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  1. So per Various WOBs, we know it’s possible for someone to bond multiple spren and join multiple orders. I doubt this will actually happen, and if it does it will likely be just one character, but just for fun I thought it would be interesting to theorize about what second orders various characters would be most likely to join and do well in. to start, kaladin could do well as a bondsmith if there were spren available, though because there’s not I don’t expect him to. He could also work well as a skybreaker, but given how most high spren seemed to have aligned themselves with Nale, that doesn’t seem to be particularly likely either. Dustbringer doesn’t seem to fit, as he doesn’t really struggle much with self control. Edgedancer could work, kaladin does have a penchant for saving those no one else cares about, like new recruits and bridge men. Kaladin’s not scholarly enough to be a truth watcher. He doesn’t have enough hidden potential to be an elsescaller, and he’s not telling any lies, so light weaver is out. Will shaper I don’t really see, but don’t have any strong arguments against. Stoneward is another order I could see him joining. So if you’re interested, feel free to chime in with what you think about this or about other characters
  2. conservation of momentum with iron feruchemcy? whats up with that? Also, does it store weight, mass, gravity, or what's the deal exactly?
  3. 1. pass 2. Smash 3. Smash 4. Smash 5. Depends how convincing they are. 6. Smash. 7. Smash
  4. So, say you made a dagger with a raysium strip in the core like we see in the series, but instead of connecting a gemstone to the pommel you install a wire of raysium, and on the end of that wire you install a needle,m which you stab into yourself. Now you stab someone Invested with that blade, (such as a mistborn, elantrian, returned), and now their investiture flows through the raysium into you, sort of like a hemalurgic spike. Thoughts on this? Would it work, and if so what on? Personally I'm not sure it would work on every power, especially those tied to Identity, but I think it would definitely be a good option for stealing breaths based on how easily they work and how nightblood works on breaths vs stormlight.
  5. So this is a post that's been made a million times, but storm it we ball. What kind of misting/ferring/twinborn would you like to be, and what do you think actually fits you best. Twinborn can be compounders but dodn't have to be. This would be in modern day, either in a world where the mettalic arts just are a thing but it's otherwise identical to our own.your metal and or bracers/vials are just something you can go out and buy at walmart in this example, so nothing is too hard to obtain. No god metals. I'll go first: Powers I'd want: Coinshot/Firesoul/Bronze compounder. Coinshot is super useful for not having to pay for gas or car parts or any of that rust, plus it's cool as storm. Firesoul is just something I've wished for all the time when it's too cold or too hot out. And bronze compounder just gives you an extra third of your life you can do whatever you want with. Power's I feel actually fit me: Smoker/Sparker/no idea. Smoker because I usually try to fly under the radar, and sparker because I get that ADHD last second procastonor boost where I'm 10x more productive, but only after doing nothing 90% of the time.
  6. I feel like you could mix in some standard physical torture as well. Maybe give them some healing via hemalurgy andjust repeatedly break their kneecaps. Admittedly a drop in the bucket compared to everything else,but why not?
  7. 1- I would rather have all 10 honorblades, assuming they came with stormlight, because I would be too concerned about using up the bands of mourning to ever use them. 2- Mistborn is just cooler 3-Elantrian. You think I want that Intent to deal with? 4- Awakener. Transferable Immortality, plus the ability to create little pupets for myself? Count me in
  8. I thought you got a spren as part of your second or first oath, not third? Source on squires not usually graduating to their own spren until the third ideal?
  9. they can’t really accelerate magically. They can only maintain speeds they already have, avoiding deceleration due to friction and air resistance. So maybe they could get that big a speed if they had a big hill to slide down first to get up to speed, but by default they really only can go about the speed a normal human can on flat ground. And only being able to defeat tanks while the tanks are downhill isn’t great. Especially when I don’t know how good an edge dancer is at turning without friction.
  10. I don't know it's quite that easy. Edgedancer's might have some trouble. They're not as great at redirecting on the fly as windrunners & skybreakers, and their limited to a 2d plane of movement. They might have the same superior healing factors as truthwatchers (or maybe that's just corrupted truthwatchers? Who knows?) but I think there's an OK chance they get shot down en route. Lightweavers might also have some trouble. Soulcasting projectiles out of the air is beyond anything we've seen them do. Elsecallers could still make it by Transporting over there, though. Still, 7/10 of your people being able to 1v1 a tank is pretty impressive.
  11. I don’t know how aerodynamic shardplate can be, but here’s what I found for it’s weight: It's been stated that a large horse can safely carry a full-grown man in shardplate so long as they mount the animal "carefully." I take this to mean that the weight of the rider, plate, and saddle is close to the maximum weight the horse can carry around for a more-or-less extended period of time without injury, about 20-30% of its body weight. A horse can weigh up to about 2,000 lbs. 0.3 x 2,000 lbs = 600 lbs of total carrying capacity, which would make the armor weigh at most about 400 lbs, and more likely closer to 250-300 lbs (since horses that large typically aren't suitable for riding). This is also happens to be just heavy enough that most people would have extreme difficulty moving if the suit were to lose power, which also agrees with in-book references. if we assume 300 lbs of weight added, that ups the speed to ~471 mph for sharplate. If we assume it can become very streamlined, matching that of a standard streamlined body, I’ll reduce the drag coefficient to 0.1 (from the 0.7 of a standard human body, and still higher than the 0.016 of a supersonic fighter jet.) we get a top speed of: 1,248 mph, or 2008 kmph. Of course, that’s assuming the plate doesn’t add any area to the cross section. But it is pretty fast. Well over Mach 1. However, a modern fighter jet is still faster, flying at around 1,600 mph on average, and faster ones could be found if need be. And at this speed, a the ability to manuver is greatly reduced for the radiants, as turning too quickly risks liquifying their insides, plate or no plate. Stormlight healing can make up for this, but it’s another drain on the already overtaxed stormlight that ensures they can’t keep up this speed for long, especially not in combat.
  12. Even with 16x earth gravitation, assuming no atmosphere manipulation terminal velocity is only ~300 mph. Any more gravitation than that is going to cause you to run out of stormlight super quick. They’re super fast compared to pre-industrial stuff, but compared to most modern jets they’re still relatively slow because humans just arent very aerodynamic compared to stuff like planes. Granted they can reverse thrust to any other direction in an instant, so they’re more maneuverable, but speed wise they don’t beat a jet.
  13. For the record, just because 75% of the population has magic powers doesn’t mean they are automatically willing to fight in the military any more than the people of earth will be. Plenty will be non-combatants just like plenty of earthlings will be.and yeah, you’d have difficulty soulcasting jets and stuff from the cognitive realm, but what about people? They’d be pretty easy to storm up from the CR. You could also pop out for just a sec to stab them with the shardblade, then jump back in the Cr. And I do agree that the only way most of the Cosmere really stands a chance is to attack from the Cr. Everyone else is just gonna get bombed, except maybe elantrians who could generate a forcefield to protect themselves. It is kinda boring, but the earthlings are just gonna out range them otherwise.
  14. Yeah, no problem. I was thinking more of a blank field with earth on one side and Cosmere on the other.
  15. Balanced in that I'm nuetralized things except for a single factor. Magic & magitech vs real world tech.As for sourcing, it's more interesting if they have magic. Rosharans & selish folks vs earthlings on anywhere but roshar/sel is just earthlings va regular people. that's why I did this. They don't have infinite investiture either, they still have to rely on what they can harness. There's a limit to how much you can pull through the dor and how quickly gems are restored, or how many breaths there are, I'm just allowing them to use their magics in the way we're most familiar with, the way they do on their homeworlds. Doing the same for earth isn't giving them acess to the cognitive realm, it's giving them enough batteries and fuel to power all of their tech. Which it would be weird not to have. And each planet can't come and go from the CR at will. only Rosharans and Selish folks can go to the CR. There are no perpendicularities for anyone to use, and no one else can make their own. And you can soulcast a bomb as easily as you soulcast anything else. The only thing that blocks soulcasting is strong Identity and Investiture, a bomb has neither more than any other object. The complexity of an object has nothing to do with it. also, rule of thumb that overules all of this: It's my thread. I can do what I want.
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