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  1. If he did that Kelsier could just pull himself to Wax, I don't see that working.
  2. Hello All, I've been looking at purchasing every Cosmere book on hardcover. What I do own on paperback is falling apart, and what I lack must be bought anyway. Do any of y'all have any tips on where to spend less money? I can't find any boxed hardcover sets, am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm enjoying the PFP. What's your favorite Tyler album?
  4. Dalinar or Kaladin, if I remember correctly. Maybe I just fever dreamed this quote into existence.
  5. might be it. Thank you so much for looking
  6. its not oathbringer. its either late in WOK or very early in WOR. sorry I couldn't be of more help lol this is driving me crazy No, but I can see where you got that from. It's not from oathbringer though. Thanks for your time
  7. Recently reread Stormlight and I cannot get this quote out of my head. It's something like "No man lives up to his ideals". Any help finding it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. David Harbour has reportedly confirmed that Hopper is definitely alive. Source You're welcome
  9. Hey Guys. It's been forever. I'm sorta back. Some of you might remember a story I started a long time ago- The Conifell that story has evolved a lot, and I've changed the story to Kingslayer. Please give it a read and some criticism. Thank you all for your time!
  10. This is perhaps the most severe case of double posting I’ve ever see .
  11. Wouldn’t be cool if.. everyone had bonded an animal that gave you magic and how powerful your magic is is proportional to how strong your animal but backwards. For instance, if you bond a dragon, you have very weak magic. If you bond an insect, you have incredible magic. But, if the animal dies than so does your magical abilities.
  12. THIs is honestly interesting and seems to promote a story more about the characters than the magic. Another drawback, I feel, could be giving away too much time. What happens if you expend all your years into your enemy, killing them by overloading their system. Can time be purchased? Are people immortal because they can continue to discharge their years into rocks? Please answer these, I find this very interesting!
  13. Anime is awful inheritance is great. (You try writing 2,500 pages of good material) oathbringer was a bit clunky. Good, but clunky. Edit: also dune is boring
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