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Second Orders of various characters

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So per Various WOBs, we know it’s possible for someone to bond multiple spren and join multiple orders. I doubt this will actually happen, and if it does it will likely be just one character, but just for fun I thought it would be interesting to theorize about what second orders various characters would be most likely to join and do well in.


to start, kaladin could do well as a bondsmith if there were spren available, though because there’s not I don’t expect him to. He could also work well as a skybreaker, but given how most high spren seemed to have aligned themselves with Nale, that doesn’t seem to be particularly likely either. Dustbringer doesn’t seem to fit, as he doesn’t really struggle much with self control. Edgedancer could work, kaladin does have a penchant for saving those no one else cares about, like new recruits and bridge men. Kaladin’s not scholarly enough to be a truth watcher. He doesn’t have enough hidden potential to be an elsescaller, and he’s not telling any lies, so light weaver is out. Will shaper I don’t really see, but don’t have any strong arguments against. Stoneward is another order I could see him joining. 

So if you’re interested, feel free to chime in with what you think about this or about other characters

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Rock as a stoneward, because... Rock!

I'm curious exactly why you feel Kaladin could fit in with the skybreakers. I don't think I necessarily disagree, at least not to a strong degree, but I don't think I share your instinct on this either. I guess I'm struggling to imagine what set of laws Kaladin would be willing to bind himself to. Maybe his own morals? But that doesn't really feel like a skybreaker to me...

I feel like Jasna could maybe pick up dustbringer. I haven't met enough dustbringers to form a solid understanding of what that order looks like on average... Actually I might be completely misunderstanding what their basic tenant implies as well. I always thought the dustbringers were supposed to be great at self control - as a natural result of their understanding (both understanding of the world around them, and understanding of themselves). You seem to imply the opposite up above... Do I have this backwards?

Lift could maybe be a willshaper.

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