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  1. AG3: Day 3- Rumors of Stress Eating

    I'm glad you liked it! I always worry whether I did a good job with other people's characters. So when the person I do a write up about enjoys it, then I feel like I did my job. See? When people have fun RPing their characters, GMs can use the stuff that happens in them in their write ups and it just makes it a much better story overall, IMO. Not to mention it flows better. I'm hoping that future GMs will start using CRs in their games. I think it's a small touch that adds a lot of flair to a game. EDIT: and I'm already out of upvotes for now.
  2. Day 3: Rumors of Stress Eating Remart was fast asleep on his side. He’d had a busy day of eating and drinking, followed by some more eating and drinking. Then he’d taken a short walk around town, which can be quite exhausting when you’re hauling around a metal leg, before coming back for a little bit more food and drink. Not to mention all the paranoia and stress everyone was feeling over the problem with the Spiked and the Koloss. That alone could drive even a normal person to drink and comfort food! In that case, Remart considered it his civic duty to remove such temptations from the people. They needed to keep their wits about them if they were to survive after all. So every pastry he ate and every ale he drank brought them closer to salvation. All that effort could really work up an appetite too. Remart snored slightly and shifted in his sleep when there was the soft creak from his window being slowly opened. The cool breeze that came with it woke him up just a little bit more, but all he did was pull the covers closer around him as a shadowy figure silently crept inside. It wasn’t until his mind reminded him of the chicken leg that he had left on the window sill that he finally woke up. The cold breeze would cause it to get too cold! He rolled over onto his back and reached towards the window just as the intruder stabbed down at him. This move saved his life. The blade caught him in his expansive belly, but it didn’t catch him in the heart, as it would have. Remart cried out in pain. With the hand he had been reaching for the chicken leg for, he instead grabbed his peg leg. Using it as an improvised weapon, he swung it at the intruder. It connected solidly into the figure’s head and the person went down. Unfortunately, they recovered quickly and turned their fall into a roll. Before Remart could do anything, the figure was out the door and pounding down the stairs. Remart laid back in a daze; the knife still lodged in his fat. It hurt quite a lot, but it wasn’t bleeding too badly and Remart was still in shock. He took a few deep breaths to try to calm down. That’s when he noticed that the chicken leg was gone! In its place were some additional pastries. Remart shrugged and grabbed one. He hoped his attacker was happy with themselves. Now he was stress eating! Vomit didn’t go out at night. No siree! You wouldn’t catch him out in the mists! Didn’t people know that’s where the Mistwraiths were? It was said that they could see through even the faintest wisp of mist and materialize at that spot if they found prey there. And people wanted to go out into that?!? Obviously, those people were insane. Vomit would stay put inside his nice, cozy house, thank you very much. He’d done his best to seal every nook and cranny to the outside that he could find. His windows didn’t open and he had cloth jammed into the seams of his door. He’d gone over the walls with a fine tooth comb, making sure that there wasn’t a draft anywhere that might let in even a little bit of mist. Besides, he thought. Why would you want to be out on a cold night like this in the first place when you could be snuggled up next to nice fire? And that’s right where Vomit was; curled up in a blanket and going over some of the letters he’d “failed” to deliver just yet. It was difficult work, but if you were careful, you could open a letter and reseal it and the recipient would be none the wiser. And it was always so much fun to dig into other people’s lives. For example, here was one from the baker’s wife to Cassius. Oh, this would be downright scandalous if word got out! Not to mention that the baker’s wife had quite the imagination to her! Just went to show that you never knew who a person truly was until you went rifling through their mail. At least that was Vomit’s philosophy. There was the sound of glass breaking and Vomit felt some… things smack into him, throwing him back in his chair. He didn’t even have time to react. As if in a dream, Vomit looked towards the crash and noticed that his window was broken. Mist was curling in through the holes that had been created. Then he looked down at his chest, which was quickly growing red and quite warm. Funny, he thought as the world started to fade away. No one ever told me Mistwraiths could fire projectiles. Night 3 is over and Day 3 begins! You all have 48 hours. Jondesu was attacked but survived! Straw was attacked! He was a Village Rioter. Good Luck! Player List
  3. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    I try to upvote every post that someone sticks to their CR in. Unfortunately, I tend to run out of upvotes.
  4. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Thanks! It's always awesome to hear when a write up is appreciated. A Rioter can riot someone to a No Vote. I'm pretty sure that Gamma used this exact trick a few times in LG2 to make people think he was a Soother. EDIT: I believe what you are thinking of is the fact that a Rioter/Soother cannot change a No Vote to a Vote. The reasoning behind this is because there has to be some level of emotional investment for the Emotional Allomancers to manipulate in the first place. Not that a Soother can change a No Vote to a Vote anyways, but you get the idea. PMs are NOT open. If the status of the PM situation changes, I will let you know at that time. Until then, you can safely assume that the status from the last time it changed is still currently in effect.
  5. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Night 3: A Convenient Trade Dalinar was being followed… again. At least this time I know who, he thought with a grin as he glanced back behind him. There, running not more than four to five paces back, was a mob of angry Villagers. He’d been barely keeping ahead of them ever since they had found him in the early afternoon. It was getting close to sundown now. This may be the most exercise I’ve gotten in awhile! He thought as he spun around another corner. This time, he was being careful. After last night and the attempt on his life, Dalinar realized that the Village, in its state of hypertension at the moment, might not take too kindly to his “trades.” So he’d traded someone’s map of the town with an old treasure map he had. He’d already gotten the treasure, but that wasn’t important. It was the journey that mattered and so he considered it a more than fair trade. He’d then studied it all night to make sure he knew the best routes through the town and wouldn’t get caught by anymore dead ends. Then, he’d made another trade this morning, this time he’d left only an empty bottle. An item he wasn’t using anymore for an item that the owner wasn’t using anymore. That should be fair. From there, he just laid low. He knew it was only a matter of time before everyone turned on him. The fact that it took them till the afternoon was a pleasant surprise, but it just seemed inevitable. And that’s how they’d gotten here- with Dalinar leading the Village in the most ridiculous and dangerous game of tag ever. As the sun started to set on the horizon, Dalinar put his plan into action. Rather than darting between buildings and trying to be as random as possible, he took a quick left and then sprinted for all he was worth. He gained a little bit of ground on the Villagers behind him, but lost it again when he had to slow down to throw open the door to the Letter Sixteen. He dodged his way past all the tables and chairs, upsetting some of them to help block the angry Villagers’ way. As the mob tried to push past the bottleneck of a door and through the room, Dalinar lept up the stairs, taking them two at a time. By the time the Villagers had managed to escape the maze of tables and to the stairs, Dalinar had already reached the third floor and was opening the hatch to the roof. Once on the roof, he finally stopped running. With his hands on his knees, he let himself pant and rest for a moment. It was only for a moment though, because it wasn’t any longer than that before the mob of Villagers spilled out onto the roof themselves. “We’ve got you now!” One of them yelled, brandishing a shovel. “It was you who knifed Kip, wasn’t it?” yelled another. Dalinar held up a finger as he gasped in a few last breaths. Then with a smile, he stood up straight to face his accusers. “I’m dreadfully sorry for all of this. My, that was exhilarating! I thought I almost lost you a few times, but you guys are persistent!” The mob grumbled at his nonchalant attitude. “Just answer the question!” Dalinar held up his hands questioningly. “I was busy last night with someone else trying to kill me! Do you really think that I could be in both places at once? Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but you’ve got the wrong guy.” “It’s a long night,” someone else in the crowd quipped. Dalinar could tell they weren’t going to be deterred. They’d already determined his guilt. Leading them on a merry chase probably didn’t improve their mood any either. It seemed like he was going to have to enact his plan after all. “Well then,” he said as he backed up towards the edge of the roof, “I don’t know how to convince you. I didn’t do it, but if you won’t take me on my word, then I guess there’s only one thing left to do.” “Right,” said one of the Villagers. “It’s time to str-” The Villager cut off mid sentence as Dalinar threw himself off the side of the building. He tumbled through the air before landing directly on his back… onto the mattress from Kip’s room. It was the other item he’d traded for earlier in the day. The mattress softened the blow just enough and while he thought he heard a few ribs crack, he was still alive. The Villagers on the roof gawked at him as he gingerly stood up, smiled at them and gave them a little wave, before he jogged off into the failing light. Day 2 had ended and Night 3 has begun! Everyone has 24 hours to get their orders in. Dalinar was lynched, but survived! Votes: Dalinar (10)- Assassin in Burgundy, Seonid, Gamma Fiend, Nyali, Arinian, Magestar, Lopen, Bugsy, Drake, Elenion Herowannabe (4)- Jondesu, I Am Stick, Wyrmhero, Wilson Madagascar (1)- Arraenae Seonid (1)- Hemalurgic Headshot Arraenae (1)- Araris A Joe in the Bush (1)- Stink Conquestor (1)- Madagascar No Votes (13)- Elbereth, Wonko, Orlok, Sart, Dalinar, Droughtbringer, Doc12, Straw, Herowannabe, Silverblade, Conquestor, Manukos, A Joe in the Bush Player List
  6. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Consider it confirmed then. In case of Tied Votes, no one dies. That's how it was in the very first games and I'm keeping it true to that as much as possible. Pewter is a passive ability. It cannot be turned on and off like some other powers. I know some GMs have required that for such types of roles before, but again, that's not how the Original played and so it hasn't been switched. Ninja'd by Wilson, but I'll leave this so that it is officially answered as well.
  7. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    I was just about to do one in the first place, since there's 2 and half hours left! Votes: Dalinar (9)- Assassin in Burgundy, Seonid, Nyali, Herowannabe, Arinian, Magestar, Lopen, Gamma Fiend, Bugsy Herowannabe (3)- Jondesu, I Am Stick, Wyrmhero I Am Stick (1)- Elenion Madagascar (1)- Arraenae Seonid (1)- Hemalurgic Headshot Arraenae (1)- Araris A Joe in the Bush (1)- Stink Conquestor (1)- Madagascar Lopen (1)- Dalinar No Votes (13)- Elbereth, Wonko, Orlok, Sart, Wilson, Drake, Droughtbringer, Doc12, Straw, Silverblade, Conquestor, Manukos, A Joe in the Bush So you're welcome. As usual, let me know if I missed something!
  8. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    From the SE Rules and Etiquette Hopefully that's clear enough? I'm giving you a hard time because it's funny, but in all seriousness, it's a fair question. No one is allowed to Copy/Paste information from a PM (as much as I didn't want to on the idea that it legitimizes his PM message, for better or for worse (rather than it being faked), Drake has received an Official Warning due to his neglect of the Rules of the SubForum). If you are caught doing so, you will be given a Warning. You are allowed to paraphrase and that's about it. No form of copy/pasting is allowed; at all.
  9. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    No, you cannot. NO ONE should be copying and pasting messages that were from a PM. That's straight from the SE Rules and Etiquette. Anyone caught doing so will be given a Warning.
  10. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Day 2: A Corpse is a Corpse Someone was following, of that, Dalinar was sure. It was the why that he couldn’t figure out. He had always given a fair trade for anything his took, so no one should be upset with him for that! His next one was a bit of puzzler though. What was of equal worth for a peg leg? How much value would something like that have in the first place? Considering Remart didn’t do much walking if he could be sitting and eating, maybe he wouldn’t miss it much at all? Dalinar shook his head. He was letting himself get distracted and whatever reason the person had for following him, with the way everyone was jumping at shadows recently, it probably wasn’t good. He’d have to try to lose them. You would think that, as a thief, he’d know all the best side streets and nooks and crannies to hide in. You’d be wrong with Dalinar. His way wasn’t the stealthy, sneaky kind of thievery; if you could call it theft in the first place. So it was just his luck that when he went to suddenly duck down an alleyway, it turn out to be a dead end. The person following him rounded the corner just as Dalinar realized this. Dalinar cursed and then turned to face his pursuer. “I don’t suppose you’re following me to just give me hug or something equally pleasant like that, are you?” His pursuer didn’t say anything. Instead they held out their arm, pointing it Dalinar. Inside of it, something glinted in the moonlight. Suddenly, the coins shot out of the pursuers hand, zipping straight for Dalinar. “Y-Elkp!” Dalinar cried out in what was half a cry of fear and a sob at the same time. He threw himself to the ground, but it was obvious that it was too late. Then the coins veered off course; up and away from Dalinar, towards the roof. Dalinar’s pursuer looked up as the coins thudded against a wooden shield. Then they both melted away into the night. On the other side of town, Kip was fast asleep. He’d had a long day of silently insulting everyone’s style in his head and performing in the square. You’d be amazed at how many people are willing to part with a little of their coin for a distraction in times like these. Kip wasn’t going to miss out on all that money to be made if he could help it, so he’d stayed out there longer than he usually would. By the time he decided to bed down for the night, his brain was so dead that he could barely form complete sentences. He did have the presence of mind to put on his sleep mask though. One did not sacrifice fashion, no matter how dire the situation. You never knew what or when someone might see you and if you weren’t looking your best, then they might get the wrong impression of you. That was lesson #14 after all. Due to this, he never had a chance to see the person that had silently crept into his room. He also didn’t get a chance to see them draw a vicious looking knife. And he never saw anything ever again after they plunged the knife through his heart. While he might have been the best dressed corpse to be found in bed, he was still a corpse. Night 2 is over and Day 2 is here! You have 48 hours. Use them this time rather than waiting till the last 10 minutes, eh? Dalinar was attacked, but survived! Kipper was attacked, but did not. He was a Regular Villager. Good Luck! Player List
  11. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Night 2: Nooses and Nameless Many of the Villagers gathered around the husk that was once Whistler’s shop the next day. “This was no accident,” Whistler said as he recounted the events of the night. Some people believed him while others muttered about how he could’ve burned down his own shop. Even so, they all started trying to keep a close eye out for anyone that had an earring in their ear. The man, as everyone including himself referred to him, sat at his porch. He fiddled with a small golden disk as he rocked back and forth. While he looked content, his mind was far from it. He had spent most of the Night and the better part of the Day hobbling around the town. His self appointed mission was two-fold. First, he was going to any place where people were gathered or gathering and using his Brass to dampen the Villager’s fears. The man trusted that, as long as people were calm and collected, they would be able to get through these perilous times. The other thing he was doing was using his visions to try to help identify who the Spiked were. He tried to catch glimpses of them in the memories of people’s pasts. But this was to no avail and this worried the man. He was sure that he hadn’t missed anyone and yet he was no closer to finding these miscreants. Which meant that they were likely being hidden from him by even greater powers. Perhaps this Ruin that was mentioned? These were the thoughts that plagued him when a large group of the Villagers strolled by, with a determined expression on their faces and rope in hand. This pulled the man out of his revery. “Where are you heading in such a grim fashion?” He called out to them. “It’s gotta be that Joe guy with the rat or that sneaky thief,” answered one of them. “So we’re going to put an end to this before someone actually gets hurt!” “Peace,” the man said as he started soothing away their anxiety. “It doesn’t need to come to this. Just take a deep breath and calm yourselves. We don’t need to kill in turn. We can just lock them up! Which is where a thief should be in the first place, yes?” He was winning them over. He saw their muscles relax and some of the fierceness level their eyes. Unfortunately Matilda, who had been passed out nearby, took this opportunity to jerk awake. She let out the kind of cry that only someone who’s not all right in the head can and threw one of her “cats” towards the crowd. The whiskey bottle shattered against the cobblestones and with it, it also broke the man’s concentration. The whiplash on their emotions drove the Villagers temporarily insane. They lashed out at the very first thing in their vicinity; which just so happened to be the man. As they tied him up and strung him up to the nearest tree, the man spoke one last time. “My sympathies to you who must carry on here. I cannot be killed, for I am the Third Nameless.” When the villagers came back to reality and realized what they had done, they went back to the tree. The least they could do was give the man they had mercilessly killed a proper burial. But when they arrived, the body had vanished without a trace. Night 2 begins! Everyone has 24 hours to get their orders. Ecthelion III was a Village Soother! PMs are now closed! You cannot send any more PMs! I repeat, you cannot send any PMs! Forgot the vote count. Votes: Ecthelion (4)- Straw, Dalinar, Madagascar, Doc12 Dalinar (3)- Elenion, Arraenae, Ecthelion Hemalurgic Headshot (2)- Seonid, Gamma Fiend Elbereth (1)- Drake Marshall Wonko (1)- Jondesu Lopen (1)- Araris Stink (1)- Stink Gamma Feind (1)- Kipper I am Stick (1)- Wilson A Joe in the Bush (1)- Sart Elenion (1)- Elbereth Droughtbringer (1)- I am Stick Orlok (1)- Wyrmhero Nyali (1)- Arinian Sart (1)- Conquestor No Votes (13)- Wonko, Orlok, Bugsy, Lopen, Hemalurgic Headshot, Droughtbringer, Magestar, Silverblade, Herowannabe, Nyali, Manukos, A Joe in the Bush, Assassin in Burgundy Player List
  12. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    He's especially unclear this time because I can't tell if he's voting for A Joe in the Bush or Hemalurgic Headshot, who's character's name is Joe.
  13. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Official Vote Tally: Dalinar (3)- Elenion, Arraenae, Doc12 Elbereth (2)- Ecthelion, Drake Marshall Hemalurgic Headshot (2)- Seonid, Gamma Feind Ecthelion (2)- Straw, Hemalurgic Headshot Lopen (2)- Araris, Dalinar Stink (1)- Stink Gamma Feind (1)- Kipper Doc12 (1)- Madagascar I am Stick (1)- Wilson Conquestor (1)- Sart Wonko (1)- Jondesu Elenion (1)- Elbereth Droughtbringer (1)- I am Stick Orlok (1)- Wyrmhero Nyali (1)- Arinian Sart (1)- Conquestor No Votes (12)- Wonko, Orlok, Bugsy, Lopen, Droughtbringer, Magestar, Silverblade, Herowannabe, Nyali, Manukos, A Joe in the Bush, Assassin in Burgundy Let me know if I missed anything. You guys have 2 and half more hours left in the day!