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    I do need aim assist.
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    I be msn the time I could actually sleep.
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    I see Q as well. One of my favorite characters to write.
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    It’s lonely when you’re the only one cheering.
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    Do I like... jab someone with this?? Or do I have the moves like Jabber???
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    I know you’re skypinggg~ But every cloud has got a silver lininggg~

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    God be with you till we meet again <3
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    Home away from home, which is home, and can be classified as home, a.k.a. Home
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    A hippopotamus
    My two front teeth
    And youuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUU

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    In other words, heyyyyyyy, I wrote something that’s not responding to the Zvso rp.

    You can read it here or pretend that you read it or just ignore me:


    Ain’t even gonna try and fit it all in a spoiler box.

    It’s a revise of an old piece of writing that I’m pretty sure I never shared on here, and I won’t give the original since it’s very crappy and clunky <3



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