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  1. So, I think I see where some of the typos are coming from. Early on someone made a .ttf file from the translation key, but it had several inaccuracies -- ranging from little things like line heights/angles to larger things like transposed letters. It also coded [sh], [th], and [ch] as capital S, T, and C. It seems like the artist got got ahold of that font file and used it to lay out the text. It's particularly obvious in the artwork for Stick, which has larger, more legible text.
  2. Hi Harakeke :)

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your work with the Cosmere languages. I've been trying to locate you as I would love to make some questions, but haven't been able to reach you.

    Hope you are all right.

    Big hug!

    1. Harakeke


      Hi there! I'm hardly on 17th Shard these days, but I'd be happy to answer any questions if I can.

  3. Our worldhopping buddy Nazh recently infiltrated the Calligrapher's Guild -- check out the official interior art from Oathbringer...
  4. That's some pretty Awesome work! I'd love to mess around with the shapefiles if you get a chance. I've always wanted to take a crack at georectifying the various map images, but wasn't sure what projection to set the data frame in. Any thoughts as to the blue and red markings on the Frostlands map? Do they match up with any interesting lines of lat/long?
  5. Hmm. Yeah. "Too fanciful, ha?" perhaps? Based on the context, it seems like they are.
  6. ::thumbs-up:: I think somewhere in the other thread I posted some side-by-side images of the various versions of those glyphs, which could be helpful.
  7. Well, we didn't quite forget them -- we were just going about it wrong. Someone did properly identify the phoneme for "A" -- we just assumed that it stood for "initial vowel" rather than one specific vowel, since those A's happened to be at the start of the word. Based on Nazh's notes (and way too much time spent squinting at their various forms), I suspect the Radiant glyphs aren't meant to be readable. Also, many of the same glyphs existed in the early draft of WOK in which the orders/surges had different names than in the final draft.I suspect the glyph phonemes hadn't been completely pinned down at that point, and the Order glpyhs were designed to look cool, and then the art team worked backwards to build "readable" glpyhs.
  8. Yeah, Nazh needs to get back in there and find page 2! I'm curious if we'll be able to work out the Scroll Stance glyphs now. They're nice and clean.
  9. Okay, I closed my eyes and ventured into the spoiler board! Here's a thread for further discussion of glyphs based on what we've learned from Nazh: Please don't post plot spoilers though.
  10. This is a continuation of the glyph discussion from the Stormlight Archive Translation Guide. Please do not post plot-related spoilers in this thread. Nazh has infiltrated the Calligrapher's Guild and provided us with a very thorough analysis of Alethi glyphs, including a table of the component phonemes glyphmakers use as a starting point for Standard glyphs: I'm actually surprised how close we we got with deciphering some of them independently, given that we now know that the phonemes can be rotated, flipped, and distorted, mixed with Calligraphic phonemes, screw-you lines, and indecipherable symbols from the Dawnchant or something. There are also some nice tidbits in the other illustrations, including the Kholin "Sword & Crown" glyphpair. The "compass rose" only shows up once that I was able to spot. It's featured prominently in the Kholinar map. There are some sketch captions in the women's script which I assume someone has translated by now and some very pretty Thaylen writing around image borders. I especially like how the letters almost interweave like Celtic knotwork. The writing around the map says "Thaylenah". I took a quick skim over the Taker of Secrets text, but nothing jumped out at me. I'll take a closer look at it once I get there in the book. There's also a map that looks like the one that Shallan found in Amaram's study in WoR.
  11. No plot spoilers, but the Oathbringer art gallery has some very useful information courtesy of our friend Nazh: Edit: Question for the mods -- how does the spoiler policy affect this thread? Should we make a separate post in the spoiler board, or can we keep talking about glyphs here as long as we don't spoil the actual book?
  12. Okay, that makes sense, and it jives with our various attempts at deciphering where we'd be able to pick out a plausible letter or two, but the rest was a muddle. It sounds like glyphs are incredibly "lossy": while there may be a letter that inspires their overall layout, most of the design consists of screw-you lines. So for example, the spoken words "Khokh Linil" would be written something like "K~{..+ L/*!,,= " With that in mind, I don't think we'll ever have a key like we do for Thaylen or the Women's Script. I don't think trying to decipher glyphs is entirely fruitless though, because some of the simpler glyphs (like sas) are definitely "readable" from their component parts. Likewise, Navani's giant ketek has to have some sort of underlying linguistic structure, otherwise it's just arbitrary lines. I think we've exhausted just about all the material we have to work with for now, but I think that eventually we'll be able to reverse-engineer the calligrapher's guild rules. We're only on Book 2 of the series, after all -- and I for one am enjoying the mystery!
  13. Kinda swamped IRL, but I hope to have it up before Oathbringer hits.
  14. Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this new way of approaching glyphs. My gut tells me it's on the right track, but that key is nowhere near complete -- it doesn't even cover everything I worked out in my handwritten notes. (Sidenote: I'm starting to sympathize with Taravangian. Is that good or bad?) I expect we'll get a wealth of new information to work with once Oathbringer comes out, so I'm hesitant to spend too much more time squinting at Highprince glyphs. I'm even tempted to take the glyph key off the first post, because I very much suspect now that it is wildly inaccurate.
  15. Keteks are hard, but these are looking great! And because I couldn't help myself... It really is a beautiful ketek though!