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  1. I’m not sure it will be as simple as winning or losing. Or breaking the pact and releasing odium. I don’t think odium will be the big bad for books 6-10. This book has got to set up some of the conflict for those. I think that outside players or cultivation or something will change things up in a way we can’t see yet.
  2. I believe so, I know in 2022, the non-vip badge was good for both days.
  3. What are your thoughts on the name for the Brandon Sanderson convention? I like the name a lot. Nexus invokes a sort of cool interconnectivity/central hub. I did find it a little funny that Brandon says they are using the name Dragonsteel for too many things so they need a better name for the convention, but then it is still called the "Dragonsteel" Nexus. We have Dragonsteel the material, the book, the company, the convention.... Still, I really like the name and am very excited for the event. I do have a question regarding Dragonsteel 2024 that the community may be able to help clear up. I am traveling in from Germany and may not be able to attend on Thur. On the Dragonsteel website it says, "The Wind and Truth Release Event will be held on Thursday December 5, 2024 from 7-9pm". Haven't the book release events normally been the 2nd day? I'd hate to miss that part of it. Also, do we have any details on how this one will differ from past Dragonsteel conferences (Dragonsteel nexi, nexuses, nexus?) since it is going to be 1 day longer? See you in December!
  4. Well here I was thinking the leatherbound was too rich for my blood. Foiled again by Brandon making things I want. I may have to back it afterall.
  5. I’m not certain that it is clear if 2 or 3 came first. I think this is the most relevant passage: So he does say it was at two different times, that he was in the two orders and that he formed new “bonds” after getting the dawnshard. But I’m not sure why bonds is plural. But I think you could read this as 1. Join the wind runners 2. join the sky breakers 3. Get the dawnshard
  6. I didn’t love this book. It was fun but I had a real hard time getting into it. The characters felt a little flat to me. I loved the whole premise of the story with the interdimensional travel and all of the moral quagmire that would be. But the book never really caught me where I couldn’t put it down or couldn’t wait to read it again. I really didn’t like the handbook parts the felt very distracting and the humor felt too silly for me. I also have to say I didn’t love the art. It felt overly juvenile to me. my prediction is that this will be the weakest of the four. When creating a 4-person relay team you generally put the strongest in the 4th spot, next strongest in the 1st spot, then the 3rd spot and the weakest in the 2nd spot. I think the kickstarter novels will be like this.
  7. Good point about the dor being made up of both Dominion and Devotion. I had forgotten that.
  8. I was joking, I was referring to a gorn from Star Trek
  9. We’ve seen Hoid intentionally seek out new powers multiple times now. In Elantris he tried to become an Elantrian, in Tress he succeeded, in stormlight he sought to become a radiant, in secret history he intentionally became a mistborn, etc… Two questions. 1) why is he seeking out these powers? I don’t think it is just to become more powerful in the traditional sense. Rather I think he is messing with some realmatic theory to gain some connection to each of the 16 shards. Maybe with the intent of re-forming Adonalsium? 2) if he is trying to gain connection to all 16 shards, does becoming a mistborn connect him to both ruin and preservation or just preservation. Similarly, does becoming a light weaver connect him to both honor and cultivation or just one of them. Is becoming an Elantrian connect him to just devotion or does it connect him to dominion as well? any other thoughts on Hoids gotta catch ‘em all strategy?
  10. Honestly, I'm normally not very good at picking up on things too early. But this one seemed very obvious right from the start. I suspected he was Charlie from the very first time we met him and learned he was cursed by the sorceress and recognized Tress's face. Also, who else would want to go to the rock, and then every time he talked about his family it seemed obvious, he was Charlie. It seemed so obvious that I was frustrated with Tress for not realizing it. I also thought it was so obvious that Hoid would make some comment later on like, "yes to anyone paying attention, the rat is obviously Charlie". But reading on this forum it looks like perhaps it wasn't as obvious as I thought.
  11. I’m just going to throw this out there, but I think Knights of Wind and Truth would be a great title. I just came up with it.
  12. I still can’t find a video or transcript of the reading done during the spoiler q&a. Does anyone know where I can find it?
  13. Hello, I attended Dragonsteel 2022 and loved it. I went to the spoiler Q&A but had to leave early before he did his reading. I also wasn't able to attend the release event on Tuesday night. Is there anywhere I can get a transcript of his readings during those events?
  14. Exciting/sad news all in one! I do agree that it seems like the wear of writing a stormlight book is taking more and more of a toll on Brandon. It seems like it is becoming more and more a drudgery, something he feels he has to do rather than something he can’t wait to do. Personally I’d trade all 4 secret projects for SA5. But it seems like these other projects are necessary for Brandon to give us his best version of SA5, and there are much worse things for authors to need for rejuvenation than writing new exciting books.
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