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  1. You'll see about it in the Elim Doc once Seonid posts them, but there were about 2-3 different points where we almost had the game. The trick with Jon was just one of them. It was just bad luck that we went after the thief (Araris), since we were hoping to be able to work with the thief at that point. Honestly, the thing that saved you guys more so than anything else was the inactives coming back. If Drought, Manukos, and HH hadn't all come back, I'm pretty sure we still could've gotten a lynch on Araris at that point and that would've won us the game. Still, even though we lost, that was a really close game. And those kind of games are the best, IMO. So GG everyone!
  2. Well, seems like your minds are made up. And all off it whether or not Sart was likely to come back or not for the last vote. And all that idea from someone that has been guiding things for the last few cycles. And yet you continue to believe him.... I blocked Len last night, as I said I would. The fact that Manukos and I were both injured confirms that. So what I think happened is that Len declined to not put in a kill because he knew he'd be blocked. So Manukos and I waste our Hazekills on each other (he even suggested that Manukos use his Hazekill on me) and then he has free reign. When I die, if the game isn't over, lynch Len next. He's been guiding the last few lynches to the point that I just can't trust him. Good luck!
  3. I actually have been working for awhile on a Reckoner's game that makes Weaknesses a highlight, kind of what you're talking about @Drake Marshall. If you like, we could Co-GM it (since I have a basic foundation laid down, but there's still plenty of stuff that needs to be done). I was working on it with Gamma, but as you can tell, Gamma hasn't been around in awhile. If you're interested, I could send you a link to the Doc where I was working on it and we could build it together rather than us both running a similar game in the future.
  4. Oh, I will definitely be blocking Len tonight; no matter the outcome of this lynch. I've suspected that Len and Sart are probably our last elims and I could see Len throwing his inactive teammate under the bus so that he can survive. I think this is unlikely, but if he is, then we've basically lost. :/
  5. Arg! You would pull this now Len, when I just don't have time to adequately defend myself! Well played. I, perhaps too obviously, wound up blocking HH. I don't have time to go into detail, but we need to be careful here guys. The game is much closer than Len is letting on. If we mislynch here, and the Ventures kill one of us tonight, then it's 3-2 (there's got to be two left considering Manukos' and my Hazekills) and one of those 3 would be either HH or Sart. So unless they come back again, they'd be able to at least tie the lynch and then we're dead. Which is why I think Len is our Elim. A lot of what he's done this game has been subtle, but it tends to be just misleading enough. Like how he tried to subtley throw some suspicion on me with the theory that I put in a Hazekill for Jondesu to block. Or, the fact that the game is closer now than he's letting on. Or how Yitzi had to call him out about leaving himself off of the "experienced" list when he was throwing accusations at those of us still alive. And then there was our plan with Manukos and my Hazekills. It was a nice touch, but Len was the one to guide us to hitting both Sart and HH, the two people that we went after. And the final straw for me is the fact that he keeps talking about the Venture distribution as if they couldn't have a Rioter. You know what would make a pretty good counter to an Elim Rioter? If HH is a Smoker, then by having one dedicated Smoker and then one like myself, where I can gain Smoking as the game gets closer and smoking is more necessary, I think that actually balances it out fairly well. So I'm sorry I can't do more, but I'm telling you guys, we need to get this one right and Len is my best guess as to who is a Venture. I'll try to be on again after work, which will be a little before rollover, so I can try to answer any final questions then.
  6. I'm good with that Manukos and while I already have a target in mind, I won't say who it is. If we don't find them tonight, to be fair, I'll give my target early on and then your target will be the hidden one, okay?
  7. It's all good, Len. It's just that I was feeling a bit vindicated after Jondesu's lynch because he's been trying to throw suspicion on me basically all game. I wasn't looking forward to going back (though it seems like I don't have a choice in the matter considering other people's suspicion lists...) just because I'm experienced and the whole "why isn't he dead yet?" thing. I was actually just coming back on to suggest something similar. You and I are the last two people with abilities at this point (do we know HH's or Sart's?), so now is the time to use them. And we don't want to hit the same target and both get injured (Do both Hazekillers get injured if they both hit the same person? I just realized that I was just assuming that at this point.).
  8. I am a Hazekiller. I also have a Copper Spike which I implanted N0. I did have one copper that I picked up on N4, but I'm pretty sure Araris stole that as well, even if the GMs forgot to put it in the PM (can you at least verify if the thief takes all items from a person or just one, Seonid?). That seems way convoluted. As in, reaching for a reason to be suspicious of me convoluted. If I was a Venture (I am not) and I was online enough to put an order in (which I was not), then why wouldn't I just put in a kill order in the first place? There's no need for this kind of twist and since I'm convinced that we must have someone playing deeply undercover at the moment, the fact that you're stretching so hard makes me wonder if it's you. That said, I agree with Yitzi; I don't like how, just as the Ventures were trying some crazy plan, all of a sudden Drought, Manukos, and HH all came back. I'm willing to give HH a bit of a break considering that he helped us implicate Jondesu, but by the time he did, Jondesu already had quite a few votes on him, so it could be a bus. Since no one else seems willing to vote (we've already had about half a day turn so far and only the one vote), I'll join him on Droughtbringer because I believe at least one of them is an Elim. Edit: Ninja'd by Araris
  9. That's how I know that Jondesu is lying and Araris is telling the truth. I had the Spike from Cluny, but since I've been so busy recently, I never had the chance to do anything with it. As such, I just had it on my person and it was stolen by Araris last night. Which, if you think about it, is pretty lucky because if I had implanted it, I wouldn't have been able to collaborate with Araris's claim and then we could've had a string of mislynches on our hands!
  10. Wow, to give credit where credit is due, this level of convoluted-ness sounds like something I'd come up with if I were an Elim, Jondesu. Unfortunately, I can confirm that I was stolen from last night and without PMs, I don't see how Araris could know that and be an Elim working with a thief rather than just being the thief themselves. This does seem like it'll be helpful in finding the rest of the Ventures as well. If they were willing to go to this length, I'm now a lot more suspicious of those that tried to get the bandwagon rolling on Araris early.
  11. I'm not claiming that you're stating that Flash isn't a Mistborn. I'm saying that you're trying to cast doubt about, as you pointed out, that he's a Village Mistborn. As I said, I really don't see the Ventures going to such great lengths to try to get Flash confirmed as to waste a kill on him as well as a Pewter Vial (as I believe Jondesu pointed out) at this point in the game when most of us were already fairly convinced in the first place. Let's just assume that my theory is correct for the moment. If that's the case, then we have at least 3 more Ventures that we need to find and only one of them is active. If we continue trying to hunt for the active one, we dwindle our numbers of active villagers that can control the vote while they get closer to having a majority, which still counts their inactive members. During that time, we are going after only a single Elim that has a by far better percentage chance of staying hidden. By taking out their inactive members, that means that they need to kill more of us to be able to get a majority, which means that they have to dwindle down our numbers even further to win; all while remaining hidden. Don't get me wrong, the active Venture still should be our top priority, but by taking out their inactives, we take away the chance for them to more easily win the game. It's, as I said, to give us some more breathing room while not killing each other off and doing their work for them twice as fast as they would alone. If we have anymore Coinshots with vials, I'd actually ask them to do it for us, but I don't think that we really do. We've seen two Coinshot hits and I don't think Steel has been up to buy at all. This is all if I'm right, of course, and if we have a better target, I'm all for it. But we didn't decide on a lynch target today until very late in the day and if it comes down to that again, hitting an inactive and seeing if I'm right isn't a bad option if it takes out one of them.
  12. I feel like a broken record, but I have to apologize for my absence yet again. This new work schedule is just killing me as far as finding time to play, but I don't want to let you all down by going inactive. First off, I'm glad that we can finally put the whole Flash thing to rest. As Cloudjumper pointed out (and Cluny tried to keep suspicion about...), I don't see the Ventures going this far to try to clear Flash. This is the same type of paranoid theory that got Orlok lynched after all and I'll go more into that later. Losing Ecth and what is likely our only other Metallurgist is definitely a blow and everyone need to be extra sure when using their remaining vials. I doubt we'll get more. @Jondesu: I've said before that I thought Flash was likely a Guardsman. I said I thought it made perfect sense for him to be a Villager; just that some of his actions were giving me some very Eliminy vibes (Sorry I haven't been around to give hints and tips, like you asked, Flash. We'll do that at some point in time, promise!) and I wanted him to address those. Heck, even him calling out so audaciously this turn makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up a bit. It's just too loud unless he was trying to make sure everyone noticed that, "see? I can't be a Venture! I'm berating them for trying to kill me!" Which, of course, makes me think collusion most of the time. With all that out of the way, here's where I think we are now. I think we're arguing ourselves into circles. I have a fairly Villager-y read on most of the people that are still active at this point, so here's my theory. Kind of like what Jondesu said, I think we likely have only one more "active" Venture amongst us. They're the one that has been putting in kill orders. I think the rest of their group has gone inactive and that's why we're not hitting any of them. This would make sense with how aggressive Brightness was playing, IMO. If you look back at some of her posts with hindsight, some of them were incredibly blatant (like the one where she called for protection on Flash). This would make sense if there was only really herself and one other person in the Elim Doc. Which brings me to my vote, Cluny. I think Cluny might be the last "active" Venture we have to find. He's been hanging out on the periphery, a favored spot for Elims to hide. He's tried to at least throw some doubt onto whether or not Flash might not be a Village Mistborn. And then there's the fact that I think he's lying about having a Bronze Spike. I think he's a full-fledged Bronze Misting and that's something that I could easily see the Venture having. If Cluny turns out to be innocent (a very real possibility. I don't feel as strongly about this one as I have on other lynches), I suggest we take out some of our inactives. It'll keep the rest of us alive long enough to try to figure out who is the Venture in the lot and give us some breathing room, should we kill the inactive Ventures. That's my thinking anyways.
  13. I'm far too inebriated to be posting, but I still want to say I told you so. And now we've lost our Captain because of it (our only one I beleive, since we haven't seen another one). we need to be on top of our game going forward.
  14. I don't have a lot of time, so I'm going to just quickly go over this and I'll be back on before rollover to go into more detail. Why never mind? I actually hadn't thought of it like that and I can see where you're coming from. I'll try to address this later on, but this made sense to me as far as why, so why'd you abandon it? See? It's stuff like this, Flash. No real explanation; just I feel like a Villager to you. You know who would know that I'm a Villager? An Elim. That's why adding some explanation to your statements helps. It gives a reason for your actions. Like the fact that you go after anyone that thinks that you're an Elim. Why are you so sure that anyone that questions you must be evil? It's a narrow focused way to play and gives us no insight into what you're thinking; which is something an Elim does because they don't really care who gets lynched as long as someone does. So the more you can tell us about your thought process, the better. I've said from Day 1 that I don't think Orlok is an Elim and I'll stick to that. As such, I don't like this lynch on Orlok and since Cluny hasn't clarified at all, as I said earlier, that's where my vote is going, even though that ties it up again. I'll keep an eye on it and if no one else votes, I'll remove mine so that we get some information, but I don't think killing Orlok is in our best interests.
  15. I don't have long. I'll have more time tomorrow since it's finally the weekend, but I don't want to leave you guys waiting on me. @Ecthelion III: Most of the reason I've been somewhat harsh with Flash is because, logically, it makes sense for him to be a Villager in my mind. But, his actions are consistently setting off my Elim radar. That's why I keep going into detail about the things he's doing. If he's actually a Villager, I'd like him to address those concerns rather than just ignore them, as he has been doing. Notice that out of all of the times I've said anything about him, I've never once voted for him. The only reason he hasn't gotten my vote is because I think that he's likely just a new player that doesn't understand that he's sending out some seriously Eliminy vibes. That said, the longer he goes without even making an attempt, the more I'm going to think that the reason is because he finds it difficult to respond to my concerns without giving himself away more so than him being innocent. With regards to Lopen's concerns (which seems to be your only real concerns as well. Jondesu was right about that, without telling me more than you wanted to hear from me, I probably would've waited on this until I finally got some sleep ), his logic is inheritedly flawed from the beginning. To be able to take advantage of a situation, I would have to have no prior knowledge of said situation. But, Lopen also said that the N0 no-kill was likely intentional. As such, if I were an Elim, I would've known that there wasn't going to be a kill and thus planned for the given circumstances and thus there wouldn't be a situation to "take advantage" of. As such, Lopen was trying to convict me of already knowing a certain outcome, but also not knowing about it at the same time. And that's why I'll remind you that just because someone is cleared as a villager doesn't necessarily make them correct. As far as my suspicions right now, while his reasoning was poor due to him supposedly not knowing about Striker claiming in thread, I do agree with Len. As I told Orlok in our PM before it was shut down (Brightness fulfilled that request, btw as it was only shut down after her death. I don't know why she did it any more than you, considering it wasn't like she was trying to win either Orlok or myself over, unless she had just not gotten around to it yet), I also suspect that the Ventures have a Seeker. It would make sense for them, considering that it only reveals metals and not alignment. I'd think that they'd have a full-fledged Seeker though, not just a Spike though. But, Cluny could've claimed to have a Spike when he actually is a Misting, so until I hear more about it, that's likely where my vote will go.