
  5. Yes indeed you can! Build of off what I've already written here.
  6. Very interesting!
  7. This thread is dead to find a more recent version of this thread check out The World of Tenov World-Building Project.
  8. The tides were shifting. A sign of change that was, a sign that things would not remain the same, but was that really a sign? Things always changed, nothing remained the same but yet I know from my keel to my topmast that something was coming, something more was happening. I knew of it long before the sailors did, the water was more fluid than air and it’s ripples spread far. It sped up behind me growing ever closer and finally I heard the sailors shout the thing I had dreaded. “She flies the skull and crossbones!” Even as the sailors worked I knew that it wouldn’t matter my sister ship whispered across the waves to me. “Give up, there is no point. My masters carry 30 cannon and I myself have 3 sails to your one. They hang off my rails sabers clenched in fists of steel hearts so hard they scarce beat.” I felt pity for my sister ship then. I had seen her before knew her before this and I was sad because of what these evil men had turned her heart into. She came alongside me and I knew the truth of her words there would be not pity from these men their hearts so black they scarce could be seen. I felt my men scrambling about on my deck striving to live for just a few moments more. And then I felt boots strike my deck, I saw a shadow on the water and I heard a loud voice ask: “Why so scared?” These words were accompanied by a flash of brilliant lightning and the loud voice of thunder. I felt the lightning strike the water and the ripples of its strike expanded out across the vast ocean. Thunder at a man’s presence, that was a very bad omen indeed. The winds and the waves rebelled at this man’s coming and the tide itself seemed to tremble in outrage. More boots thudded against my deck, scores of them and my brave crew huddled together at the far side their hearts shining bright despite the overwhelming odds. “Search the hold.” That same voice said and those boots scuttled toward my hold en mass. A single crewmember moved as if to stop them but a single pistol shot broke the air and that brave heart winked out. The one pair of boots that hadn’t moved seemed to burn on my deck as blood spilled past my gunwales out into the sea. No others tried to stop the pirates as they scrambled about beneath my decking. They eventually returned above decks carrying a handful of odds, ends and personal effects. “Is this all you bring me?” the pirate Captain asked in a quiet and dangerous voice. “Sir,” a pirate reported. “We found nothing in the hold, the ship has no cargo, we just found these trinkets.” The air went deadly quiet. “I am not pleased with this.” The pirate captain said. A moment later he said. “Sink the ship.” Immediately shots of panic want through the air as the sailors began to tell in panic. With a crack of protest my sister ship seeing out in front of me broadside toward me. It was then I saw him. The pirate Captain was dressed in what must have been pirate finery. A dark red trench coat covered a white ruffled shirt and a black hat with a white feather was perched on his head at a rakish angle. But among these rich clothes to things some out of them wildly out of place. His eyes stared out of his head like black pits and all who looked into those depths saw reflected in them an absolute lack of compassion, to this man everyone was a thing to be used as you wished and then destroyed. I'm sorry, my sister-ship whispered across the waves as the cannons flashed red.
  9. To kind of kick start things I will take the first slot in the first story myself.
  10. Basically the first person to post here will wright the opening scene of a story Here and the second person will post the continuation of that story building of off what the first person wrote and so on and so forth. My current plan is that each story will be around 20 segments long. After one story is finished we can start another one if people are still interested but if not that's ok frankly I'm just excited to see what we could make all together if we put our minds to it.
  11. This is where we will wright our collaborative story! Before we officially start I just want to put forward a few guidelines. Try to post your segment of story as soon as possible after the previous post, if it takes longer than two days for you to pay your segment we may have to skip you, and the most important role is be creative! Don't be afraid to try something new and also don't be afraid to try something old! Have fun!
  12. This thread is dedicated to the telling of tales, legends and stories! The first 20 people to post on this thread will gain a spot on the main story-building thread. The first person to post will wright the opening the last person to post will wright the conclusion. I'll start another thread that the actual story will be written. Enjoy and get writing!
  13. I'm not exactly sure how old Tenov is but I imagine being it as old as Earth with a similar time system. I don't know if that is the way that we would do it, so you'll have to check with someone who knows more than me.
  14. Am I the only one posting on this thread?