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  1. I'm going with Whimsy's world, just like he kept bringing up Aethers because it was on his mind, he also kept bringing up Whimsy and kite magic.
  2. In one of Dalinar's visions Nohadon remarks that not all spren are as picky as Honorspren. Given the variety of people who become Lightweavers I feel it is rather likely that Cryptics are the least picky. They want to understand humans, and all humans are basically incomprehensible to them.
  3. YES! I am unreasonably convinced that most/all of the Unmade were spren created by Adonalsium at the creation of Roshar. My theory was that BAM is the spren of nahel bonds, the shardcast has mentioned her being the spren of spren. Regardless of what exactly she is the spren of, I expect it will be relevant in why deadeyes occur, Singers were lobotomized, and the change in Chasmfiend behavior. As for the Stormfather, we do know the Highstorm existed before Honor/Cultivation arrived (it did not dump stormlight at the time). Brandon has RAFO'd whether the Stormfather also predates their arrival though I see no reason why he wouldn't though. The real question is the Sibling, did H&C transform an existing spren of rock and stone (the spren of Ur maybe?), or create a totally new spren? Functionally it probably doesn't matter, but I want to know
  4. He could be lying, or his knowledge might be incomplete. I get the feeling the fused don't give much thought to what happens to the body's rightful owner. As far as they're concerned that person doesn't exist anymore. Whether they're in the Beyond or some undead hell, is not something the fused would ever bother to even think about.
  5. Maybe the original owner of the body is still around somehow? Until the body dies they aren't truly dead and still have a connection to it, and thus some control over the spiritual ideal of that body. The Fused are essentially a different form, one that also steps in front of the original owners mind and seizes control, but they are limited in how much they can change, like any other form.
  6. You need to play Planescape: Torment
  7. @Frustration I was heavily influenced by a youtube video I watched long ago of AronRa discussing the taxa of Godzilla (, then an interview with George RR Martin where he is adamant that dragons have two legs for evolutionary reasons. If following GRRM is treason against fantasy than I do resolve to make the most of it! Cosmere dragons are shape shifters though. I wonder if they could take both forms? s that why Bavadin became Autonomy? She took a form with two legs and became socially isolated when all the other dragons refused to be seen with her? Imagine if Rayse were a dragon! When Tanavast ascends and gets replaced by a huge dragon corpse that is going to lead to A LOT of questions.
  8. I saw the post title and came in to post exactly this
  9. Angels don't exist in the Cosmere, (I am totaly getting proven wrong when we learn more about Mercy) From Wikipedia: The distinctions of medieval British heraldry do not seem relevant to this conversation. I argue that dragons should have four limbs because their evolutionary ancestor had four. Dragons are commonly held to be reptiles and all reptiles descended from a 4 legged creature. This is why birds only have 2 legs. Their front legs were adapted into wings. Losing limbs is possible (snakes) but there are no examples of any creature descended from that first vertebrate that pulled itself out of the ocean that have 6 limbs.
  10. But then they would have six limbs with the wings, and only disgusting bug creatures have 6+ limbs. We can safely say dragons are not disgusting bug creatures due to Kaladin's inability to satisfactorily describe one. Ergo dragons should have 2 leg/2 wing for a normal 4 limbed creature. Brandon is clearly being influenced by Chaos with such heretical ideas as 4 legged dragons.
  11. We already did, in Hoid's story. Unfortunately the description comes from Kaladin's POV and he isn't good at describing things that aren't disgusting bug creatures. We do know now that Cosmere dragons have 4 legs, GRRM is going to be very dissapointed. No idea if they grow Dragonsteel still (I assume so). Tanavast was a dog, it is known.
  12. My headcannon is that the dog in Hoid's story was Tanavast. The dragon was of course Koravellium.
  13. As much as I imagined Mars, the Bringer of War, I have to admit this fits the description much better:
  14. I don't know whether Brandon has said this before but he used almost this exact language during the livestream tonight to describe Nahel Bonds. He even mentioned Nahel Bonds between spren and greatshells. Obviously this doesn't mean that Ba-Ado-Mishram was the spren of Nahel Bonds, but I'm feeling pretty good about my theorizing
  15. How else are the Cryptics going to understand why Shallan killed Testament? Why the Recreance happened? Why do humans break their bonds at all?