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  1. What's this in reference to? Elantris? I've only ever read that one once, before i even knew who Hoid was.
  2. Here's my problem with that idea. We see how the shard attempts to influence Taravangian when he takes it up, and it definitely seems like Odium fits. Sanderson has said (where do i search for specific answers he's given?) that while the vessel is capable of influencing the shard, that influence would not last after the vessel is replaced. While this doesn't actually provide us with a timeline for how long that takes to revert, it's not a good sign for the idea that Odium (the shard) is anything other then what we see of it when taravangian first takes over.
  3. I know i'm not the person above, but sadly i haven't. It's only out in E-book so far where i am.
  4. 1. We know that dead shardblades can be thrown, but do we have confirmation live ones can be? If so, could the arrow also slightly home towards it's target? 2. This would just be very effective, net runs into the above problem though. 3. This would be incredible. I need to see this. Also, while Brandon RAFOd shard-guns a while ago, that was in relation to a single shardblade. I imagine that even if one spren cannot form a shardgun, two might.
  5. I personally lean toward Tod or TOdium. Both are very simple whilst still avoiding any confusion, because who is ever going to actually be called Tod?
  6. One problem with this, is that unless the duel explicitly overwrites the previous agreement binding Odium to Roshar, there's no particular reason that this would happen. Also, what does a tie look like? Because even if you have neither side willing to kill the other, that's not actually a tie, it's just a fight that is not over, and will never really end.
  7. Well the trouble with this is that the main reason that Odium follows his agreements is because to not do so would damage him and allow another shard to destroy him. Also, it wouldn't exactly be a new shard so much as it would be two individual shards combined. For example with harmony we know that Sazed is being pulled in two directions by the two shards (per WoB i found through the bottom text people have, of some random person's post. Sorry.), so this would heavily imply that when two shards are taken up they are not just transformed into one shard. However, a similar result could still happen if cultivation took up two shards. She might be powerful enough that she could break an oath that Odium made, and since each shard is functionally equally powerful, the only one capable of posing an actual threat to her would be Harmony, as Odium would be damaged but Cultivation would not be. Of course, the epigraphs have said that each shard is functionally infinite. So it might be that having two shards is not in any significant ways more powerful then having one shard, because when you start dealing with infinity or similar issues, things get strange. This fits more with the idea that the vessels can never be unbound like Wit is, because if they could just stop keeping oaths by picking up more shards then they'd be loosing one massive restraint.
  8. Well one problem i have with this is that Dalinar might well just not be the champion in the end. After all, if you are trying to find your greatest warrior, sure Dalinar is a good choice, but who could be better then Taln? And he'd have far far less trouble killing Gavinor or really any other child. He's not even bound by oaths as he is a herald. I know Dalinar implies he should be the champion, but really, somebody has to realize that Taln, if healed, is the absolutely perfect choice. Why else mention that he's the best warrior out of all the heralds? Also, something i just realized and am now editing this: If neither side is willing to kill the other, that's not a tie, that's just a fight that hasn't ended yet. There's no provision for what defines a tie in a duel to the death, so unless one was created (which it hasn't been), then both sides refusing to fight just means the fight is ongoing.
  9. That's honestly one of the more plausable theories i've seen, because it actually explains why all the radiants left their oaths. It was a coordinated attempt to destroy Honour as the only thing they could actually do against him. (I'm Canadian, so should i call him Honour or Honor? It's strange.) My main problem with almost all theories is just why every radiant leaves. For example if it was to stop the destruction seen on Ashyn, there would be some who were stubborn and stayed, or if it was because of the bondsmiths, why everyone else? It couldn't have been Ishar he only just got back his blade and therefore his powers.
  10. So close though, you were so close to being correct but it was stolen away in the worst way.
  11. Also, he accidentally caused like half the plot in shadesmar because he was trying to talk to wit because he likes his jokes/insults.
  12. Actually it states "Willing champion" but yes, i did miss that one word. As for the change of vessel, I would say that if it were just Rayse, then where it stands right now he's absolutely doomed. I mean, he's currently facing against the full power of the radiants, with all the spren once more behind them, possibly with the eventual support of a Singer nation bonding corrupted spren and with freaking chasmfiends on their side, the bondsmiths reunited, and honestly i think that the ability to die for good is more of a downside for the Fuzed then the Spren. Spren can flee or just not take a harmable form but the fuzed cannot. Not to mention they just lost their only real scholar and we know how skilled at developing massive new technology the humans are. Odium's blindness is now effectively spreading with more corrupted lightweavers, and don't forget the full support of Hoid. And for the sake of it, lets include already being down 3 unmade (2 out of the fight, 1 working against him). But Taravangian is completely out of the blue and is a huge wildcard.
  13. Well there's actually quite a few ways he could know about it and be faking for Taravangian's sake (I'm proposing things that might be the case more so then arguing that they are here) If he saw Rayse's body he probably would know. If Renarin talked to him he would likely know. If anyone told Jasnah about Taravangian being killed in an incredibly strange manner he could very likely have gone to see the body. He may have a way of communicating with Cultivation, does anyone know what his relationship with her is like? He's also aware enough of a lot of information that if Taravangian decided to change from what Rayse was doing in Roshar in general Hoid may have become suspicious. So it's not really a perfectly safe bet that he didn't know about the vessel changing.
  14. Well that only works because Harmony is made up of two completely opposite shards. Unless you can find two shards that perfectly opposed you wouldn't have someone quite so limited.
  15. Yeah, but it is incredibly heavily implied, to the point where it's a very safe bet. I think it's best position is something the audience knows to be true and there's a few people who just keep reminding everyone it's not confirmed. Like did Brandon ever outright say what Kaladin's fourth oath was or did we just all know it? (before RoW)
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