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Mistborn Prophecies

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So, we know that the ancient Terris religion had prophecies in it, the question is how did they come up with accurate ones. Here's my theory. According to Secret History when Elend burned Atium with Duralamin he 'transcended the three realms' I wonder if this means he saw the future. If so some mistborn in the distant past could have done something similar burning duralamin and atium together so as to get a glimpse of the future. These glimpses were compiled and set as the bases of a religion.

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It's a creative theory :) But it was actually Preservation who wrote them as his way of keeping Ruin trapped every 1000 years. He talks about it in Secret History. Ruin just corrupted them over time. 

Edit - adding a useful WoB.


Q: The Hero of Ages prophecy: For a while it seemed to me that the prophecy was entirely bogus (invented by Ruin as a lure), but it ended up coming true! So my question is, where did the prophecy actually come from? Was it Atium in some form, or something else entirely?
A: The religions of Scadrial had a lot of ups and downs. First, you have Ruin and Preservation working together as two gods. Then you have the schism between them, and Preservation betraying Ruin, with Preservation adapting the religion to his own needs and trying to hide in it practices that will keep Ruin imprisoned as long as possible, and then give a chance to defeat him when he escapes. (As Preservation assumes he'll be dead by then.) Finally, you have Ruin corrupting the religions with his influence, trying to figure out what he can twist to his own needs--while missing the hidden layers that Preservation left. 
Q: Were there a lot of Hero of Ages who ascended beyond the ones we directly saw in the books?
A: I wouldn't say so.


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Exactly what @Extesian said.

I believe it's in the HoA annotations, or it may have been a WoB, but there is confirmation that Elend, by burning Duralumin with Atium did get a glimpse of the future, or  more specifically "Preservation's plan." 

This unfortunately would not be possible before TLR's use of the Well. Prior to him handing out the beads, Allomancy was both weak, and rare. There were no Mistborn then. 

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