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  1. Love those pain spren.
  2. Aww shucks @Parttimedragon thanks! I totally nominate you back! @Parttimedragon nominated! Also @Bridge_Ojisan. Both fantastic artists that I aspire to be more like when I grow up!
  3. You. Do. Fantastic. Work. Honestly, you're a brilliant visual storyteller, Bridge. Thanks for sharing all of this! Love your character designs, love the emotion you put behind them, the compositions, the ALL OF IT!
  4. Hey y'all, sorry for my tardy reply. Yeah, I'm planning on putting up a process video for this piece (working on re-doing my website right now). And thanks for the compliments!!!
  5. Love 'em!
  6. Excited to see this progress!
  7. Love the design of the Shard Spear!
  8. It's nice work! You know, the thing that's been hardest for me is figuring out how to make Kaladin looking like he's glowing. In the end, I pushed up his skin tones right into a glowing blue/white. I really need to do more experimentation with it, but I like that the glow is kinda subtle in yours. The book describes it as being something that could be missed during the daylight if he's not holding much, so that kinda works. Are you looking for more an artistic critique? Or feedback on faithfulness to the book?
  9. Thanks @MasterJack! Oh don't worry, you will. This stuff is my illustrative catharsis
  10. Just posted up a new gallery album with some Kaladin Fanart in it. I'm working on getting it up on my shop/website as well, but in the mean time: enjoy!
  11. From the album The Leap

    Threw it into Photoshop to make some final effects after first fixing his vest, unifying the shadows, adding in some wind-spren/Syll etc.
  12. From the album The Leap

    At this point it comes down to figuring out which problems I can live with and which I can't. It's never too late to start over on some element of the piece or another, but it gets harder the longer you go on.
  13. From the album The Leap

    I was struggling with Kaladin just looking like a blue man, so I decided to cheat a little, paint him in regular skin tones, then apply some effects to create the blue-white stormlight glow that I imagined on him.
  14. From the album The Leap

    Early attempts on Kaladin. I've got the parshendi just about rendered out here. I wish I had more rough versions of them. They were a fun progression in themselves.
  15. From the album The Leap

    Things are a bit rougher here. I did a bunch of line-work-y stuff, then moved on to roughing in the colors and values. I think I need to put together the Procreate screen captures that came from this and make a process video or something.