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  1. 19 hours ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Quest turned, and a blinked for a second before registering the question. "I, hmm, possibly. I mean, probably, right? The object would have to be moving very fast to dig so far. And falling would probably get it that speed." Quest mulled over it for a second. "Hey, um, shadow man, did you notice any sort of strange heat down in the hole?"

    @The Aspiring Archivist

    Miyako grinned widely as she looked around the room. She longed to pull out a sword and test steel with some of the soldiers in the room, but knew that she was already exhausted from the princess's training and the hangover of her shadow. Miyako sighed internally. It would not be wise to further tire herself, no matter how fun all the toys looked.

    Miyako caught Yerik's expression. "Eh, Acolyte. You're at home a forge right? Do you know anything special 'bout all the weapons here, especially with coming from here and all?"

    "Yes," replied Yerik. "Do you remember when I told you about special metals that I could use to make magical weapons?" He gestured. "Well... here they are! I suppose you've seen the soldiers use them, so you know a little bit about how they work."


    Also, in the other storyline- did a meteor just crash into the planet?


  2. On 12/4/2023 at 4:18 PM, Ookla the Reborn said:

    "I'd be more impressed if you'd brought us somewhere useful." shot back Jeremy. "What use is dimension-hopping if you can only end up in weird places inhabited by 'unimaginable horrors?'

    All of a sudden, Jeremy noticed the eyes.

    "Uhh," he said, backing up. "Uhhhh."

    Just now, xinoehp512 said:

    All of a sudden, Jeremy noticed the eyes.

    "Uhh," he said, backing up. "Uhhhh."


  3. On 12/14/2023 at 2:36 PM, Mr. Misting said:

    Well I mostly have questions. How many guards are there, are they currently possessed by the queen? How nice are the swords? How many weapons and what types of weapons? Is there any one weapon that seems important? How big is the room?

    Miyako looked around the room. 

    The room was filled with soldiers, both in armor and out. Some seemed to be training, while others stood guard.

    The walls were covered in weapons- mostly spears, though there were a few devices that appeared to be fancy crossbows. The primary focus of the room, however, was the armor.

    Two main kinds were represented- the golden kind that could change its shape, and the reddish metal that some of the soldiers had used to pull off remarkable displays of power.

    Yerik's eyes lit up as he scanned the room.

  4. 8 hours ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Sounds good to me. 


    In that case... boom, they are now at the armory. It's filled with swords and armor made of the rare metals that work with Yerik's metalcraft abilities.  It's also filled with guards, in case Miyako was thinking of trying anything funny.

    I will endeavor to write something up, but if I don't get to it before you read this, feel free to make something up based on the above description.


  5. 14 minutes ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Miyako smirked at Hyron and Yerik. "Right, let's go walk 'round." And go find some dark little secret to hang her majesty on.

    The group ventured out into the halls.


    I'm not actually sure what would be in a palace besides what's already there...

    Points of interest I can think of would be the library and the armory.


  6. 44 minutes ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Ok, it doesn't seem like Calano is going to be playing, with his latest post. What do you want to do?


    For now, I think, continue by assuming what Hyron would do. Long term... either find someone to take over the role, or kill the character off.

    On 12/4/2023 at 5:43 PM, Mr. Misting said:

    Let's go do that then! Miyako said. We can say we're stretching our legs or whatever. You two finished with your pasta yet? Miyako asked, dropping her empty bowl on the counter behind her. 

    "Tides, that was good pasta. Wanna go hit the halls and go walking 'round?" Miyako repeated, for the benefit of anyone listening in.

    "I'm done," replied Yerik, putting his bowl in the sink. "Let's go."

  7. 18 hours ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Let's go do that then! Miyako said. We can say we're stretching our legs or whatever. You two finished with your pasta yet? Miyako asked, dropping her empty bowl on the counter behind her. 

    "Tides, that was good pasta. Wanna go hit the halls and go walking 'round?" Miyako repeated, for the benefit of anyone listening in.

    @Ookla The Storyteller


    What's the plan if Calano doesn't want to continue?

    Hopefully not 'stop'- I rather enjoy this RP...


  8. On 12/3/2023 at 12:21 AM, Ookla the Name-Stolen said:

    The shadowed figure huffed angrily. "Not long ago it would've taken weeks for me to gather enough strength to make a hole in reality like this! You should be more appreciative of my incredible ability to travel between dimensions."

    The eyes of the Hunger were close now, and coming closer every moment.

    "I'd be more impressed if you'd brought us somewhere useful." shot back Jeremy. "What use is dimension-hopping if you can only end up in weird places inhabited by 'unimaginable horrors?'

  9. 16 hours ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Yeah Miyako conceded. Hey, did her majesty say she needed us for anything else besides the princess's training, or do we have free run of her castle? How much you suspect we're being watched?

    I... think the princess is keeping track of your location. To make sure you don't leave the castle.

    Yerik glanced at Miyako. Would we get in trouble for exploring?

    I... no, I don't think so.

  10. 23 hours ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Miyako sighed. Fine. I know. It just feels seven kinds of wrong to be sitting here doing nothing, while being in her house. 

    There's things you can do besides fight, the voice replied. Practice your mental resistance, for one thing.

    And we can observe, added Yerik. There might be information hidden around here somewhere.

  11. 22 minutes ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Yeah, well... Miyako grumbled. Look, we've got reason to kill them and as fine as I am running away from the Queen right now, leaving her rotting on this island will haunt us later. Kill your demons before they can kill you. Maybe we leave the island and go find some mythic fighter and point them in the Queen's direction. I don't know. But we should be trying to work towards revenge regicide, yeah?

    Look, said the voice. Just... be careful, all right? If you try to fight, and fail, then things will be a lot worse for you. It'll be a lot harder to escape from a dungeon cell than a servant's room, I can tell you that much. And you aren't nearly strong enough yet to resist Lethe if she decides to make a dedicated assault on your mind.

  12. 14 minutes ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Miyako paused. Well...yeah. The Queen's gone and murdered Yerik's dad. Me and her got bad blood between us. And while we're at it, we should stick a sword or two in the princess also. No one can just run me around a track like a dog. Bloody tides, yeah we're gonna kill them. 

    Murder them how? shot back the voice. You didn't exactly do well with your first attempt.

  13. 1 hour ago, Mr. Misting said:

    "Bet it does." The woman said, grinning. "Tell you what, I'll go and grab a rope or something to help pull you out of there, and Johnston here, will be waiting right at the top to make sure you're alright. Don't worry, Johnston wouldn't hurt a fly. At least until you make him angry." The woman leaned towards Johnston and whispered something quickly, before sprinting into the woods, back where she had come from. "Be right back!" She called.

    Quest adjusted his glasses, weighing his options now that the woman was gone. Looking over Johnston was intimidating, he was all muscles and knives, with literal bandoliers of knives across his expansive chest. 

    Hmm. He could maybe incapacitate Johnston or push him into the hole.... Quest looked over his shoulder, and the easy escape into the woods. "I was just planning on birdwatching today", Quest mumbled dejectedly, "not whatever this is."

    Miyako sighed. That's a hassle and a half. Ok: Greenie and Knives. That work for you Greenie? Miyako said with a smirk. 

    @Ookla The Storyteller

    Miyako nodded. I'm with you Acolyte. We'll get the Queen.

    Wait, wait, spoke the voice. You still want to fight?

  14. 1 hour ago, Ookla the Name-Stolen said:

    Some time later…

    Hey, wake up. I think I see someone.

    I’m sure they can find a different group of random adventurers if need be.

    Nameless felt the beams closing in on him, felt Platypus slacken his energy. He knows I’m planning something. Still, can’t make my move yet. He continued to struggle, but the beams inched closer and closer despite his best efforts to halt them. Almost there. just a little bit longer.

    The shadowed figure nodded. “Yes. I can’t travel easily between worlds any other way. I can leave you here with my minions, if you wish. They might save you.”

    @Ookla the Reborn

    Jeremy hesitated. "Fine," he said reluctantly. "Let's get out of here."

  15. 13 hours ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Huh. So ya saying if we escape her influence real fast, then she won't have time to get all swords and venom on our minds?

    Yes. Although it would be best if you kept your names concealed; then, even if she did realize you had left, there would be precious little she could do about it. Speaking of which, you should change the nicknames you use for each other. As you start to recognize them as names, they will give Lethe more power over you.

    13 hours ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Miyako's face hardened. She could guess what Acolyte was feeling. She reached across to Yerik, and tapped him on his shoulder with her fist, to show solidarity. 

    Yerik turned and gave Miyako a lopsided smile. It's alright. It was a long time ago.

  16. 12 minutes ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Miyako snorted. That's super vague Voice. What happened to them, tell it straight?

    He was not able to escape Lethe's range of influence before she realized he was gone. In her fury, she assaulted his mind, tearing from him his name.

    15 minutes ago, Mr. Misting said:

    You feeling all good Acolyte? Miyako clarified to Yerik. You're looking good and sunk

    It was his father. The man who escaped. He would have washed up on shore, Nameless- just like those unfortunate souls you encountered in the village.

  17. 1 hour ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Miyako tried to subtly look over at the chefs, to see if they had noticed Yerik's odd behavior. It was not very subtle. 

    Yeah, but what exactly we trying to succeed at? Miyako said. Quieter, just to Yerik, Miyako said Oi, Acolyte. You cutting clean?

    I presume you want to escape with your sanity intact, yes? replied the voice grimly. Yerik stared at his pasta. Fortunately, the cooks did not seem to notice his sudden gloom. The last person to escape the island was not so lucky.

    Yerik blinked at Miyako's question. What do you mean?

  18. 1 minute ago, Ookla the Name-Stolen said:

    "Yes." The shadowed figure noticed Jeremy's expression. "I'll put him on speaker."  He did so, and a nasally, groveling voice became audible to Jeremy.

    "Master, this world you have decided to visit is terrible indeed. All records indicate that it is haunted by a horror that is unimaginable-to one such as me, obviously not to one as great as you, my master-and no one who has entered has ever left alive. I informed Betrim of your location, and he shall soon arrive with several other to prevent you from needing to go to the effort of defending yourself from the abomination that inhabits the world you have graced with your presence*."

    *This may have been comforting to Jeremy, but in reality the extra numbers would likely only make the Hunger awaken more quickly. It had many eyes open now, and had even begun to awaken a small part of its consciousness.

    Jeremy shivered. "Uh oh."

  19. 4 hours ago, Ookla the Name-Stolen said:

    The shadowed figure shivered, and pulled out his phone. "I'm going to call one of my... associates. He'll be able to tell us more about this place."

    Somewhere far off, but not so far as either of the pair would have liked, the first* eyes of the Hunger opened.

    *The Hunger has a lot of eyes, and if you're ever so unfortunate as to be hunted by it, I would recommend avoiding eye contact.

    Jeremy tapped his foot on the ground, half from impatience and half from nervousness.

    "Has he picked up yet?" he asked after two seconds.*

    *Okay, maybe it was more of a 60-40 split, impatience/nervousness wise.

  20. 18 minutes ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Oh yeah, I remember that. Found it. It's the: Collab RP Thing - Part One, near the bottom of the first page of RPs.


    Thank you!

    I feel like there might have also been a conversation between you, me, and Calano... I feel like I remember saying when we landed on the nameless island that I knew what it was and had plans for it.

    16 hours ago, Mr. Misting said:

    Miyako grabbed a bowl and threw it at Hyron. "Pasta. Sauce." Miyako pointed, while miming dumping copious amounts of one onto the other. "Eat. I'll tell ya, best food in every sea I've sailed so far. Better then whatever leafy dross you're raised on." 

    Miyako picked up her bowl of pasta, and started shoveling it into her mouth. So, ya all got a plan for what we're gonna do, or we just going keep getting thrown 'round by the princess? She said mentally to Hyron and Yerik, trying to focus as the strange voice had taught her. 

    @Ookla the Reborn @Ookla The Storyteller @Ookla the Abstract @Channelknight Fadran @The Halcyon Girl

    Right, the voice replied. First of all- you aren't the first to try to escape. And not all of those who have tried before have failed. She hesitated. Well. Not entirely failed, at least.

    Yerik froze, mid-chew. You mean... my father?


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