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Hav we seen him somewhere before?

Cosmere Savant

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So recently I was making my way through Stormlight Archive again and something I read in WoK too on a whole new meaning once I read a certain part in WoR. In WoK Kalladin the day after saving Hober and exhausting himself by caring a plank, he lays his 'bed' struggling to find the will to get up. Once he does this he says "Curse you Hav you can boot me out of my bunk even now." Because of this we think Hav must have been Kalladin's sergeant. But in WoR while Shallan is infiltrating Amaram's home she is stopped by a guard who claims that they are going to try to keep a secure perimeter even though they have no walls. When Shallan grows hesitant the guards companion says "Stop harassing the lad Have, you can't expect him to know rules most of the soldiers don't know yet." Could these two Havs be the same person?

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Great find! I think it is possible that they are, since Hav the First was in Amarams army, and Hav the Second is too. I think you are on to something.

It is possible that Brandon accidentally used the same name for different persons though. Or that Hav is a common Alethi name. Like in aSoIaF, where a third of the minor character cast are named Jon or Pate.

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It would certainly be within the realm of possibility due to the fact that Kaladin served under Amraam. He could have been Kal's drill sergeant or the like when he was first starting out in Amraam's army.

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I recognized the name the the first time I read WOR, so went back and searched both books for instances of "Hav." He shows up three times in WOK and twice in WOR. I'm pretty sure its the same guy. It seems like he had a big influence on Kaladin, so I'm hoping they cross paths again at some point. Perhaps Hav comes to Urithiru with Amaram.

From WOK:

Chapter 21 (after the highstorm): "Curse you, Hav, he thought. You can boot me out of my bunk even now. Kaladin threw off his blanket, forcing himself to stand.

Chapter 44 (Amaram recruits soldiers in Hearthstone): Amaram regarded the crowd. “The recruits may bring two changes of clothing and up to three stoneweights of other possessions. They will be weighed. Report to the army in two hours and ask for Sergeant Hav.” He turned and followed Roshone.

Cheaper 57 (bridge run): Many people were dying on the other side of the chasm, but Kaladin didn’t feel a thing for them. No itch to heal them, no desire to help. Kaladin could thank Hav for that, for training him to think in terms of “us” and “them."

From WOR: 

Chapter 16 (Kaladin meets Zahel): I wonder if Hav is in one of these monasteries somewhere, Kaladin thought idly. What would he think of me now? He’d probably be proud. He always had seen guard duty as the most respectable of a soldier’s assignments.

Chapter 52 (Shallan sneaking into Amaram's house): “Oh, stop harassing the lad, Hav,” the other soldier said. “You can’t expect him to know rules that half the soldiers don’t even know yet.” “On with you,” Hav said, waving Shallan through.

And again same chapter: Amaram and Hav walked up through the night, speaking softly. “. . . I didn’t notice that the girl had seen me talking to the messenger, Highlord,” Hav was saying. “She must have realized . . .” He trailed off as they saw Shallan.


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