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  1. Kaj

    Compounding Copper

    In my opinion, it should go like this: You store some memories in a bead of copper. You swallow and burn this bead. The Investiture floods into you. This Investiture is shaped by the memories inside. You get those memories back, amplified roughly tenfold. You store them away in another coppermind. Really, the only question is what this amplification is. While I am relatively certain that it doesn't mean that the memory isn't multiplied, it is a possibility. Personally, I think it would result in a single, powerful memory. When I think of a powerful memory, I think of my most vivid memories and all the thoughts and feelings that went with it. From what I understand, a memory is a complex network of sights, smells, other sensory inputs, thoughts, and emotions. Many of these are overlooked later, but they are still there. I picture that all of these different parts of these memories are reinforced with the extra Investiture, creating a more "Perfected" memory. @Servillius you bring up a good point. There are different types of memory. What you say would make sense. My question would be, could a piano player play a piece, storing it as a sensory memory (a memory of the exact experience that lasts just a few seconds) as they go? There might be two possibilities from here. They could then tap it while playing the piano to play it exactly the same (to them it would be the same as it is the same memory), or they could compound it. Compounding it would make it a more powerful memory, perhaps amplifying it could make it a more permanent memory.
  2. But if Nightblood were to run into an Evilspren, would his purpose suddenly become clear and fulfilled if he were to destroy it? Probably not, but interesting nonetheless.
  3. What if we (Sixth of Dusk Spoilers): Another thing we could do is establish a Connection to whatever creature we choose, give it Lerasium and make it Mistborn. Then get Harmony to, or figure out how to make it a Fullborn without Hemalurgy. Teach it to compound, kill a vessel, and let the creature ascend. I like the larkin idea. Give it a connection to the Dor, then see what it becomes. Or hemalurgically steal the larkin's ability and then make a race of humans that can consume investiture in a similar fashion and then travel to the Dor.
  4. While this answer anything for AonTia, I believe that the reason gravitation works the way it does is perception. We know that perception is a strong aspect of the Cosmere. As we travel, our perception of the direction we are traveling would shift at such a small level that it would be unnoticeable, yet it would add up greatly over time.
  5. I believe it would. It could be very useful both ways though. Think of all the times you've had something ruined by the need to use the restroom. On the inverse, wouldn't it be convenient to be able to get out of a situation with the bathroom excuse? But by far my favorite would be my job. I would be the founder of a revolutionary fertilizer business. Gorge on food every day, have free time to do other things all week, then on Saturday, spend the day on the throne. On a scientific not, wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to convert metal into biowaste and water? Being a compounder would be great for business. But what metal to use, I'm thinking bismuth? The alloy could be with lead. All we need now is some thematically appropriate allomantic abilities of both the metal and its alloy. Oh, and the alloy's feruchemical attribute.
  6. Praxton stepped carefully through the Cognitive realm. This was his first time. Of course, he had already read many of accounts of others crossing over, but they didn’t do it justice. Everything around him glowed. He had chosen a safe place to cross. It had been a small cave in the mountains near the monastery. Here, on this side, he was surrounded by glowing, brown energy. When he reached out to touch it, it was slightly springy. Just like gelatin. Suddenly, his mind flashed back through all the times his mother had made him flavored gelatin. It had been a favorite of his. Praxton pressed his hand into it. It was a strange sensation. Mucus-like, yet thrumming with power. It gave him an impression of the cave wall in the Physical realm. Even more than that, he could feel the entire mountain. This was a tiny, insignificant pocket in a majestic, looming mountain. His home. Pulling his hand out, Praxton shook off the overwhelming sensation and headed out of the cave. The sky was a twilight grey, the ground covered in vegetation. It wasn’t like in the Physical realm, this vegetation was made of energy as well, though when he touched it, it was more substantial and felt similar to normal vegetation. The normal vegetation was represented by all of the floating rhombohedron. Most were tiny and floating close to the ground. When he touched them, he was given distinct impressions of the physical realm as well as feelings. Plants have feelings? He was a bit surprised, but it made sense. Every soul had a purpose. These plants saw their purpose as growing, seeding, and being consumed. As long as they were doing this, they were happy. The ones who were dying of age, were the ones with negative feelings. They yearned to be consumed, to become part of the animal that did so. As several finally died, Praxton watched their souls implode. It looked like they were going to explode, but they collapsed and expanded in a direction that defied geometry. Some larger souls, that hovered closer to the height of his chest, he discovered were trees. He knew this already, but it just didn’t connect until he actually felt it. There were some Cognitive trees, but they were sparse in comparison to in the physical realm. Suddenly reminded of how much trouble he could get in, he set off down the mountain. He reached out with his mind to feel for the antenna that marked the monastery. As he reached the foot of the mountain, Praxton located the strands of Psynergy that made up the Psynet. They connected all of the Psychic essence in the world together. Technically, there was one connected to him as well. As he came closer, the stand that connected him became visible. It was as thin as spider silk. Fajfo! He needed his ring. That would be dangerous as it made him easier to detect, but without it he could end up in quite the predicament. Reaching the monastery, Praxton carefully made his way to his room. His ring sat on the windowsill in the real world. I hope this works. He thought. His ring was an Essential Ring. It had taken years to create it. Hours upon hours of meditating. Essences were attracted to themselves and what they represent. It had colaced and formed a puddle on the cognitive side of where he concentrated. With hours more, he was able to form it into a ring and bring it into the Physical realm where it had turned into a soft pink metal. A metal that no Metalisto could manipulate. It was pure Psiko Esenca. When he grabbed it, it crossed over easily. It would also make crossing back over easier. Fortunately, it stayed in it’s form though it was no longer metallic. He slipped it on. Suddenly, the Psynet burst to life in his mind. That was the dangerous part. Now, if any of his masters even gave him a passing thought, they might sense that he was in the cognitive realm. That was the drawback of the Psynet. So many connections. All with some sort of sentience. Many with full sapience. This made it fairly easy to find something if you knew what you were looking for, but it also revealed your mind to others. Just thinking about something made all the connections associated with it spring to the front of your mind and those connections would lead to to the source. Best not to think of his masters either. He slowly worked his way through the monastery. One of his fellow akolitoj shifted in his sleep, a bubble of warped space appearing next to his soul. Curious. Praxton thought. He touched the warped space. The second he touched it, he was sucked in. It was a strange sensation. His soul made a popping sound, though sound wasn’t the right word. It was a feeling that strongly resembled when his friend would stick his finger in his cheek and pull it out with an audible pop. Everything was dark. Then he found himself in a strange world. It was even stranger than the cognitive. It was a monastery, but it was glass. That, and it was underwater. Destin sat meditating. He seemed at home in this glass replica of the monastery. That’s right. Praxton thought. Destin was from the water kingdom originally. Destin was a fuse. He had both Psiko and Akvo. The interesting part was that just below Destin’s short, dark brown hair, on his forehead, was the glowing symbol of Akvo. It was colored Esenca Blua. The color that came with Akvo. It wasn’t really a surprise, but it definitely stood out. “Destin.” Praxton finally said. Destin’s eyes snapped open. “How are you here? I made certain to control this dream.” “It was kind of an accident,” Praxton replied, shuffling nervously. He felt somewhat invasive. Destin shrugged. “Well, you’re here, so you better explain.” He knew that he could trust Destin, so he launched into a quick explanation. He explained what it was like in the Cognitive Realm. Much like, what they had read, but much more vibrant. He ended with his discovery of a warped bubble next to Destin’s soul. All through it, Destin didn’t say a word. Finally, Destin spoke. “So this isn’t a dream version of you, you are actually here.” Praxton nodded. “That is definitely interesting. It also explains why I wasn’t able to dispose of you while you were rambling.” Praxton cracked a smile. Of course, Destin would have been trying to get rid of him. “Well, what would you like me to do?” He asked. “I guess we’ll have to figure something out. This is the only building down here. The rest is wild water.” Destin replied. “The surface can’t be too far up. There is this much light down here.” Destin scoffed. “That would be me. I am lighting this place with this.” He pointed at the symbol on his forehead. “This is what allows me to maintain the stability of this dream.” Praxton felt a stabbing pain of jealousy. He had never mastered that one. Finding one’s center was difficult. It was often considered La Vera Domo, or True Home by the Monaĥoj. It didn’t necessarily correspond with your element or elements. The current theory was that your Vera Domo reflected what you were most comfortable with. That was likely the reason it didn’t help Praxton. He was never truly comfortable anywhere. Suddenly, everything lurched. He felt as if the world were being slurped. What was up with things that felt like sounds? Then the world was a kaleidoscope. Fragments of memories, fantasies, and scattered thought. Praxton was thrown through them. Everything was a jumble, and yet, at the same time, he knew what had happened. Destin had woken up. That meant that Praxton was trapped. It was strange. He could see, just like Destin could, but he was also an intruder in the mind. “You’re still here?” Destin’s voice echoed from everywhere. It vibrated through Praxton down to the core. “I guess,” Praxton shouted back. Everything went fuzzy, then came back into focus. “No need to yell.” Destin’s disembodied voice responded. “It gives me a headache.” So it’s just like telepathy. Praxton thought. “Just like it.” The voice rumbled. “Dude. Your head is a mess.” Praxton muttered. Destin’s thoughts were everywhere. A shattering sensation cracked through the entire place. Praxton started to fragment as well. Everything expanded outwards, then shot inwards. The shards came together and a room formed. There were a meeting table and six inornate chairs. Perfect. I’m trapped in my best friend's mind. “I heard that.”
  7. Edit: Here is a better explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ut4LmEaK_BEzG5snhQ6am7GfCl2NB1ekDuSEL-F4RS8/edit?usp=sharing I may add the explanation back up once it is complete, but I have tried a couple of times and I end up losing the whole thing.
  8. It actually makes pretty good sense if you don't delve into the functional purposes. While air is constantly being exchanged through the respiratory system, a person will take in food and water through the digestive system. The food and the bulk of the water are absorbed in the intestinal tract. The one I have been wondering for a long time though is why we don't have a metal that can store waste products from the body. I would find it greatly convenient if I could have a Urinmind and a Fecesmind.
  9. Here and I thought that Harmony was the intent that came out of the combination of the two shards. Now I am of the opinion that it is and that Sazed's inexperience with the use and being of a shard is what is causing the conflict. As he learns his ability to act should work. As he gets better at predicting what actions would do, he will be able to make more actions. On the sharchangel thing, the way I figure it is like alloying metals. Different combinations of preservation and ruin to make mini intents. Sort of like the avatars of Autonomy, but with the advantage of variety. Like if you mixed 10% ruin with 90% percent Preservation you could get Stability. Stability being enough change to maintain it. The process of the mixing of the shards could do it too. You could have sixteen helpers with their own intents. Preservation, Stability, Growth, Creation, Change, Decay, and Ruin. All little servants to Harmony.
  10. I figured that this is how they were going to refill the Band's of Mourning. It does seem unbalanced, but I believe Brandon said the the metallic arts were realatively low on the Investiture scale as well as well as there being a limit on metal. It's going to get expensive really quick and there is only so much metal on the planet. Who knows? Maybe this is what convinces them to start the sci-fi era.
  11. The easiest way to become a fullborn according to my knowledge. Correct me if there are any inaccuracies. From my knowledge a Full Feruchemist is able to: Store Weight in Iron Store Speed in Steel Store Strength in Pewter Store Senses in Tin Store Mental Speed in Zinc Store Warmth in Brass Store Memories in Copper Store Wakefullness in Bronze Store Breath in Cadmium Store Energy (Food) in Bendalloy Store Health in Gold Store Determination in Electrum Store Identity in Aluminum Store Connection in Duralumin Store Fortune in Chromium Store Investiture in Nicrosil An Allomancer is able to: Steelpush Ironpull Pewter Enhanced Physical Abilities Tin Enhanced Senses Zinc Riot Emotions Brass Soothed Emotions Copper Hidden Allomantic Pulses and Resistance to Emotional Allomancy. Bronze Heard Allomantic Pulses Gold past shadows. Electrum Possible Future Choices Cadmium Slow Time Bubble Bendalloy Speed Time Bubble Duralumin Enhanced Current Metal Burned Aluminum Wiped Allomantic Reserves Nicrosil Enhanced Allomantic Burn of Target Chromium Wiped Allomantic Reserves of Target Given that, I have come up with a way that both a mistborn and a full feruchemist could become basically fullborn. Taking into account that when a metalmind is burned, instead of getting the Allomantic power of the metal, you get the feruchemical storage multiplied by roughly ten (Probably depends on your allomantic strength. If a full feruchemist were to make unkeyed metalmind beads, by storing Identity and the other attribute, and then give them to a mistborn, they could then burn the metalminds. Then they have about ten times the attributes. Sixteen of which are the feruchemical abilities to store these attributes as well as the Nicrosil ability to store Investiture. The mistborn then stores all of these abilities into respective beads. They then use the nicrosil ability to store Investiture to store their abilities to use allomancy. They then give the beads to the feruchemist and they duplicate all of them. They then split the metalminds and indefinitely compound them. Boom. Two fullborn.
  12. "Well, we still have around a hundred children to locate and rescue." Kilo paused and scratched a copy of the map into a shelf-like, stone slab near one of the walls. "The storm should be here in less than an hour. They will be locking the children in the storm shelter up above. That is likely the only time they will all be in one place. Their captors will be in this shelter just across the plateau. I think they are a bit worried what the children might turn out to be capable of. Whatever the reason, that will be our chance to get them out. During the storm, there will be so much investiture going, it will be hard to tell that we are out there. That means powers will be back online. Once we are out in the storm, however, it will be dangerous. We will need to protect them until we get to this chasm to the south. There, I have prepared a way into the cognitive realm. Let's see if we can get that far." Abi nodded with approval. "For once, you're taking charge."
  13. Welcome, @Nohadon!
  14. "I just need someone who can play cartographer."
  15. Kilo went completely weightless and hovered, grinning as he slowly spun. "Who wants to try and get up there? Tena, do you mind getting them up into the air. I would use an illusion to cover yourselves. I just need an aerial view of the camp. I'm going to assume that it is more than just this mine and the stormshelter. There will probably be barracks, wagons, bridges, guards, and a place where the Fused manage things." Kilo said. Floating over to a branch in the crack, he continued. "Crawl through this crack. You will come up just behind the stormshelter."
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