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  1. She started bonding with Pattern when she soulcast in WoK. WoR was when he entered the physical realm. She had to say a truth to soulcast, whereas non were necessary to draw Pattern and let him enter the physical realm. Pattern didn't know her memories, that's why he had to lie when she made up something about her childhood. And living shardblades take whatever form the wielder wants, it is not that odd that Shallan would have Pattern look just like the blade that she summoned previously.
  2. I doubt she is fooled, Taravangian does not have a secret philosophy he kept hidden from all, even God. He wants to "save" the Cosmere, just as he saved Karbranth. He is consistent with how he behaved as a mortal. It doesn't take the foresight of a shard to figure out how he'll behave once ascending. The real question is if she approves. Because why else put him in position to ascend? Rayse was doomed, the power was wearing him thin and he was not handling it well. From what we know she could have easily done nothing and let Rayse fail on his own. The other shards all seem to agree, hence no help for Hoid (except Harmony who probably doesn't know better at this point).
  3. Why not Raysium? I don't remember the timeline exactly, but I assume it was before Raboniel gave the dagger to Navani.
  4. I took this to mean that in previous times Radiants served as guardians of the Dawnshard. But this leads to a problem, where are their swords? Being created by Honor solves that problem, but how was it powered? Living plate can be summoned/dismissed at will, I assume plate created directly by Honor would function similarly, or as elegantly if not similarly. The other, perhaps more boring solution, is that some orders get plate before swords. Although I feel I'm very likely to be contradicted by WoB
  5. Jasnah is going to be in books 6-10, and imho based on Brandon's comments its likely to be book 10.
  6. We could really use a Singer Bondsmith ... We need to unite them, it seems logical we will have one by the end of the series and no other potential candidates as of yet
  7. This is perhaps a better example than you might realize. The reason Native American is preferred is not political correctness, Indian isn't a slur, the problem is that it is imprecise. If the country of India didn't exist it wouldn't be a problem, but using India to refer to Indians and Indians causes problems, hence the use of an alternative for one of them. As a side note some natives don't like Native American and prefer American Indian (or just Indian). Of course there are also those who don't like Indian.
  8. My crackpot theory is that Gavinor will be Odium's champion. Based mostly on an epigraph in WoK: "I hold the suckling child in my hands, a knife at his throat, and know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it gain us further breath to draw."
  9. I am not an expert by any means, but my understanding is that treatment for DID involves integrating the different personalities. Instead of disappearing the personalities will become merged into one. Or to put another way, in an earlier chapter when asked which is the real personality she replies that none of them are. When the truth is that they are all part of the real her. Of course this depends on how accurately Brandon wants to write her condition.
  10. I've felt for awhile that the "extra" is that the spren needs to choose the person. A bond can't just be forced on them, even if they're a deadeyes (perhaps a Bondsmith could get around this?). Given the events of Oathbringer I think it is a safe assumption that Maya has choosen Adolin. Also I do not trust WoB on this issue at all. If Adolin does revive Maya then he can't just tell us about it ahead of time. He wants to save that for the actual book.
  11. Because it seems so obvious, and we tend to overthink things. So we look deeper and deeper and see things that aren't there, we think there must be a clever twist coming or something.
  12. Why can't Dalinar be the one that forged the Connection to Nohadon? Seems a lot simpler than Nohadon planning ahead to such an extent.
  13. Two planets sharing the same orbit like that is inherently unstable. It is possible to have stable orbits if one planet orbits 60 degrees ahead or behind the other (instead of the 180 you propose), but to be stable one planet has to be much smaller than the other. The smaller one has to be less than 1% the mass of the first. Obviously that's a bit of an issue if you want roughly Earth type analogues. edit: I just thought, if you have a Jupiter sized planet you could have one Earth orbiting ahead of it and one behind. That could be a way to potentially get two shard worlds to share an orbit. Also you can't just stop a spaceship in an orbit like you propose. Well, you could, but then you fall into the sun. If you want to learn more just watch some Kerbal Space Program tutorial videos.