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  1. Two-sentence horror story competition at my local library. I'd like to challenge y'all. Here's mine:

    A dark, frigid night spent alone.


    But was it truly alone?

    1. ProfetessaOscura


      The soft warmth of flame evoked gentle dreams of home and family.

      The sharp sting of the burning pyre woke him to the reality of his situation.

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  2. For all theatre people:

    Every year, my school does the Utah Shakespeare Festival competition. We have two teams: middle school, which is 7-9 grade, and high school, which is 9-12 grade. Each team must do an ensemble scene, two duo/trio scenes, and three monologues, and have the choice to do a duo/trio dance and an ensemble dance.
    I'm on the high school team this year, and we chose to do a duo/trio dance but not an ensemble dance.
    We put everyone - even scenes and monos - in the ensemble, with non-specifically ensemble people being a part of the surprise attack choir, who sit in the back.

    So anyway, this year I'm part of a duo/trio scene. Pretty dang tough, I was surprised when he chose me instead of just putting me in as one of the very minor parts in the ensemble. So we've already performed, the judges have judged us, and we want to show off to the people at the school. So we're doing what we do every year, a showcase. But obviously, some people won't be able to attend. Just one this year: A secondary character with two monologues and a good bit of blocking.

    Obviously, our director can't put someone who was in the regular ensemble in as this secondary characters, so he needs someone from scenes/monos/dance. Dance is a no, they wouldn't be in there if they wanted to memorize lines. He already used one of the monos as Macbeth because Macbeth got COVID before we left and couldn't come. That leaves 6 scene people (both scenes were trios) and 2 monos. Guess who he sent the email to (day before the showcase) asking if someone could replace her! Me and the two monos, who are both so timid they didn't make it through the first round.

    So I memorized some monologues last night (which feels fast). And I'm going to learn my blocking today, about an hour before we perform.

    A: I feel very impressive, both because of the opinion of my coach and because of my ability to do this.

    B: I'm more than slightly terrified.

    1. ProfetessaOscura


      Wow!  Memorizing Shakespeare monologues within the 24 hours of performance, that's fantastic!  How did it go?

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  3. Hi who wants to read a thing I wrote?

    Too bad.


        If you’re here, then that’s your first mistake.
        Adventurer, villain, or just a simple farmer; in any case, you came to the wrong place. I recommend that you get out while you still can, before you regret it.
        But if you plan on staying, let me explain.
        You can call me whatever you want for the time being. Names aren’t among the kinds of things you find here. Here, you find fears, pain, weakness, and shame. Everything you wish you didn’t have hiding out inside your conscience—every negative emotion, every broken heart—will eventually find its way down here.
        I’m the one who gives shelter to all of these lost shards and fragments of your soul. Some people call this place purgatory; others hell. I call it home.
        You look confused. Why don’t you sit down? I’d offer you a hot cup of tea, but warmth isn’t exactly something you find down here either. Maybe you’ve noticed already. I can still offer you a cold cup, though. If it tastes bitter to you… well, that’s because it is.
        Go ahead. Ask as many questions as you like; there isn’t much else to do down here.
        How’d you get here? So you don’t know? Not many do, I suppose, but it’d be nice to have someone who does for a change. Well, you could be here for a number of reasons. Plenty of hidden portals and whatnot that could get you here, but I doubt you took one of those. More likely you needed a place to take a breather and found your way here.
        Hmm. It does seem like a bad place, doesn’t it? Personally I don’t think so. Gloomy, certainly. Perhaps depressing at times if you stop to think about it. I guess it’s all dependent on how you define ‘bad.’ What does that word mean to you? Is it an absence of good or a thing unto itself? Could you sit down and make a list of all things good and all things bad? That seems rather subjective to me. I doubt you could. In my opinion, a bad thing is something we wish we didn’t have: but that’s just me. It’s up to everyone to figure out what it means on their own.
        Why are you down here? Now that’s a good question. Like I said, you needed shelter, so you went and found it. Yeah, maybe this place doesn’t seem like the best place for that, but at the same time it kinda is.
        Do you have enough tea? It might take me awhile to explain that.
        This place doesn’t have a name. In fact, it’s not even a place in terms of being a somewhere. Let’s say, for the time being, that your soul is ‘here.’ It’s like when someone says you’re in bad place. When you’re going through a hard time, this is the place you’re traveling through. When you’re feeling down, this is the bottom you’ve hit.
        So let’s say that you’re not doing well right now. If you’re in the dark, then here’s somewhere you can stay until you adjust. Maybe you’re feeling lost, in which case this is the place you’ve found. Maybe you lost someone else; you’re feeling alone. So you came and found us.
        Mhm. You’re not the only one here. Try looking around.
        No, not with your eyes.
        There. Do you see them now? All those dark shards are kind of like bits of peoples’ souls. They’ve been torn up and thrown away. Those belong to the ones who hide their regrets; sometimes even from themselves. Eventually they’ll have to come down here and find them again to make themselves complete, but for now they can pretend to be happy with their dark patches hidden away from the rest of the world. Until then, it’s my job to take care of them.
        If you look around hard enough, you’ll find people like yourself down here. Some of them have made a terrible decision; others have had terrible decisions made for them. That man over there is struggling with addiction, and that woman—his wife—is at a loss for what to do. That child’s parents have been neglecting him, but he isn’t old enough to tell anyone about it. And that one… well, if you can remember, you know that one. When you have the time and the courage, try to ask them about it.
        If you’re afraid, then that’s alright. A lot of the people here are too. If you’re sad, then so are they. The thing is, you’re all here. With your souls broken and thrown away, you all came to the same place. Here, you and everyone else are connected by what brought you to such a dark place. How that works is complex, and I could spend hours explaining how it worked on every level; from the nature of a soul to the chemicals in your brain. But suffice it to say that where most people come from, it’s just called empathy.
        Are you starting to get it now? You’re coming close. Why don’t you take a bit more tea?
        If you find yourself still looking around, then that’s okay. Everyone comes down here at some point. It can be hard to understand that at first. Realizing that everyone has inner demons that they have to deal with at some point or another—just like you—can be a bit shocking. Some people try to pretend like that’s not the case. You can find pieces of their souls down here, just like everyone else. 
    A lot of people try to leave as soon as they can, but they almost always leaving a bit of themselves behind. Even if how long you need to spend down here is different from person to person, you have to live out all of it eventually. I can promise you that it isn’t going to be pleasant, but it is necessary.
    So while you’re here, try to think about why you’re here. You’re here to rest, to collect yourself, to feel out the terrain before you venture away.
    If you need to catch your breath, then here it is.
    If you’re feeling broken, then here’s a place to take a break.
    If you need to cry, then here’s a place where people won’t watch.
    I’m here; I always have been, I always will be. I’m not going anywhere.
    Why don’t you take some more tea?
    I’m sorry that you have to be here. I really am. But you can feel free to stay as long as you need.

    I'm writing it for a smol competition. This is the rough draft. Is it any good?

    1. ProfetessaOscura


      It's excellent!  It gets a little exposition-heavy in the middle, and that's going to be a challenge when you're writing in 2nd person narration, as it ends up being an interaction dictated by only one speaker.  The premise is awesome, and the world this person finds themselves in is interesting and vague enough to pique interest.

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  4. I made another animatic! 

    SPOILERS BEFORE YOU WATCH: Mistborn 1-3, 6, and Secret History


  5. Sooooooooo *walks in with a pizza to a room on fire, people screaming*

    I'm not a negative person.  I like to think I'm pretty chill.  

    I genuinely don't have any idea what is going on, and I'm not sure I like it.

    Oh, I'll come around to it.  But hole-ee woe, that came out of left field.

    Bonus reaction to friends:




    1. ProfetessaOscura


      I read Mistborn as a kid.  They'll be fine.  The least it'll do is encourage them to topple corrupt governments with their wits and identify toxic laws while tackling morally ambiguous situations.  Good growth for kids.  ;) 

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  6. One of my chickens just died. 
    A neighborhood cat snuck into the coop and ripped its head off. 
    I will be leaving the Shard, maybe permanently. Because of many reasons. Bye. I love y’all. 

  7. This is kind of stupid.  And I doubt many people will see it.  But I want, and need, to say this.

    I've made myself a persona, on and off the Shard, that is built on being kind.  On being supportive.  On being quiet, and a little bit naive, and a little bit disconnected from the world.  And that quietness and naivete and disconnect is real.  I am that person.  The problem is, being that person can be exhausting.

    I want to be a kind person, and I try to be.  Making someone's day brighter is something I love doing.  But it creates a sort of stained-glass window effect.  People see what I want them to see, because it's easier.  It's easier for me to be the happy, smiling person who puts a smile on someone's face when they need it most, than to say 'hey, I could really use something funny or sweet or silly right now'.

    It's tiring.  It's isolating.  And when it comes to a head, I feel stuck behind the pretty colored glass that I made.  

    And that's where I am now.  It's rough.  But I'm done.  I can't keep pretending that everything is perfect in my life.  Sometimes I feel that way.  My family is great.  My situation in life is good.  So I feel like I shouldn't say anything, even when I can, because there are other people who need the support more, who don't have what I'm so lucky to have.

    One of the things I'm lucky to have is the Shard.  There have been countless times where I've been down, and tired, and all I want to do is scream into the forest and then sleep for a week, and I run across a goofy comment in Sharder One-liners, or a interesting tidbit in a book discussion board, or a especially beautiful piece of fanart, or a meme that makes me crack up.

    It's not a bad think to be supportive, and I know that.  But what I have to learn is how to be supported.

    So thank you.  You all are amazing, amazing people.

    1. ProfetessaOscura


      Not stupid at all.  Wise.  People like to pretend that love and care and attention is an endless fountain in every heart.  Every fountain needs a source, to fill and be filled.  You're wise.

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  8. If you were ever in the Fellowship of the Thing, please help me save my child. I don't want it to die. Heck, even if you weren't ever on it, go ahead and join it anyways. NO DEATH.

  9. This is mostly going out to @Vapor and @EmiTheNinja, but if you're not one of these two wonderful people, then that doesn't mean you can't take anything in what I expect to be a massive wall of text to heart.

    You guys all know me as this crazy, charismatic, and all-around happy guy (I think). I do my best to personify that in my posts and whatnot, and to be completely honest, it's not usually that difficult for two reasons:

    1. am, in fact, a crazy, charismatic, and all-around happy guy; at least, I am for most of the time.
    2. I can type literally anything from behind a computer screen and portray any emotion I want. I could be bawling my eyes out right now and you guys would never know :ph34r:

    What most of you probably don't know is that sometimes I am not a crazy, charismatic, and all-around happy guy. After recent events and other disappointments, my parents and I are pretty scudding sure that I have depression. In case you were wondering, having depression isn't fun: it doesn't take very much to trigger me into an angry or depressed streak. I'm more irritable than usual, I get frustrated really easily, and my stress levels are through the roof.

    There's a weird thing at my school where everyone's always like "Look at me, I have depression." I'm pretty sure this came from the memeverse, because I've never understood it. Basically, every other kid pretends they have depression because they think it's cool to have depression. At this point, it's impossible to determine who actually has depression and who's just pretending.

    Back before I realized I was depressed a whole scudding lot, I kind of assumed that it didn't even exist: that it was just something kids made up for pity points and likes on reddit. Now that I am depressed a whole scudding lot, I've had plenty of opportunities to think to myself, "nope, nope... it definitely exists."

    Being an aspiring author, I've had lots of time to study up on character arcs and whatnot. I don't like blowing my own horn, but I think that doing so has made me a bit of a wiser person. I could go on and on about how thinking of myself as wise makes me not wise, and how I'm just trying to tell myself or whatever, but... just... we'll ignore that for now. At the very least, I've put thought into how characters struggle with their own faults and weaknesses, as well as how they overcome them.

    I must've had a bit of an ego going for awhile, because when I realized that I had the same struggles as those characters, it was a huge blow to my paradigm. If you guys have ever wondered why I tend to turn down compliments, it's because I don't enjoy taking pride in myself; I feel self-centered and narcissistic whenever I do so (it's kinda annoying sometimes, to tell you the truth). So looking back and realizing that I essentially thought that my "character arc" was something different and "better" than those of characters in various media kind of made me think, "was I really that crass?"

    I think that everyone thinks that they've reached the peak of wisdom and maturity at the point they're currently in. As a seven-year-old, I can distinctly remember thinking that I was finally a big boy now: I could go out and live on my own for all I cared. Same for when I was eight; and nine, and ten, and so on. Perhaps the biggest revelation I've ever had was just realizing "hey... y'know, I'm not done growing yet, and I doubt I ever will."

    It was that thought that kind of defines what most of us think of a "character arc." Some people mistakenly say that character development has to end in change, which is totally untrue (remember Frodo and the Ring? He literally failed his arc. The only reason the Ring was destroyed was because of the promise Smeagol broke, and evil being the only thing being capable of destroying itself, and... okay, I'm going off on a tangent here, DO NOT PROVOKE ME, CHILDREN, I WILL GO ON FOR AGES ABOUT THE THEME IN LOTR). A character arc is simply defined by choices and growth, whether those choices be good or bad; that growth for the better or for worse. The supposed "character change" is made by a character choosing to change.

    If you're reading this, then you're probably on the Shard. Furthermore, you're probably relatively active on the Shard, and likely a member of the extended group of buddies that I happen to be a member of. During this stupid pandemic (I bite my thumb at thee, Corona), I've come to rely on the friends I have here for basically all of my social interaction. That's probably not completely healthy, but that isn't the point I'm trying to make here. The point I'm trying to make is that you've all been supportive of me, and I'd like to have a chance to be supportive of you.

    Well, that's real great, Fadran. Is there a reason why you gave us that massive wall of text for what seems like a relatively superficial point?

    Shush. I'm not done yet. I still need my super-Dainspeech-style closing argument thingy.

    The reason I made this status update was because of two friends of mine here on the Shard: Vapor and Emi. Near as I can tell, they're the two sweetest and most loveable people on the face of the entire scudding planet. Only problem is, they strongly disagree. Very strongly disagree. Anyone on the Sharder Lair discord would know of our incessant conversations trying to convince these two to love themselves and be happy.

    Generally, trying to convince a Sharder to be happy with who they are is like trying to convince a stick to become fire; difficult, but not impossible. Unfortunately, when Sharders be like the one and only Fadran, trying to convince them to be happy is like trying to convince a rock to become fire... or, rather, trying to convince a rock to become a warrior instead of a cook.

    The reason I made this SU is to try to convince them that it's okay to be unsatisfied with where you are right now. I'm very unsatisfied with where I am currently, and I think that's understandable: I'm depressed all the time, I'm easily irritable, and I get mad at people real easy. None of those things are desireable traits.

    Maybe you guys have undesireable traits. Maybe you think that you're ugly and worthless and mean. You're not the only person who thinks of themselves that way. I doubt that there's a person in the world who's completely satisfied with how they are. What's important is just trying to show yourself some mercy and love. It isn't lawful that man should run more than he has strength (scud, I love that scripture), so just do your best. Remember that you're loved here, and we're only going to encourage you to try to improve.

    Unfortunately, we can only take you halfway. We can cheer you up and endlessly hurl compliments in your direction... but you can only take a horse to water. You can't make it drink.

    In the end, the only thing that matters is the choice you make. We'll walk with you, talk with you; we'll carry you if we have to. We'll drop you on the crossroads of your life, cheering you on to keep going, but there's nothing we can do to make you choose to become better. Rely on us for the journey, not the destination. The choice belongs to you.

    Hopefully that helped you somewhat.

    Don't die,

    ~ Fadran

    1. ProfetessaOscura


      Bet you win the day!  
      Wish I could upvote it every time there was LotR and self-growth.

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  10. HOLY CRUD! 

    I almost just swore. . . 

    So the reason I almost swore, was because we just found out that one of my best friends is in the ER right now. She was playing hockey, and when she fell, someone’s skate ran over her wrist. It’s sliced open her wrist, and she started bleeding a lot. They called an Ambulance, and it took her to the hospital. Luckily, the cut barely missed her major vines in her wrist, because of it cut them she would’ve been in deep trouble. She’s ok now, which is great. She say it feels a lot better, which is also great. She says she can go to school, which is good. 
    And now I keep cringing imagining what she had to go through. . . 

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